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Individual Apps: Information, Tips, and Tricks

MM SIG’s scope includes at least Inventory, Data import, Data export, MARCcat, quickMARC, a whole bunch of Settings, and maybe Codex

Here's a place we can keep track of what's been done, what's being done, and what's still needed for MM related documentation.


Considerations for Implementation

Functional Processes

Glossary - Laura

Integrations - Laura started a list here, would love feedback

Item State in FOLIO

MARC Mappings Information


Reporting - do we need a page specifically for reporting in Inventory? link to LDP documentation from Integrations?

Searching - this is probably in the best shape of any of our pages (though of course additional sample queries are welcome)

Topics & questions

UX/UI - this is in decent shape already

Data import

Jennifer also filled in the page Data Import.

Data export

Laura started a very brief draft of current functionality.



Settings - Ann K?

Codex Search - Charlotte

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