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Maura Byrne

Patty Wanninger

Andrea Loigman

Brooks Travis

Catherine Smith

Mark Arnold

Mary B Morgan

Matthew Harrington

Michelle Suranofsky

Uschi Klute

Amelia Sutton

Philip Robinson

Nancy Burford


  • Discuss MODUIMP-33 (List of all dependencies for user deletion).  Do we have all of the relevant dependencies listed?
  • Check in with Björn about the dependency check.
  • Make everyone aware that Honeysuckle has new Release Notes.

Discussion items


Maura is going to give SIG report to PC and inform about user deletion and dependency checks


MODUIMP-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS Looking at list of dependencies. 

Sould proxies be considered at dependency?

Andrea: as long as proxy info is retained on loan detail user can be deleted; we should know who borrowed if there are open loans 

Patty will test if proxy retains as an information on loan detail.
EDIT: Result: Delete a proxy results in GET error on loan details. Tests for unexpired proxies, Patty will test for expired proxies before next Wed.

Should blocks be considered as dependency? After discussion yes/no we ended in YES, since libraries could use blocks which should be resolved before deletion (example: messed up a room)

Is dependency check without deletion technically possible? BjörnBjörn: yes, either by using a parameter or seperate API endpoint; not decided yet

Discussion about bugfest participationAll
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