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Modules description


Acts as a facade for sending patron notices. Uses mod-template-engine to generate messages and delegates sending to mod-sender.

Used by mod-circulation and mod-feesfines as an entry point to FOLIO's notifications delivery subsystem.

Relevant API documentation


Acts as an intermediary that sorts prepared messages and sends them through appropriate delivery channels. All technical complexity, sending queues, persistence of messages, available sending channels are regulated by this module. Used by mod-notify to redirect the message to the appropriate delivery channel (currently, only email channed is available, represented by mod-email).

Relevant API documentation


Delivers messages using email delivery channel. Input data: message with delivery address. Relies on mod-configuration to get connection parameters. Used by mod-sender to send email messages.

Relevant API documentation


Stores information about FOLIO users: name, status, address, contact information, patron group membership, etc. Used by mod-sender to get recipient's email address.

Relevant API documentation


Stores configuration records. Used by mod-template-engine to get locale configuration, and by mod-email to get SMTP-server connection parameters.

Relevant API documentation


Module is responsible for storing message templates and generating the output in requested format (plain text, html, xml, doc, docx, etc.) from the template. Generated payload is described by meta information which contains info about format, size and date. Supports localization of templates. Used by mod-notify to generate messages from templates.

Relevant API documentation

Message delivery flowchart

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