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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Product Council Update

PC Agenda/Notes

DRAFT of vision & strategy statement shared

Presentation from Tiewei (Lucy) Liu on updates from Shanghai Library

Still need SMEs for Privacy SIG - please encourage colleagues to join. People who understand  and are invested in GDPR are encouraged to join.

Other updates/announcements

Boundwith-Analytics - meeting with RA SIG (10/19/2020) -

Challenges with this model causes concern with circulation. The original model - a single item linked to multiple holdings - is being reconsidered. It requires a significant change to FOLIO, it is less complicated on many levels. 

The working group with meet on Monday. Marc Johnson was asked to write a technical spec on how this problem can be solved.

ISBN normalization for matching

see: MODSOURMAN-269 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The ISBN-10 will be left in the record, the ISBN-13 will be added for matching

When a 10 digit ISBN is in the data, FOLIO will be adding an ISBN-13 to the underlying source data. Both ISBNs will stay in the record. The 13 digit equivalent will be added to the 10 digit ISBN.

Expected behavior for search checkboxesMagda Zacharska

UIDEXP-188 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slides with specific scenarios:

Would like feedback. 

  1. What should the behavior be when the user scrolls down and "Loads More", with "all records selected"? Should those records be selected as well? At first only 100 records can be exported at a time. This is a pilot.  Similar discussion in ERM: 
    Felix summarized in chat, "The (ERM) group agreed on: select all the results (not only the currently displayed results). That's valid for Licenses app."
    Laura via comments, "Felix's point makes me think this behavior should really be consistent across apps if possible"

  2. Unselecting - 
  3. Scrolling through the result list
  4. Changing search criteria - Selected record matching search criteria, user modified search criteria, should originally select stay selected? What is the expected behavior? Jessica commented that it would be nice to be able to change searches and retain selected. Multiple people agreed in chat. Reset would clear all selections, but selections would be retained otherwise.

    Possibility to display selected records was requested.

    "The purpose of this functionality is for a quick export. It is not to be meant as a main form for exporting records" - Magda. 

    Issue of the current result count not being correct was considered.


  • Be consistent across apps. Therefore, when unselecting all, we will unselect all as well as selection.
  • Scrolling through results: 
  • Changing search criteria - Agreed to preserve selected records even when current search changes. Concerns that this may cause confusion. Magda offered that the searches being accrued would be counted. Reset would clear all previously selected searches

Publication date mapping / New element for Sort Date?Charlotte Whitt

Publication date is mapped from MARC 26x $c

Proposal is to keep this mapping (this info is useful for identification) and to add a new element mapped from 008 / 007-010 (OCLC Date1)

Also include 008 / 011-014 (OCLC Date2)?

Proposed element name: Sort date

Where to display? proposed options: Administrative data, Identifiers, Other???


Slide deck - Instance record, can move/insert the box with the different Accordions -  

Please comment in Slack and on the slide deck. 

Future MM meetings (ongoing)

Add ideas here




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