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Kelly Drake

Holly Mistlebauer

Charlotte Whitt

Philip Robinson

Marie Widigson

Brooks Travis

Anya Arnold

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Tod Olson

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Discussion items


New Page - listing work flow demos
FOLIO Work Flow Demos

Iris features and release planningHolly Mistlebauer

Capacity planning team is recommending 2 month delay for Iris release - ie May 3.

This will allow for all 'showstopper' items to be included in the release. 

There would then be no summer release, Juniper would be the November release

Thursday update meeting will be attended by FOLIO POs that have any at risk issues. This will help feature tracking and accountability

Summer implementers approve, then PC approves.  12/21 Jakub can release the new schedule

Kelly Drake As a live library - I object.  There are features that we are waiting for, that are scheduled for Iris release.

As the Support Sig convener I also have concerns.  There are a number of new features in the Iris release, as is planned. It would better to address bugs before they build. Why not plan for hotfixes. 

Production libraries weighed in - seemed split

Implementing libraries weighed in - seemed split

Some were unable to attend and asked for an extension to submit their preference. 

Anya Arnold  suggested leveraging the bugfest process to expose new features for training and documentation purposes.  ie shorten the time time between dev freeze and release. 

Holly Mistlebauer summarized the discussion 

Search functionality - in R1Charlotte Whitt
  • Is there  more search functionality which is absolutely necessary to do, and can not wait for Elastic Search to be implemented (hopefully R2 2021)

    • ex: ebook vs print

UXPROD-2712 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Some features/search stories are showstoppers for some summer 2021 libraries

In the meantime there is still the query search that works for some.  However the queries can take a very long time.

Future topics

Dec 22 & 29 - cancelled

January 5 - Optimistic Locking - Holly Mistlebauer and Jakub Skoczen

January 12 - receiving demos

Action items