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  1. Working group update (charge, first meeting, outputs) 
  2. Environmental scan - brainstorming related work
  3. Gauge interest across FOLIO community wrt: entity management
  4. Use Cases - begin brainstorming


  • Environmental Scan
    • SHARE-VDE and LC working around SuperWork and Hubs – work family; this addresses that bf:Work is Work and Expression. Midwinter session on this is undergoing.
      • Jacquie: believe we should be keeping an eye on this to possibly bring concepts into FOLIO community.
    • Index Data working with LC and BF to develop a toolkit to migrate MARC to BF and BF to MARC. ID is interested in bringing BF into FOLIO. Might be possibility of movement with BF there. Keeping in touch with IndexData and LC
    • Texas A&M building an app to do entity control for different components of digital repositories ecosystem. Currently using to check names in DSpace. 
      • Action Item: EMWG reach out to James Creel at TAMU to get more information
    • OCLC Entities Backbone Mellon project - watch this space
    • Local projects where they had to develop something and could have been done faster, cheaper if FOLIO had been in place. Chicago Middle Eastern photo archive - wanted to recatalog and publish as a linked data project. Invented a pathway to do this that was not efficient and was clunky. Many small scale, local initiatives with requirements in this area; what would it look like to be able to make this a platform for supporting these types of intiatives.
    • QA work
    • IMLS-funded "National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities National Forum":
    • PCC's work – and they will be doing much more in the coming year. 
      • pilot to put URIs in authority records 
      • including but not limited to new RDA and how that will be implemented
    • BIBFRAME models and extensions – ability for flexibility
    • Some are initiatives and some are sources of entities; should we make master list / working list of sources of these data
      • can extend lists that PCC are saying are trusted, which is still in development
      • Wikibases
  • Needs & Use Cases : what are our needs?
    • how do we circulate an item that only has metadata of record in BF?
    • how do we catalog natively in FOLIO in BIBFRAME?
    • how can we catalog digital collections in the Europeana data model within FOLIO?
    • if record creation is outside of FOLIO, what are the requirements of lifecycle management in FOLIO?
    • workflows will vary per institution
    • when bring records into current ILS, have a local authority file that controls headings; when we change that, it changes headings for us. losing authority control is problematic. heading updates is important
    • low-hanging fruit was to have authorities in MARC SRS / MARCcat... but not long term solution
    • Is there a value in having a separate entity store so that physical inventory, digital collections, and other resources can use the same headings within FOLIO? Whether source record is MARC, EAD, BIBFRAME, whatever.

    • This is not only names... and not only about MARC...
    • Perspective from library not producing MARC records; having BFcat and editor that allows one to produce RDF data would be really good
      • can we refactor something from the community to afford editing of RDF/LD/BF
    • how much do we want to store within FOLIO environment versus point to?
      • this is where use cases come into play... does FOLIO need to know about Works or do we need local representation of works? Does some other module need piece of that to operate? or do we need to manage and manipulate that data in some way?
    • whether we are building a service to manage these entities or whether we are storing them... develop dependencies and then question whether this applies to others. 
      • ensuring that data stored both within FOLIO and external to FOLIO can be facilitated in the solution
    • One thing to consider is that the inventory data model contains many data elements that are not necessarily proper to the “Instance” in the BIBFRAME sense (subjects, for example). Are we comfortable with that compromise?

      • maybe we may evolve? Work entities were not within FOLIO when we created the Instance-Holdings-Items.
      • Need use case discussions around this; if inventory instance works for FOLIO, could be BF to inventory mapping would take into account the properties coming from bf:Work and bf:Instance 
      • My comment was in response to the question of whether we want to manage Works as entities.
    • Always have need for locally stored names, etc. e.g.: University authors that appear in digital repositories. have a centralized place for those to talk to each other 
      • is a FOLIO shared environment closing off possibilities?
    • Duke projects re: unmatched X00s... tool to identify number of times unmatched entities appear in their data to then determine whether to create NACO
    • Already have facility at NLA to do authority work in Voyager and then export to others. Contribute where they can. Particularly with subjects, LCSH does not always suit Australian terminology.
    • Inside and outside FOLIO brings to mind Shared National Local Authority national forum. where network approach might be FOLIO enabled? White paper from project:
    • Far-distant future: consider wherever doing these entities – whether there should be reconciliation
      • reconciliation as a service would be useful across different institutions

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