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DevOps/Operational concerns with SpringWay modules

David Crossley has finished his write-up regarding the devops/operational concerns with SpringWay modules. I was wondering what should be the next steps. David will walk us through the do:


Action was to investigate integration of SpringWay modules into FOLIO CI. This report is based on that action.

Next/open Steps: 

Followup – Spring Way teams

Taras Spashchenko We think that we have now defined most of the items that are required.

Please coordinate with your teams that will be the initial Spring Way implementers. Ensure that mod-spring-template and folio-spring-base are ready, and that the early-starter projects are aligned.

The main items listed above that need attention by developers are:
D, E, G, J, K, L, M, N, O, R, T

Followup – DevOps

The main items listed above that need attention by FOLIO DevOps are:

A, B, F, P, Q

Followup – tech-leads

The main items listed above that need attention by FOLIO tech-leads are:


Who will coordinate the completion of these items?

1) Make sure that all the letters have equivalent Jira issues - Assign to David.

2) Assign those Jiras to people.

  • Developers to be assigned to Taras
  • DevOps to be assigned to Jakub
  • Tech Leads assigned to Marc 

Note that Texas A&M had created many Spring-based modules, dating back to more than a year ago... wondering why these weren't including/consulted in the SpringWay effort. Answer - skunkworks effort started at EPAM - they didn't realize that work had been done. Note that they also worked from "API first" mentality.

Since our interfaces aren't separate from our implementations, why is "API First" a thing? Because in the mircoservice environment the API are "the thing" that modules have to support.

This work was also valuable because it establishes a baseline for what it takes to add a new framework into our CI.

Follow up on Permissions with Implementers' meetingCraig met with them and hasn't written up his notes yet. He'll walk us through those next week.
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