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API reference documentation for all modules located at:

Report Description Detail

This report is modeled on ID406 (UXPROD-942) and ID407 (REP-107), an annual statistics report that shows total loans and renewals by location. This report could be used to display total loans/renewals across several library branches within a single library organization, several library organizations across multiple campuses (e.g., for joint university systems), or several independent libraries that share a single FOLIO instance (e.g., with a shared, consortium catalog). 

Data  Fields

Loan date, loan renewal count,

Report Criteria

  • Within a specified date range, provides a list of total loan and renewal counts across locations (at any of the three levels–institution, campus, and library)
  • Note: currently this prototype only covers the most detailed level of location, and not campus or institution.


Date range, location

Folio Attribute (Module/Path:Object)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
Loan Date (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:loanDate)The date an item was loanedThis data element provides the main filter point for this report (where loanDate Between [start] And [end])
Loan ID (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:id)Unique ID (generated UUID) of the loanAll loan IDs are associated with a loan date. A count of these IDs within a specified date range (i.e., loan dates that fall within a date range specified by the user) will provide a total loan count for that period.
Renewal Count (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:renewalCount)Count of how many times a loan has been renewed (incremented by the client)All renewal counts are linked to specific loan IDs. The sum of these data, for all loans falling within a specified period, provides a total number of renewals during that period. 
Item ID (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:itemId)Unique ID of the item lent to the patronProvides a join point between mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans and mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items/{itemId}. This connection provides the ability to pull location information for the item circulated. 
Permanent Location ID (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items/{itemID}:permanentLocationId)Unique ID for the item's permanent locationProvides a join between mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items/{itemId} and mod-inventory-storage/location/locations. This join makes possible a listing of loans and renewals, broken down by location.
Location ID (mod-inventory-storage/location/locations:id)Unique ID (generated UUID) for the locationThis data element feeds the mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items/{itemID}:permanentLocationId element, and also provides a join point between mod-inventory-storage/location/locations and mod-inventory-storage/location/location-units. This makes it possible to pull any level of location data (i.e., institution, campus, or library) associated with loans/renewals. 
Institution (mod-inventory-storage/location/location-units/institutions/{id}:id)Unique ID (generated UUID) for a institutional locationProvides the location (institution) associated with items that are loaned.
Campus (mod-inventory-storage/location/location-units/campuses/{id}:id)Unique ID (generated UUID) for a campus locationProvides the location (campus) associated with items that are loaned.
Library (mod-inventory-storage/location/location-units/libraries/{id}:id)Unique ID (generated UUID) for a library locationProvides the location (library) associated with items that are loaned.
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