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JIRA Rankings:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Proposed Enhancements -

  • R1 - Urgent
  • R2-High - Library operations are severely curtailed; Significantly lowers productivity; Cannot fulfill obligations to patrons or partners
  • R3-Medium - Can perform normal operations but productivity is noticeably lower; Workaround is insufficient and suitable only for short-term use
  • R4-Low - Has minimal impact on productivity, but all the commercial ILS have this feature; nice to have; Workaround is viable although long-term solution is still needed (or workaround lacks functionality)
  • R5-Not needed
Dev TimeCornellDuke5 CMSUSim/FLOTAMUProposed Enhancement


UXPROD-2771 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add a createdByUserID in the courselisting record - this data appears in the json - the request is to show the user name in the UI

R1R4R4R4R3LTI Integration (note - this is done, and is working successfully in Duke testing.) There are two related modules in the main repository - and that can be used by schools that need that functionality.

Item sync between CR and Inventory (after an item has been added to a Course)   UXPROD-2594 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - workaround is to remove then re-add the item (bad option, as there is no way to know when that needs to happen, since there is no linkage between the item record and the course item record in the first place)


UXPROD-2721 - Getting issue details... STATUS Fast Add Integration - 



Suppress (or not suppress) Fast Add Course items from Discovery (depends on Discovery layer) - Will depend on the institution. Might need more exploration as Fast Add is developed.


UXPROD-2772 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add a field to the courselisting record for number of students enrolled in a course - needed for copyright clearance purposes - Andrea Loigman can provide more information.


UXPROD-2773 - Getting issue details... STATUS When adding a new instructor by looking up the patron record, the format should be LastName, FirstName. This is actually using the user lookup - so talk with the Users Sig. Patty Wanninger

Very high to non-desired by MMR3R3R4R4R2R4Have Inventory display when an item is on reserve (so you won't accidentally withdraw or delete an item that is on reserve). - This would have to be implemented through meta data management and they are not very open to this option.  The location or loan type can be used to identify that the item is on reserve

UXPROD-2747 - Getting issue details... STATUS Maintain the connection between instructor user records and course records, so updates to the instructor's name are reflected in course reserves.

Very difficultR1

UXPROD-2774 - Getting issue details... STATUS When attaching an item to a course, allow item lookup by fields other than barcode.  (There might be an item search module developed)

Very difficult

UXPROD-2775 - Getting issue details... STATUS Remove barcode requirement for electronic resources (tied up with preceeding issue) - would like to do a bit more research on how this will integrate with eHoldings

R4R4R4R4Create a connection between course records and order records so they you can indicate which course an order is for in the order record.  (Resource management request) - 
Kelly to talk to Harry & Khalilah


UXPROD-2776 - Getting issue details... STATUS Support for separate reserve teams/units within a single tenant. This could work similarly to acquisitions units. It would support both single tenant implementations and branch libraries within a single institution.  
Would a filter work?

Informational questions

  • from Duke: More informational than an enhancement request, but could we get an explanation / documentation of the difference between the course.json object and the courselisting.json object?
    • appears that course.json contains the course title and department and identifier info, while the courselisting.json object contains the instructor for the course and the course term. SO that suggests that a migration would need to map into both of them to adequately represent a course. BUT, Kelly is going to follow up to confirm this understanding.

Action items