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NEW ERM implementation topics, questions or issues

Please add questions and topics here. Topics or questions posted in slack will be added here as well.


NEW Open topic that is not yet discussed with the SIG

AppTopicDescription/ use caseDate added

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Name, Institution

Has been discussed in meeting:

Link to minutes

Actions / JIRA ticketStatus
DashboardFilter on agreements alternative names

In the Dashboard app > ERM Agreements widget definition: A filter on agreement name does not include alternative names and there is no filter for agreement alternative names. Would it be possible to add such a filter? 

My use case:

  • A widget that displays "Active agreements without agreement lines (excluding PCA and LAS:eR agreements)". I can exclude the PCA agreements by a filter on
    • <agreement name> <does not include> <abbestellte Titel mit dauerhaftem Zugriff>
  • To filter out the agreements from LAS:eR I'd need to filter on
    • <agreement alternative name> <does not include> <LAS:eR>



Agreements > local KBAbility to intentionally disconnect link between e-resource from external KB and e-resource in local KB or block fields from being updated


  • a GOKb package maintained by a foreign library, e.g a package with e-resources on an aggregator platform or an evidence based selection package
  • a library that has chosen to buy selected e-resources from within that package with post cancellation access terms and
  • these e-resources are linked to an agreement as single agreement lines (one per ebook)

If at any point in time the package curatory group changes the content of the package and removes one of the e-resources the library has post cancellation access to, e.g. by setting an access end date, GOKb data will update data in the local KB. The e-resource will now display as "dropped", even if this statement is not true for the library.

It seems necessary to have an option to indicate on field level that certain updates from the external KB should not update the local KB data. Or an option to cut the connection between the local e-resource and the external source completely.


Felix Hemme  (ZBW)

Susanne Lehnard-Bruch (Hafencity University Hamburg)


Agreements > local KBSupport e-resource search on ISBN regardless of presence of hypens in the query and the data

With the current implementation in the internal KB it is not possible to find a resource by ISBN if query/data have differing entries around hyphens. A search for 9783428569625 won't find a resource with ISBN 978-3-428-56962-5 and vice versa.

We can create the hyphens as a workaround with this web tool, but it would be better if Agreements would support search on ISBN without the need to worry about the hyphens:


Felix Hemme and Nina Stellmann on behalf of VZG 


LicensesAllow license term note without a set term value

The Internal note and Public note fields on a license term can only be filled if content is present in the Value field. Otherwise the system displays a warning message: "A value must be set in order to save a note".

We have a use case where the value of a term shall be delivered to a third party system. Multiple license terms on ILL are going to create a code in the holdings records in our union catalog. If ILL is forbidden we reflect it in one license term – the other two then don't apply. We want to indicate that situation by adding a note to the two terms without setting a value, because the linked reference list only provided "yes/no" and none of those values applies.

Could we talk about extending the license terms so that a note can be captured even without setting a value?



Agreements/Agreement Lines selected from eHoldingsWhen adding an Agreement Line to an Agreement from within Agreement app, allow multi-select of packages/titles from eHoldings searchbox

Currently, for institutions using FOLIO with eHoldings, when one goes to add an Agreement Line from within an existing Agreement, they are presented with the eHoldings search box where they can only select one resource/package/title at a time. To add another, they have to click "Save and Close", reselect the Agreement, and restart the process.

This can be a bit tedious for libraries either when they are initially implementing ERM and connecting their eHoldings to Agreements, or for an existing library when they acquire certain e-resources in bundles corresponding to one Agreement (like JSTOR packages or ebook subject packages).

Currently, this functionality exists for Local KB configurations, with the "basket" option. Can their be a discussion about implementing this in the UI for eHoldings users as well?

1 December 2022

Zorian Sasyk (EBSCO)


OPEN ERM implementation topics, questions or issues


IN JIRA JIRA ticket created, work outstanding or in progress

DISCUSSED Topic is discussed in SIG, needs JIRA ticket to be created

AppTopicDescription/ use caseDate added

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Name, Institution

Has been discussed in meeting:

Link to minutes

Actions / JIRA ticketStatus
AgreementsAgreement Lines – expanding information contained in/displayed and able to be recorded underWhen an Agreement is not specific to one title or package but is of a (suggested) organizing type for any number of titles/resources each with their own Agreement Lines/POLs etc. then for each the information displayed/provided is currently rather limited. For example, there is no way currently to record Notes at the Agreement Line level, or, to indicate Concurrent User # or Unlimited User information, etc. The inability to record information like this at the Agreement Line level could force us to have to create more Agreements overall to be able to manage resources licensed or purchased at the title or mini-bundle level.2020-02-18Sara Colglazier. MHC/Five Colleges
work in progress

re-discuss open aspects - concurrent users

what Notes?

AgreementsMore robust options for Supplemental Properties in Agreements–INCLUDING the same Sup Prop being added more than onceThe supplemental properties fields could be expanded to include multi-value pick lists (when ready), editor functions similar to the Notes Helper app (specifically hyperlinking) and the ability to use the same property multiple times (potentially a config. option in settings.) In addition it could be expanded so that multiple values with associated notes could be added (with similar functionality to the add alternative name feature) to capture information like a Platform Name and Resource URL in a single supp. prop. ... Also it is also needed that the same Sup Prop be able to be added more than once. For example, if I have an Agreement with more than one AGL and I want to record that they each have a certain Sup Prop for which the value is different (and the notes with it) then currently I cannot do so.2020-09-30Jack M. (UMass / Five Colleges)
Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C)

03/17/2021 meeting minutes

2021-03-24 - ERM Subgroup meeting minutes


multi value pick list is done

hyperlinking exists as separate line/ticket - check

different properties for individual AGLs

storing html in text fields requested multiple times

markdown as discussed here:

decide on prio

AgreementsShould it be possible to have multiple AGLs for the same resource (title/package|platform combo entity linked from eHoldings) in the same/single Agreement

After discovering that inadvertently an extra AGL had been added to an Agreement from eHoldings causing an unwanted dupe entry in the Agreement–but which is NOT obvious or in any way noticeable once it has been done from eHoldings and very difficult to detect in the Agreement since the entries do not show following each other and the Agreement has many many lines (+100)–I wondered whether this should even be possible (slack posting:

In response, Owen countered that one may want multiple AGLs for the same title entity when needing to link them to separate POLs over time (since AGLs may be date limited); but also suggested thinking about:

  • How we can reduce the likelihood of this happening by accident (e.g. warning that there is already an AL for this resource)
  • How we can make it more obvious to the user in eHoldings that there are multiple Agreement Lines (within a single agreement)
  • Making it more obvious to the user in Agreements that there are multiple Agreement Lines for the same resource within a single Agreement

(see Owen's initial and following responses to Sara's slack query:

Question for discussion: to be able to dupe add or not? And if, to be able, then how to address making it obvious

2020-10-26Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C)02/03/2020 meeting minutes


yes, it should be possible

improve display

decide on prio

AgreementsCSV export in AgreementsLike the CSV export in Licenses it would be nice to have a CSV export in Agreements as well. 


11/10/2021 meeting minutes

UXPROD-3752 - Getting issue details... STATUS


decide on prio

on the line between reporting and app functionality

alternative use reporting tool


“Replacing” linked resource forming an AGL (eHoldings Perspective)

I link the package “Banking Information Database” from ProQuest as an agreement line and add an AGL note, notes-helper app notes, and link a POL. ProQuest repackages the resource to become the “Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection.” EBSCO creates a new package under that name in HLM, and deletes the BID package because the content provider says it is no longer a resource they sell – therefore the data from my linked resource for my AGL disappears and I need to create a new AGL and move all the data over to that AGL.

It would be nice to be able to simply replace the title/package being linked from eHoldings to form the AGL similar to how you can replace the linked organization without having the edit roles or notes. When the KB management team deletes information it is not always communicated ahead of time – but if I knew that BID was being deleted tomorrow I would replace it with the AT&C package and move on – it isn’t a “new” resource, nothing changes with our POL, licenses, or ordering method, and we retain no perpetual access to the old version of the resource. I would expect that it does not overwrite the note I left on the AGL or remove the POL or notes-helper app notes, it’s just a swap out for a new asset from eHoldings.


12/15/2021 meeting minutes


LicensesLicenses: How to manage amendments signed by a library other than the signatory of the original license

We are interested to hear how other institutions are managing this situation:

A license covers all libraries at an institution and is signed by library A (the main library). Later, an amendment to that license is signed by library B (such as a medical center library or law library).  We're not sure how to represent that in FOLIO in a way that is searchable by library since the differentiation is at the amendment level and there aren't data elements on the amendment that we can use to make a library distinction.


Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke

1/27/2021 meeting minutes


AgreementsAgreements: Add new value to "Is perpetual" reference listSometimes there is a mix between perpetual and non-perpetual access for resources that are part of an agreement. In these cases we'll leave the field blank and capture the mix in a license term note. We'd like to propose a new third value in addition to "yes" / "no": "mix". This would capture the conditions more accurate.2021-01-15Julie Brannon (Duke), Felix Hemme (ZBW)02/17/2021 meeting minutes




Agreements/Licenses: How to manage streaming videos with licenses that expire 1 to 3 years after purchaseNot sure if this a licensing or Agreements question. We purchase streaming videos on request (e.g., Kanopy, Alexander Street) that come with 1 to 3 year licenses. We are currently tracking with when the license to access ends within a 9XX field in FOLIO. This mechanism is not ideal for FOLIO. We are interested in exploring how to track expiring access using Agreements/Licenses as an option to track when these expire. The PO could be another option.2021-01-20Kristin Martin and Jessica Harris (Chicago)

discussion starts: 02/03/2021 meeting minutes

02/07/2021 meeting minutes




Agreements/Licenses: Allow sort options for documentsA library is using core/supplementary docs to attach invoices (they are not using any acq FOLIO functionality), licenses, and other docs related to licenses agreements. They asked if there are sort options around these documents. Presently, they seem to display in the order in which they were attached. But it would be desirable if there were sort options (e.g. alphabetical, date added, document category). Can we revisit ERM-2142021-03-09Molly Driscoll (EBSCO) on behalf of Chapman University04/14/2021 meeting minutes


AgreementsAgreements: provide Filter for Supplementary DocumentsIt would very useful to be able to find via Filter those Agreements for which I have intentionally added Supplementary Documents (or, have not). Preferably based on the Categories set–as well as None (no Supp Docs).2021-03-24Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C)

04/14/2021 meeting minutes

2022-03-23 - ERM meeting


AgreementsImprovements to display of resources that are subscribed through an agreement

Given: An active agreement with an agreement line for the package "JSTOR Arts & Sciences I : hbz : 2017-10-09"

  1. Open Agreements > E-resources
  2. Search for eISSN 1525-6979 and open the record in the third pane (details)
  3. If the journal is managed through an agreement, some agreement details are displayed in the "Agreements for this e-resource" accordion: name, status, period start/end, E-resource (name), acquisition method, coverage
  4. The general availability is shown in the "Options for acquiring e-resource" accordion: data source, name, coverage, platform, acquisition method, actions

If the e-resource is not linked directly as agreement line, but rather the package that contains the e-resource, the information displayed could be enhanced or the link back to the agreement could be made more seamlessly. Some questions that our staff wants to answer are:

  • What terms apply for the e-resource?
    • (tick) Easy to answer: Open "Agreements for this e-resource" accordion, click on the agreements name link, open "License and business terms" to check the terms.
  • What time periods (coverage statement) should we have access to according to the license?
    • (error) Difficult to answer: In the "Agreements for this e-resource" accordion, no coverage data is displayed if the package is linked as agreement line. The "Options for acquiring e-resource" accordion may display a large number of lines + there is no indication about the actual package title that is managed in the agreement. The only way to answer that question is to navigate to the agreement, open the "Agreement lines" accordion and perform a search with the browsers search tools (CTRL + F). Depending on how many e-resources are displayed by default, the user has to click the "load more" button multiple times. This is not usable.
  • Give me the URL for the package title on the platform:
    • (error) Difficult to answer: In the "Agreements for this e-resource" accordion, no URL is displayed if the package is linked as agreement line. The "Options for acquiring e-resource" accordion may display a large number of lines + there is no indication about the actual package title that is managed in the agreement. The only way to answer that question is to navigate to the agreement, open the "Agreement lines" accordion and perform a search with the browsers search tools (CTRL + F) for the name of the title. Depending on how many e-resources are displayed by default, the user has to click the "load more" button multiple times. This is not usable.

Given: An active agreement with an agreement line for the package "Sage: E-Journals"

  1. Load this JSON file into the internal KB
  2. Create an agreement and link the package "Sage: E-Journals"
  3. Open Agreements > E-resources
  4. Search for eISSN 1552-3039 and open the record in the third pane (details)

There is no way to tell from this page that this journal is no longer accessible via the agreement. It has the active end date "2020-12-31". The user has to open the agreement, switch to the tab with dropped resources and perform a search with the browsers search tools (CTRL + F) for the name of the journal.


2021-10-27: OS Action:
  • Talk to KG about link on  eHoldings screen - suggest link to Agreement Line rather than agreement? (or both). Esp. applies to eHoldings screen for title (vs package)
  • Investigate options for better display on eResource screen "Agreements for this resource" where AL is for package - need more specific information - preferred approach to have link to the relevant PCI
  • Investigate options to display information on dropped/future PCIs within a package in an AL better - making clear to user that it isn't part of the agreement currently


AgreementsAgreements/agreement lines: Adjust placement of 'Add PO line' button on agreements edit screenEnhancement proposed by Michigan State University: They have created an agreement for each of their eBook packages (e.g. EBSCO purchased eBooks, ProQuest purchased eBooks, etc.). Each agreement has a single agreement line, representing the package. However, they are linking multiple POL to the single agreement line to represent the orders for each of the titles. The 'Add PO line' button appears at the bottom of the attached POLs, so, each time they go to add a new POL, they need to scroll all the way to the bottom to click the button. This becomes quite arduous in cases where they have dozens (or more) POL attached to the agreement line.They asked if the 'Add POL' button could be moved to the top of the POL section on the agreement line so that they could add multiple POL without the need to scroll to the bottom each time.


2021-10-20: OS/GO investigate if we can add the "Add PO Line" button into the PO Line accordion header on the Agreement Line screen

OS restart work to look at how we handle multiple POLs within a single package scenario - particularly eBooks and Streaming videos. Maybe not even package, but individual items (streaming video) - and depending on the agreement then possibly not separate POLs?


ERM ComparisonsERM comparisons: Sort byMake it possible to sort by column "Overlap". This would enable the users to see at one glance all titles with overlapp, non-overlapp, partial overlap.


2021-10-27 OS: Investigate what is possible and report back to group with options


AgreementsAgreements: Add ability to search over all indexed fields with one search

In Agreements, the search box in the first pane can search on agreement name, alternive name(s), and description. However, the search does not act as keyword search over all fields at a time. Given the following agreement:

A search on emerald las:er will result in 0 hits, because the search is working like:

(name contains "emerald" AND "las:er") OR (description contains "emerald" AND "las:er") OR (alt name contains "emerald" AND "las:er")

The user expectation of my colleagues is that with one search all indexed fields are searched with boolean AND at the same time. See also implementer topic no. 35: "Agreements: Search needs to be refine-able (i.e., have a drop down menu like in other Apps for other more narrow, defined, specific fields)"

Im not completely sure how to achive this, but an option could be to copy the contents from the 3 fields into an indexfield and then search over it, e.g.:

indexfield = name && altName && description
(indexfield contains "emerald" AND "las:er")

If we are going to discuss this topic in the ERM SIG, I'd like to propose to talk about other kinds of search enhancements as well, e.g. advanced search or boolean search.


2022-03-23 - ERM meeting




Preset filters when opening the app

Revisit the decision to display the agreements when entering the app instead of needing to search first

MS: Related: which filters should be selected if any: reduce to only "active"?


MS based on a comment by Felix Hemme 
2022-03-23 - ERM meeting


AgreementsMove agreement lines between agreements

An easy way to transfer an agreement line from one agreement to another so we can preserve note/PO lines/other info without having to recreate it all.

We are planning to create agreements partially based on the purchase status, so the ability to move an agreement line from the "EBSCO-subscribed" agreement to "EBSCO-perpetual" agreement, for example, will be a workflow we need to plan for. 

Comment by Owen Stephens  in Slack:

Unfortunately there isn't an option to move an agreement line between agreements via the UI at the moment. We did originally propose, and did discuss in the ERM SIG, that there should be some functionality like this, and especially in some particular situations - including exactly the one you mention here (moving content from subscribed to perpetual). My initial thoughts on this were to have a process where:

  • The existing agreement line was copied (rather than moved) to the other agreement
  • The original agreement line got an end date added (the 'active to' date)
  • The new agreement line got a start date added (the 'active from' date)

In general I'm more in favour of copying than moving as it makes it easier to see the history of what happened (e.g. "we subscribed until this date, and then had perpetual from that date"). However I think this would need quite a bit more discussion to go through the various scenarios where copying or moving agreement lines would be useful and how it should work


Martina Schildt on behalf of Steven Brown 2022-11-16 - ERM meeting


CLOSED ERM implementation topics, questions or issues


DONE Topic is discussed, ticket is created and development is completed

WON'T DO Topic is discussed in SIG, won't be developed, no further actions to follow

FORWARDED Topic will be picked up by another group (please add which one)

AppTopicDescription/ use caseDate added

Provided by

Name, Institution

Has been discussed in meeting:

Link to minutes

Actions / JIRA ticketStatus

Auto-generate Agreements via import

As an electronic resource librarian with a lot of agreements, I like to set up at least the initial agreement details AND attach resources to it. 

2020-12-03Khalilah Gambrell2/12 Meeting minutes(tick)

ERM apps ' ref data updates/additionsHow best to manage/be notified of updates/additions. 2020-01-14Khalilah Gambrell 2/12 Meeting minutes(tick)

eholdings + Agreements integrationWhat Agreement features/functionality is not readily available to a customer using the eholdings app?2020-02-07Khalilah Gambrell2/26 Meeting minutes(tick)

Tags/descriptive data at e-resource levelAbility to attach fine-grained information to any given agreement line / e-resource line to answer questions like: core title vs. non-core title, add statistical codes or subject codes. Collection of use cases.2020-02-11Felix Hemme, ZBW
Benjamin Ahlborn SuUB

Tags implemented on e-resources in  ERM-896 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Tags implemented on Agreement Lines in ERM-920 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Alternate Names/Titles for Agreements

Ability to assign multiple names to an agreement record AND search on those names. (Example: Directory of Open Access Journals agreement should also have a field to record "DOAJ" as a searchable title.) We see this as being similar to what has already been done in Organizations.

Edit Annika: Being able to search for alternate agreement names seems crucial to us, especially since there is no standard/normalized way of naming agreements. In our experience with our old system, there are alternative names for the majority of agreements and many of the colleagues use different forms actively.


Jack Mulvaney (UMass + Five Colleges)

+1 Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig

+1 Felix Hemme, ZBW



What additional eholdings + Agreement app integration capabilities do you expect?
2020-02-26 Khalilah Gambrell
work in progress

Make agreement lines independent from connected resourcesAt the moment, agreement lines can only be created by linking a resource from either eHoldings or the internal KB. It would be very useful for several use cases to be able to create an agreement line without a connected e-resource.
a. the person creating the agreement and linking the POL is not the one responsible for the content (different team, ...), b. the resource cannot be found at the moment and will be linked later on, c. link costs like service charges to the agreement, d. eHoldings users  can then create the agreement and link POLs in one step without having to switch apps twice in the process... 
2020-03-04Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig

5/12 Meeting minutes

UXPROD-2440 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Display of number of set terms (licenses) or supplementary properities (agreements)Currently the number of set terms/properties does not display in the license/agreement view pane accordions. It would be desirable for users to see how properties are set2020-06-03ERM Subgroup2021-03-24 - ERM Subgroup meeting minutes

ERM-1607 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1608 - Getting issue details... STATUS


License Permissions: Restrict DownloadsAbility to allow some users to search/view license records without having the ability to download documents.  Needed as a reasonable effort to protect confidentiality around pricing information which is included in the full text license documents. 2020-06-18Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke7/15 meeting minutes


Licenses: Filter by Organization Role

Ability to filter Licenses by Organization Role.

At Duke, we've created some licenses linked to organizations where role = Consortium.  We'd like to be able to filter on Organization Role = Consortium, but we first have to filter by a specific Organization and then filter by role within that set of results. Is there another way we could see a list of all licenses that are linked to any organization with a role = Consortium? 

2020-07-15Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke7/29 meeting minutes


Duplicate AmendmentDuplicate license feature was added in Goldenrod and as we tested it we realized it would be very helpful to have a way to duplicate an amendment within an existing License (rather than duplicating the entire license record).  This might be a more common use case for us at Duke - adding a new amendment year after year to the same license.


Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke

UXPROD-2633 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Allow Multiple Vendors per agreementSimilar to Duke's circumstances where there might be more than 1 licensor for a license, we have found a need for multiple vendors. PCA agreements might include content purchases from a vendor direct alongside a subscription agent. A general agreement for Wiley eBooks might have a vendor of GOBI/YBP as well as Wiley. (We recognize that this has implications on the vendor UI feature at the top of the agreement.2020-09-30Jack M. (UMass / Five Colleges)

1/20/2021 meeting minutes

1/27/2021 meeting minutes

ERM-1540 - Getting issue details... STATUS
ERM-1541 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Add filtering by Tags to Agreements / E-resources

Currently it is possible to filter agreement records by tags:

For some workflows at ZBW it would be useful to also filter e-resources by tags. Is it possible to introduce the tag filter also in the e-resource screen?

2020-11-09Felix, ZBW

ERM-1544 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Current agreement period data

When looking at a Folio agreement in detail view some data is displayed at the top of the record (period start, period end). Below the agreement name heading the cancellation deadline and agreement period note is displayed. This is data from the agreement period(s). When the end date of an agreement period is in the past (has expired) AND there is no subsequent agreement period, the start and end dates will still display at the top of the record. The cancellation deadline and the agreement period note will only display in the "other periods" accordion. 

What do other folks thing about this behaviour? I think that the period note can contain important information that the staff needs to see at a glance even if its end date is in the past and there is no subsequent period. Therefore I propose to display the period note of the last period if there is no subsequent period. By a comment of Owen, however, I was made aware that this could lead to inconsistencies

(OS) "just adding the note/cancellation date from the latest period would be inconsistent with the current behaviour for start/end dates"

If there is a subsequent agreement period the period start date from the first period and the period end date from the latest agreement period will display. In addition, the cancellation deadline and the agreement period note from the current period are displayed below the agreement name. I think that is absolutely fine and should not be changed.

Periods in edit mode:

Data in agreement "head":

Accordion "Other periods"

Periods in edit mode:

Data in agreement "head":

Accordion "Other periods"

2020-11-12Felix Hemme, ZBW12/09/2020 meeting minutes

UXPROD-2870 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Agreement: Organization Role ValuesThe values for SubscriptionAgreementOrg.role aren't configurable by tenant, so we'd like to request that the community consider adding the value"Consortium", or perhaps make this list configurable.2020-11-24Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke01/13/2021 meeting notes

ERM-1543 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1542 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Duplicate Licenses including connected Amendments

Ability to duplicate licenses including their connected amendments

Use case: a library creates a license record for the general license contract and adds amendments for the resource-specific appendixes. If a few years later there is a new general license with resource-specific amendments, the library wants to be able to duplicate all existing records


2021-10-06: discussed and agreed no action for now as not high priority across the community


Agreement Lines: Count column for titles versus packages

When titles from the EKB are attached as Agreement Lines their count in the AGL Accordions Multi Column List is always displayed as "1" regardless of selection status. This is the opposite of when a package is connected as an AGL - the count displays as however many titles are selected out of all possible titles in the package.

This has led to some confusion over whether or not EKB titles attached as AGLs are selected or not when looking at the Agreements Accordion. The only way to tell is to click into each title AGL and view the placard of eHoldings data. It would be helpful for titles and packages to display their count in the same/or similar ways.

Jack Mulvaney

2021-10-06: OS to write story for displaying 0/1 or 1/1 for individual titles from eHoldings depending on selection status

OS to present two options for populating 'count' for agreement lines that not attached to resources (either leave blank, or label 'n/a') to see the preference of the users

OS & GO to look at how the Agreement Line MCL in the agreement and the full display can be improved to bring more clarity

ERM-1921 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1922 - Getting issue details... STATUS


ERM comparisons: Freeze table heading

Lists in ERM comparisons can become quite long, depending on the types of records that got compared. When scrolling, the user can easily lose track of the meaning of the individual columns. This could be fixed by freezing the column header like you can do e.g. in Excel.




Felix Hemme

2021-10-27 OS: Action write story for this

ERM-1980 - Getting issue details... STATUS


OrganizationsDate stampsWe would be interested in seeing automatic date stamps added to the username and password fields and/or the notes field within the interface add-on (that's a part of ERM Organizations). I believe this notes field is separate from the notes add-on that appears in eHoldings and Agreements. Because the interfaces include log-in information that frequently changes, it would be useful if we could know the last time someone used that particular interface and log-in credentials to access a site. 2020-10-01Emma R. (Cornell)

11/18/2020 ERM meeting minutes

11/20/2020 RM meeting minutes

WON'T DO in ERM but discussed and forwarded via discussion in RM Nov 20th 2020

ERM ComparisonsERM comparisons: Make Comparison points hyperlinksIn ERM comparisons, the user can select packages or agreements and compare them against each other. It would be convinient if the entries in the accordion "Comparison points" would be links back to the records in the Agreements app.


2021-10-27: OS Action: write story to implement hyperlink

ERM-1990 - Getting issue details... STATUS


eHoldingseHoldings/HLM Package Content TypesHLM has new package content types in the EBSCO Admin that FOLIO does not currently reflect in the eHoldings filters. Could these just be added to filtering in future releases? Khalilah Gambrell 

Jack Mulvaney (UMass/Five Colleges)

UIEH-1240 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MODKBEKBJ-624 - Getting issue details... STATUS


AgreementsAdditional Relationship types needed to optimally make use of the Related Agreements sectionIn Agreements in the Related Agreements section more different types need to be added and then offered in the dropdown for "Linked agreement's relationship to the agreement being edited". The functionality (automatic bi-way linking) is super cool! but so far the relationship type options are too limited. In the example test-type agreements I talked about in the RM SIG on 2020-02-28, I would have liked to have been able to select 'backfile to'/'backfile of' or 'AAF to'/'Buy In Purchase of' or some such wording etc. I am sure there are other needed relationship types ... 2020-02-28Sara Colglazier. MHC/Five Colleges5/6 Meeting minutes(tick)


LicensesMulti-value pick-lists in license termsAbility to record multiple values for pick-list license terms, e.g.: Authorized user groups: staff, students, walk-ins.
This is go-live relevant for Leipzig.

Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig

2/23 Meeting minutes

ERM-2123 - Getting issue details... STATUS




Sort "cards" in Agreements and Licenses app in logical or alphabetical order

Cards are sorted differently earch time a user visits a page in both apps.

Order: j, e, k, e

Order: e, k, j, e

2020-06-17Felix, ZBW7/8 Meeting minutes


App Interaction

AgreementsReview tables across ERM to have frozen headings on MCLse.g. Agreement Lines - if you scroll you lose the headings on the MCL


2021-10-27 OS: Review MCLs across apps with Gill and write up stories

MS: To raise at cross-app SIG


App Interaction

LicensesLicense Term statusIt could be helpful to have a License term status in the Settings for Licenses → License terms

Use case:
For several years a library uses one license term for several licenses.
At some point, this license term will no longer be used, and the library does not want to display it on new license records.
Still, it should stay in the historical and existing licenses.


2021-10-06: OS to include requirement for "Inactive" terms as part of wider set of improvements for terms (esp. multi-value terms)

UXPROD-3407 - Getting issue details... STATUS


LicensesLicense term settings screen re-design

Settings for Licenses - License terms

License terms: Looking at the list of terms in the right pane
It would be helpful to have the button "New" freezed, to be able to start creating a new license term even if the user is at the end of the existing list

It would be helpful to have the ability to search for terms (in addition to the browser search)

See possible option in Settings - Data Import - Profiles as an example


2021-10-06: OS Create stories for moving New button to top bar across various Settings screens for Licenses , Agreements, Local KB Admin

For search GO to create some screen designs that could be considered as part of wider set of improvements for terms esp. multi-value terms (EPIC: UXPROD-3405 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

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AgreementsInternal KB: Enhance package metadata schema

Currently, only very rudimentary metadata is available in Folio package:

  1. Name
  2. Provider

Discussion: data from GOKb package needed in Folio package:

  1. Alternate/variant names
  2. Content type (journals, monographs, databases, mixed)
  3. Package IDs (ISIL, provider ID, etc.)
  4. Scope (Global, consortial, regional, local, other) and values from free text field "Region/consortium"
  5. Status (Current, retired, expected, deleted)
  6. Edit status (Approved, in progress, rejected)
  7. Descriptive URL
  8. Description
  9. Date created
  10. Date updated
  11. Link to GOKb record
  12. GOKb ID(s) - package UID or package UUID


2021-10-20: OS to collect package metadata fields from across common KBs and propose list for store/display in Folio Agreements

HLM ID - use cases for both displaying in the agreement (line?) but also for search as if you are told "Package ID: 8234 has been deleted" then finding the correct agreement is useful - current work around is to store as an alternative title

Review package metadata from:

  • GOKb
  • HLM
  • SFX
  • 360
  • Coral?

Document started in

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AgreementsAbility to search Agreements by POL number Ability to search by POL number is key need of libraries that purchase through vendors like EBSCO Subscription Service, Harrasowitz, etc.2020-05-18Sara Colglazier, Lindsey Lowery, Alice Daugherty03/17/2021 meeting minutes

UXPROD-3756 - Getting issue details... STATUS


NotesAdd table to Notes helper app / notes details

I should have mentioned this in our meeting yesterday, but forgot it. It would be helpful if one could also create tables in the "Details" section of the Notes app to store information like:

This is a screenshot from our internal Wiki. The information is suitable to be maintained in the ERM system. It's about the creation of analytic records in our catalogue.

2020-06-04Felix, ZBW


Forwarded to AI

Notes Helper AppNotes Behavior

We're using notes tentatively on Licenses in our Production instance and find them to be slightly confusing. We would find it helpful to see an overview of Notes to confirm our understanding of notes behavior to ensure that we're using them optimally and perhaps other institutions could share examples of how they are using notes? 

  • We find it frustrating that we need to click into an "assigned" note to see the details of the note - would it be possible to display the details directly within the accordion? 
  • When we click "Assign/Unassign" the window displays the list of available notes, but without seeing the details of the note we have to rely on the Note Title to be descriptive enough to know that we'd want to assign the same note to this record.  Would it be possible to view the details within that window or maybe be able to hover over the row and display the details?

This is our understanding of notes characteristics - are these descriptions correct and is there documentation of this anywhere?

  • Up to 10 note types can be created. The types are shared across a tenant for all apps. - fixed in Honeysuckle
  • Notes are not shared or assignable to records across apps -they are isolated within a specific app. So a note created in Licenses can't be assigned to an Agreement. - now that notes are available on different apps we can look at sharing notes across apps - rather later than Iris release
  • Editing a note will update it on all the records to which it was assigned. 
  • Note types and titles are not searchable/filterable - answer: true, but there is already a feature for it
  • There isn't a way to access a note except through a record it is assigned to, so if we need to edit a note we need to find a record to which it is assigned. -  yes, it is like that until we have more discussions on different use cases
  • Notes can't be deleted if they are assigned to any records - notes need to be assigned to a record; user needs permission to delete notes; if user has permissions, they can be deleted
2020-10-14Julie Brannon, Virginia Martin (Duke)10/28/2020 meeting minutes


Forwarded to AI

AgreementsAgreements: Search needs to be refine-able (i.e., have a drop down menu like in other Apps for other more narrow, defined, specific fields)With the addition of the Description field in what is searched by Search, it has become even clearer that certain targeted searching (not filtering) needs to be available like in other Apps. For example, see #12 above: be able to search on POL (granted this may be more difficult because the POL is part of the AGL), but otherwise, for example: just Name left-anchored/starts with, just Name keyword, just Name and Alternative Names keyword.2021-01-14Sara Colglazier (MHC), Jack M. (UMass), Jenna Lanterman (Smith), Paul T. (Amherst), Jen B. (Hampshire)2/24/2021 meeting minutes


AgreementsWhat data will be migrated to FOLIOHow far back go people with their agreements in FOLIO2020-01-29

MS based on a comment by Sara Colglazier in the ERM implementers meeting


separate and standing survey linked to a wiki page (link will follow)

LicensesSort ref values in pick lists in logical order

As is, ref values in pick lists are sorted randomly. As a result, the user has to search for the values in different positions each time, instead of being able to remember where they are. Example:

Order: a, c, b, e, d

Order: b, c, d, a, e

2020-06-04Felix, ZBW7/1 Meeting minutes


sorting is consistent

sorted by name not label

came with MG

future development: allow sorting by label

AgreementsTracking/Logging ChangesHow to handle tracking/logging of change in Agreements (generally & from eHoldings or other Apps etc) that will also comply with EU law28 Aug 2020Sara Colglazier (off of RM SIG meeting, with Laura Wright as guest)9/2/2020 meeting minutes


information on created and last updated

no tracking of who did change

LicensesBuild License RelationshipsAbility to build relationships among license records would be helpful. For example, to be able to point to a past license that is superceeded by a new one.  We're thinking through our workflows for managing licenses over time and find that we're using the status field to indicate that the original license is expired and notes to explain which license to look to for current coverage and it would help to be able to point directly to the record (and vice versa)

Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke9/30/2020 meeting minutes


to ERM dev and resourcing team 

needs prioritization there

NEEDED: careful management

LicensesAbility to select all license records with one click for export

As a Licenses user I narrowed down my result set and now I want to select all matching license records for export. This could be achived by having a checkbox at the top of the list that selects all rows.


Felix, ZBW9/30/2020 meeting minutes


to ERM dev and resourcing team 

needs prioritization there

LicensesLicenses: Filter by Independent/Professional School Library

This topic was touched on during the 2020.07.29 ERM Subgroup meeting .  It seems that several institutions share the need to distinguish license records based on internal libraries such as main library, medical school library, law library, business school library since each of those entities may manage independent license agreements. 

At Duke, we decided to use the License Type for this, so we used Settings to create a value to represent each library.  

An alternative approach would have been to create an organization record for each of our libraries and assign them to the license with a role = 'Licensee', but we wanted the easier filtering offered by License Type (if we use Organization we have to click the Org filter box to find "Law Library"), we preferred not to create an Organization to represent our libraries, and didn't see a clear need for the "License Type" field.

Owen asked during the 2020.07.29 meeting about the possibility of referencing 'Location' as setup in Settings/Tenant/Location; however, that wouldn't be helpful in Duke's case and could be problematic for other institutions as well depending on how they plan to structure loan rules.

The Settings/Tenant/Location setup at Duke will likely have a hierarchy like this (not final yet, though) which was designed for loan rules:

Institution = 'Duke'

Campus = 'Professional School'

Library = 'Ford', 'Medical', 'Law', 'Divinity' 

Another branch of the tree would represent our main library (DUL) which has several sublibraries, but they don't manage independent license agreements

Institution = 'Duke'

Campus = 'DUL'

Library = 'LSC', 'BES', 'Perkins', 'Music', 'Marine', 'Lilly', 'Rubenstein', and so on. 

So, if this structure were hooked into Licenses/agreements we couldn't just point to the Campus (since we'd only be able to differentiate between 'DUL' and "Professional School" ) and we couldn't use Library since it breaks out 20 different values for DUL.

How are other institutions thinking about handling this use case?  Thanks!

2020-08-04Virginia Martin and Julie Brannon, Duke9/2 meeting minutes


resolved by using type

AgreementsE-resources: Change the display behavior when a title is no longer available in a package

When a PCI has an accessEnd date that is in the past it is still displayed in the "Option for acquiring" view from the titleInstance. We'd like to propose to change this: If a PCI has an accessEnd date that is in the past it should not be listed in the "Option for acquiring" MCL (1) OR it should be indicated that this title has left the package / the access period has ended.

(1) I know that this makes it difficult to access the PCI in the UI. However, the display in the MCL leads to the assumption that the title is included in this package, although access is no longer possible.

Example from



2020-12-01Felix Hemme, ZBW04/14/2021 meeting minutes


to ERM dev and resourcing team 

needs prioritization there

AgreementsAutomatic loading of results in e-resource search pane

When a user is in the Agreements app and navigates to the tab "E-resources" the first 100 e-resources are loaded and displayed.

When you navigate to the e-resources tab it will take a few seconds until the first records have been fetched. Until then, the text "... Loading" is displayed and could potentially distract the user. I have received feedback from users that they always scan the results first. But of course the list offers no added value in most cases, because the records are displayed sorted by title 0-9, A-Z.

I would suggest to not display any results until the user has performed a search or filter operation.

They will display the text "Choose a filter or enter a search query to show results." 

(paraphrased from

2020-10-22Felix, ZBW12/09/2020 meeting minutes

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Planned Release: Orchid R1 2023

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