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A hosted reporting database is currently available for the FOLIO community.  It provides access to data from the FOLIO reference environment folio-snapshot and is updated daily.

To access the database in a web browser using Metabase:

  • URL:
  • User name:
  • Password: (contact Sharon Beltaine, Reporting SIG convener)
  • Database: folio_snapshot

To access the database using a client-side reporting tool such as DBeaver or Tableau Desktop:

  • Host:
  • Port: 5432
  • Database name: folio_snapshot
  • User name: ldp
  • Password: (contact Sharon Beltaine, Reporting SIG convener)
  • SSL mode: require
  • JDBC: jdbc:postgresql://

For more information about using the database:

For query developers: Another database called folio_test_data is used by the FOLIO reporting community for query development and testing.  It houses a relatively static data set maintained at and updated occasionally.  To access this database, use the same settings as above, but change the database name to folio_test_data.

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