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18Print Journal Routing Lists


The Duke Law library uses functionality in Aleph to manage lists to route print journal subscription issues to faculty and staff.  Do other institutions do this and if so, would it be possible to add a JIRA so this could be considered for future development?  This isn't a high priority request, but it is functionality that exists in our current system.

GBV also using a similar function in their system. Is being used less and less just because many journals are available electronically. 


Dennis Bridges Need to create JIRA for prioritization. This is a lower priority at the moment. Would need to be visible at point of receipt. Users generally want to print the list of people this would be routed to. 

Joe Reimers created  UXPROD-4087 - Getting issue details... STATUS

24Invoices: Export to Accounting checkbox default value


Would it be possible to discuss design improvements for the "Export to accounting" checkbox?  There are no templates available for Invoices to help guide users and this checkbox is not prominent, yet significant headaches are caused if it is overlooked.  If a user forgets/overlooks this checkbox for invoices that need to be sent to an external AP system how do they fix that mistake?  Once the invoice is paid it doesn't seem possible to edit the checkbox value to "on", so would we need to cancel that invoice and create a new one in order to create a voucher for export to AP?  

A preferred workflow could be to allow institutions to configure the default value of the "Export to accounting" checkbox in Settings > Invoices based on the Payment type since that typically drives whether an invoice is sent to an AP system for payment processing or not.  Example default settings below:

Payment Type

"Export to accounting" checkbox default value

Credit cardFalse
Deposit accountTrue
Physical checkTrue
Bank draftTrue
Internal transferTrue

Note added 1/14/22: There is an "Export to accounting" checkbox in Organizations >Vendor information section.  The setting of this flag determines the default value when an invoice is created for that vendor, so a workaround for libraries that are concerned about missing this flag during invoice creation would be to turn it on for all vendors.

10/1/2021Julie Brannon

Allow user to configure which payment types trigger export to accounting by default - need to create feature Dennis Bridges 

Discussed 2022-02-25 Acquisitions Meeting notes

UXPROD-4185 - Getting issue details... STATUS

30Organizations: Add "note" column to Contact People accordion


Our ERM staff at Duke have asked whether the Organization app Contact people "note" field could be added as a column on the detail pane.  They don't need to see the phone info there (since contact is by email).  The notes help them to identify which person in the Sales category, for instance, to contact for databases and stores other useful info about the contact.  They'd prefer not to have extra clicks to open the full record for each contact to see that note, if possible.

11/3/2021Julie Brannon

Need story for adding notes filed as column at the end of contact person view MCL Dennis Bridges 

Discussed 2022-03-08 Acquisitions Meeting notes

UIORGS-352 - Getting issue details... STATUS created.

32Invoices: Lock total checkbox 


Invoices: We'd expect the lock total checkbox to default as checked rather than unchecked.  Would it be possible to make the default value configurable in Settings so that institutions can decide which approach works best for them?

11/15/2021Julie Brannon 

Default value of lock total should be "True" as generally users input the total amount of the invoice first and proceed to fill in the lines after. Helpful to have the system check your work. If not needed it can always be unchecked. If possible would also be helpful to have this default be configurable. Dennis Bridges need to create story.

Discussed 2022-03-08 Acquisitions Meeting notes

Update by Joe Reimers : UINV-463 - Getting issue details... STATUS

33Invoices: Add POL "Select order lines" - show all before save


Invoices app > Invoice lines > Add > Search by POL number, select the POL, repeat.

We are glad that the "Select order lines" process allows us to search for and select multiple POLs before clicking "Save" and we see the total number selected at the bottom; however, we can't see the list of selected POLs before we save.  The user is likely to search by POL number, not by vendor since there would be too many results to scroll through.  As they search one-by-one for each POL and select each one, it would be helpful to see the list of POLs that they've already selected and have the opportunity to unselect any mistakes before clicking "Save."  The current flow leaves the user feeling unsure since they can't see which lines they've selected already.

11/15/2021Julie Brannon 

Need to explore possible design solutions Dennis Bridges to reach out to Kimie about design

35Order and Invoice: Link to vendor Organization record


Low-priority request: On the order and invoice could the vendor field be upgraded from static text of the vendor name to an active link so that the user can easily click through to view the full organization record for the vendor?  This type of linking is very helpful in other fields on the order such as the Fund, Title, and Related invoices.


Need to create enhancement Dennis Bridges consider what to do in the header with previous story re displaying vendor code rather than name.

36Invoices: Add adjustment - Release encumbrance defaults to "unchecked"


Invoices >Invoice lines > New:   The default value for the "Release encumbrance" checkbox is unchecked on the create vendor invoice line screen (which is used when the user is not linking to an existing POL).  Could we discuss reversing the default value to "checked" since this could trip up users who don't check it and then have dangling encumbrances.  The original thinking for leaving it unchecked was to ensure that ongoing orders didn't get automatically closed by the system. Now that we have the "Ongoing" order payment status and no longer have that issue maybe we could revisit this to set to "checked."

11/23/21Julie Brannon 

It is standing orders not subscriptions that should default to false because they often have multiple invoices. for subscriptions more often there is one invoice for the year.

The default may not be as important than making clear what this toggle will do in documentation.

We will have some additional discussion after libraries have had a chance to review.

37on POL: re: Related invoices


I am confused by what is displayed in the Piece(s) field of the Related invoices for POLs. In my test example here, the pieces listed are not necessarily specific or related to the invoice/invoice line, but seeming just bucket-displaying all the pieces created related to the POL, which is not helpful. I would rather see specific Invoice LINE note info displayed, like: "Renewal. New subscription ; Invoicing period:20220101-20221231 (86-86)" in this case vendor provided and included in the EDI invoice, OR, something I manually enter like: 2022 Hathitrust Membership: Public Domain, versus, another Invoice line for: 2022 Hathitrust Membership: In-Copyright, each with their respective amounts, to help me understand what I just paid for.


As piece information is actually no longer shown in this area it would be helpful to show subscription information in a column here. User may identify in more detail in this field what the sub is for.

Also ideally the sub date start and end are shown in the related info. worth scrolling to have this information on hand.

This should apply to related invoice information shown on the POL and on the Invoice line

See Example in agreements of combined columns in MCL. This could be a way to decrease the width of some of our tables

Need to create a story Dennis Bridges 

38POL/inventory matching


At Chicago, we're continuing to struggle with identifier matches when creating POs. We want to be creating new instances in Inventory, but instead matches are occurring and the new item is being attached to the wrong instance record in Inventory. This is on our test system (running Juniper). We are getting matches when the publisher provides an ISBN in the 024 or a publisher/distributor number in the 028. This is really common for Harrassowitz with music scores. So a short, non-unique publisher number, like "8021" matches multiple records already in Inventory, and then FOLIO picks the first one it finds and attached the new holdings/item. These aren't even the same title, different format - these are two very distinct publications. If you want to see this in action, here's a short video: One interim solution is to remove any identifiers (which is kind of a bummer, since these can be useful to identifying the material). Lotus will bring the ability to turn off identifier matching.

Orders will use all "Product identifier types". These match up to "Resource identifier types" in instance records

  • ASIN
  • DOI
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Report Number
  • Standard technical report number
  • URN

It would be good to discuss how we might want matching to work since the current process is way too broad.



Perhaps rather than increasing the detail of matching FOLIO could report on the matches that were made? Perhaps specific to source. ie. GOBI.

Need to identify specific situations were the matching is failing in order to improve accuracy. Otherwise it might make more sense to focus on improving the visibility of incorrect matches. 

Dennis Bridges to add detail to Wiki page.

2022-04-22 Acquisitions Meeting notes

39Organizations: Add field for contact person on contact information


Add a field for the mail address of a direct contact person to the cards in the accordion "contact information". If I need to contact an organization on e.g. shipments I rarely use general mail addresses but rather direct contact people.

Primary issue is understanding who to add as attention to when you are just sending a communication to an address. Address 1 and 2 are used for many things. 

Alternative: use the categories for contact people in the same way as for the general contatct information


Martina Schildt 

Need to create story for adding an "Attention to" field to the address field set. Free text would suffice Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for review

update: UIORGS-348 - Getting issue details... STATUS

40Organizations: Add "Name" field on contact information


This is somewhat related to issue #39 above.  When migrating our vendor address information from our current system we noticed that there isn't a data element on the contact information address for the "name."  We've mapped the various address names to the alternate/alias name in FOLIO just to store them somewhere.  Similar to #39 above, we need to store the first line of the address (the name) since it is usually more specific or slightly different than the organization name we store in FOLIO and isn't necessarily the same for shipments vs. payment vs. claims.


Multiple organizations had to be creative with migration because of the lack of fields for address info. The additional field for address details could be an "Attention" or "Department". It might be helpful to have an additional Address field and a separate name field. Dennis Bridges to create story

43Invoices: "Pay immediately" flag


Would other institutions find it helpful to flag invoices that need special "pay immediately" handling by their AP system?  At Duke, we sometimes need to process payment more quickly than the standard processing time and we need a way to communicate that in the voucher extract to alert AP staff. In our current system (Aleph), we use a defined string of text in a note field, but it would be preferable to have a distinct data element.

This would essentially be a rush flag for invoices that need to be paid more quickly than the standard Net 30. It doesn't not specifically mean this needs to be paid in X number of days just that AP should not hold payment for any length of time.

No use cases that the group could think of for partial "Immediate payment"


Dennis Bridges  to create story to capture design and implementation detail. Suggestions is to use a simple flag on the invoice.

 Jira story UINV-462 - Getting issue details... STATUS

44Orders: Add order POL Receipt date - why editable?


Orders > add PO line:  Why is the "Receipt date" an editable field when creating a new PO line?  If the user enters a receipt date this could cause confusion since the order hasn't actually been received through the Receiving app.  Unless there are use cases for editing this field during PO line creation, could it be changed to an inactive field on this form to avoid mistakes and confusion?

Screenshot to show that the "Receipt date" is editable on the Add PO line form:


Screenshot showing the PO Line details window after saving a new PO line with the receipt date populated and Receipt status showing "Awaiting Receipt" since the order hasn't been received yet through the Receiving app.


Dennis Bridges to review logic for updating POL receipt date based on receiving actions. Review how this setting affects receipt status.

For approval orders, a user may actually want to set the receipt date for the POL when creating the order.

Clarify and discuss results of review with SIG.

45POLs and Invoice lines: subscription dates.


Prompted by a question from Kimberly Pamplin at Texas A&M in slack on 1/12/22: "I notice that the "renewal date" and "subscription to" dates cannot be edited once an order is opened. Is it intended that these dates will update automatically? If so, what triggers them? I notice for example that filling in the subscription to and from fields will then populate them for invoice line creation, but I'm not sure how they are supposed to be updated once a subscription year is paid for." 

Also from Julie Brannon at Duke: The field labels are inconsistent between orders and invoices for these dates even though data flows from the order line to the invoice line.  Is there a reason they're different, because if not, we should probably keep them consistent between apps:

Order line: Subscription from, Subscription to
Invoice line: Subscription start date, Subscription end date.f


Dennis Bridges create story for allowing user to edit order subscription to date. 


Control default values in Settings


Prompted by Slack discussion on 1/15/22. Request to control default values in settings.  This relates to topics #24, #32, and #36 on this page.  The ability to control default values for key fields in the Orders and Invoices apps would enable libraries to align the UI with their needs and improve the user experience.

Eg. Checking the re-encumber checkbox. The library does a lot more orders that do not encumber and this was taking time and effort when creating orders. it can also be error-prone. Not using order templates for all orders. 

Eg. In invoices, we consistently have to remember to check "Lock Total" and uncheck "check subscription overlap" for different orders.

Eg. Also need to remember to adjust "Export to accounting" checkbox and new Invoice line > "Release encumbrance".


Dennis Bridges to create wiki page for collecting use cases for additional default settings. Users will add more detail to the description here.

49Organization Delete Behavior


Currently, an organization record can be deleted even if the organization is in use on other records.  No warning is given to the user that the organization is linked to exisitng records. This behavior seems inconsistent with other delete actions in FOLIO and could lead to unanticipated impacts if a user unknowingly deletes an organization that is in use elsewhere.  After deletion of an organization, an order (for example) will display "Invalid reference" in the vendor code field.


Are there use cases for deleting an org for which you have active invoices or orders? Group: no other than a user having made a mistake creating a new vendor and processing a record against it there are no valid reasons for allowing deletion.

Dennis Bridges to create a story that prevents deletion of organization record that are referenced by orders (Open or Closed) and Invoices (Approved or Paid, Canceled)

Update by Joe Reimers 

UIORGS-353 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Julie Brannon Please confirm the JIRA is accurate as written.


Invoice approve/pay with pending Order


The approvement/payment of an Invoice should not be allowed if the linked Order is pending since transactions will not behave as expected. Opening the Order after approval/paying creates new encumbrance transaction for current FY with values for Awaiting payment resp. Expended = $0.00 even though the Invoice is already processed. For this reason, the encumbrance/expended amount is not taken into account during FYRO. Right, it's the wrong workflow. But a warning would definitely help to address this issue. For my liking I would prefer a modal warning when approving and paying an Invoice with pending Order (with options Cancel/Proceed). Or even more restrictive just present an error message and not let it happen. I would really appreciate a solution for that since it caused a lot problems with us. Thanks for your consideration.

Addendum: After fixing transactions on database level and bringing it to the attention of colleagues, this workflow error occurs again and again.

Please contact Björn Muschall when this topic comes to agenda. Thanks!


Group consensus is that we would should prevent approval and payment of invoices when they are related to one or more orders in the workflow state "Pending". Dennis Bridges to create story for implementing this.

Update:  UINV-465 - Getting issue details... STATUS created by Joe Reimers 

Björn Muschall and Sara Colglazier please confirm the JIRA is accurate as written.

51Create Contact person or interface on organizations


When a user creates a new organization record and wants to add a new contact person or interface, the user needs to save the organization record first. In a second step the user needs to edit the organization record again, click on "add contact"  to then create and link the new contact person (or interface).

For a more fluent workflow with less clicking it would be helpful to be able to create a new contact or interface without needing to save the organization record first. 


Dennis Bridges to review with development team to see if it is possible to implement a save and continue when you have a "dirty form".

Option 2 would be separating the contact people and interface creation and assignment from the editing organization. Argument for is that often times reassigning a person involves editing their email etc.

52Receiving and closing POs


Can we change the business logic for automatically closing POs so once a one-time PO has all POLs listed as "Fully Paid" the PO will close regardless of the Receipt Status? As we get toward fiscal year close, we are facing a situation where we have a lot of POs (around 5000) that are open and will re-encumber because we have paid in advance of receiving. We are going to have to manually close all of these POs, which is obviously going to take away time from actually receiving. If there are use cases for wanting a PO to stay open, if paid, but not received, then can libraries be given the option to have paid POs closed regardless of receipt status?


It seems this is a good use case for bulk edit functionality. Being able to bulk edit order line receipt and Payment statuses. Also being able to bulk edit order workflow status. Dennis Bridges to share this use case with Magda Zacharska 

Dennis Bridges to Create an enhancement story/feature for "Long term, maybe we could eventually move toward enabling each institution to locally configure their business logic for automatically closing orders.  In settings they could indicate what criteria should be met before an order is automatically closed by the system (receipt status, payment status)..."

Created UIOR-1092 - Getting issue details... STATUS

and UIOR-1091 - Getting issue details... STATUS for both a BL and batch job scenario.  


POL able to be deleted off of OPEN One-Time Order


[in Kiwi, hotfix 2] Is the following expected behavior? Scenario: I set up a One-Time Order, with one POL, Receiving Workflow: Sync ... & Create inventory: Instance, Holding, Item. ... I open the Order. Now in Inventory, I have an Instance with Marc as Source (previously imported to link Title to), a Holdings record, and an Item with Status OO. All good so far. ... Now I receive the item via the Receiving App. I check off: Display on holding. ... All good still. & Inventory the Item now shows status In Process, and the Holdings shows the Receiving history and Acquisition info. Just as I want: great. ... Now I go to Check-in, and check-in the Item, and in Inventory now the Item shows as Available. .... ... Now here is the thing I am really asking about: I go back to the OPEN Order Record, then to the POL--Fully Received, but not Fully Paid at this point--and I am able to Delete the POL--even without first having to UNopen the PO. And when I do that, the POL is gone, the Receiving record is gone, the Piece is gone, the Acquisitions and Receiving history info disappears from the Holdings record. .... The Item remains because Available (I assume) .... When the Item is In process, it also remains; but if On Order, it disappears. ... The Open PO also remains open, but has no POL, and so it a bit of a mystery thing. .... Once I have linked an Invoice (even if only Approved but not yet Paid) then the POL won't delete off an Open Order. .... Still, this does not seem like good behavior to me. I can see if I UNopen the PO then I should be able to delete the POL, but NOT if it is Open. 
If there is some reason for being able to do this, then at the very least there needs to be a pop-up modal that asks me to confirm that I want to do delete the POL EVEN THOUGH there is a Receiving Piece already received etc. 
28 April 2022Sara Colglazier 

Dennis Bridges to create a story for preventing the deletion of POLs from Open  or Closed one-time orders.

There are use cases for removing a POL from an ongoing order so this logic needs to be more specific.

UIOR-1052 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

54Capturing binding information for order and receiving so records can be filtered by this data


We would like to have a way of identifying Titles that represent material that will be sent for binding at a given point in the year–for example, in Receiving if there were a check box at the Receiving Title Record level for To be Bound or Bindery that one could then Filter on. We now include information in the Receiving Note that indicates that the title is a Bindery title, but one cannot search on the Receiving Note in the Receiving App. (I suppose we could use a Tag, but ...) It would be better if what indicates that the Title is a Bindery Title could be seen and filtered on from both the POL and Receiving Title record. ... Something more like the Rush or ??

I have a monthly magazine that I receive and at a certain point of the year when I have all issues for the year they will be sent to the bindery.

What we plan to bind is revisited over time as the budget fluctuates. Some titles may no longer be bound to say money. Understanding what is being bound in orders in helpful for making purchase decisions. The information may also change over time so ideally these are editable at any stage of the orders lifecycle.

Users that actually carry out the binding need this information in the receiving area to gather materials that need to be bound. Users need to access receiving to identify what needs to be bound. They also need information about how to bind and when (how long to retain issues before binding, how many issues to bind in a volume, whether to bind or discard etc.).

Need to know a little more about how the user finds what needs to be bound and what historical information they need about this activity in receiving.


Sara Colglazier

edited/updated 2022-09-26 

The limitation of tags for this use case is that they need to be applied in Orders and Receiving separately. More work and more prone to error.

Dennis Bridges Create wiki page with use cases. Need feature for Capturing Binding information for order and receiving.

Joe Reimers Created wiki page with workflow description

57Finance: Currency setting for fund


The Finance > Fund displays a currency value which isn't editable during fund creation and is set to the primary currency set in Settings > Tenant > Language and localisation.  Do any institutions need to have some funds desingated as a different currency than the tenant?  I'm thinking through how to handle funds for Duke's campus in China and they would likely prefer to set up their funds with ¥/CNY/yuan as the basis rather than $USD.

Update 8/17/22: Duke's campus in China will operate using their own instance of FOLIO, so this question is no longer relevant for Duke.


Julie Brannon Duke University

A logical approach here would be to expose the currency setting at the fiscal year level such that users could explicitly set it when creating a fiscal year. Dennis Bridges  Need to create a JIRA. 

58Action performed on record bounces user to the top. 


In invoices when you access an invoice line to review or edit and close out of the invoice line, it will bounce you back to the top of the invoice.


59Orders: Link to existing holding and item


Add ability to link an order with an existing item (not only with an instance).

When material is purchased and the user creates a POL, holdings and items can be created in Inventory. But there are workflows - when working with a third party system for cataloguing -, where on order items are imported to Inventory. Those items cannot be linked to orders currently, the user can only create a link between order and instance. As a user, I need to indicate which item I have ordered. And what would happen if the item is moved in this scenario?

Primary use case would be when items are created independently of the order records we would like users or third party tools to have the ability to connect the items to the order and update the order<>inventory links such that acq data is displayed appropriately in inventory. This is needed for both order types and receiving workflows.


April 25, 2023 - Martina will do a demo of the use cases here to help move this discussion forward. Sarah will also be adding additional topic to page the describes similar use case where user may want to "Split" a POL/add new instance reference even though it is not a package or not becoming a package per se.

Dennis Bridges need to create a feature. 

Aaron Neslin  working on it

60Orders: Move PO line accordion


Orders UI: For ongoing orders we usually have to scroll down while viewing the PO Details screen to see the title information since there is an additional accordion section for ongoing orders.  Could we discuss whether the layout could accommodate seeing the PO line titles further up since titles are such a critical data element when looking at orders?  Maybe this is more challenging for institutions that have multiple PO lines, but for those with one PO line per order this could be a valuable user experience improvement.

Title sometimes appears below the fold which makes it difficult to find. Adding multiple notes to the PO accordion pushes the POL accordion down even further. Some users will increase font size (Zoom in) which also pushes the POL accordion off of the screen.


Julie Brannon  Duke University

If the notes were to be collapsed by default with only one showing it would be helpful to include a bubble that shows how many there are. 

Bill to and Ship to can also be very long and could be truncated by default or something like that.

On-going order information could potentially be shifted down. The subscription field would need to be kept near the top. It is key information for ongoing orders and should not appear below POLs

PO summary could be collapsed into the PO accordion to save space.

Dennis Bridges need to review with Kimie Kester 

61Receiving: Receiving title are not removed when package POL instance links are changed


The only way to remove Receiving titles is to delete the POL. With Package POLs you may need to clean up the receiving titles but not want to remove the POL.

Titles can even be linked in error and there is no way to correct that without deleting the entire POL.

There are circumstances where we want to keep the receiving record and some when the user does not want to keep it.

May have originally ordered a specific version from Amazon as a rush. Circumstances change but user wants to keep the order history so it can be communicated to the requester. In this case the Receiving title would need to be removed and the more relevant instance connected.

July 15, 2022Sara Colglazier

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for review. need to consult devs about ability to remove R Titles. 

62Order templates


To speed up order template creation, it would be helpful to have these two options:

  1. Duplicate an existing order template
    1. This is likely the most common while setting up or implementing FOLIO for the first time.
  2. Create an order template based on a specific order (while viewing a specific order, the ability to set the default values for a new order template based on the values in the order).
    1. This might be more common/useful after using FOLIO for a while. Users realize they are making certain customizations to orders a lot and would like to be able to create from order.

Group offered a number of use cases for making small changes to templates. Duplicate was the preferred approach.

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for Duplicate template and separate JIRA for create template from order at lower priority.

Jira Ticket UIOR-1056 - Getting issue details... STATUS created and presented to Thunderjet for duplicating existing template

63Receipt status for withdrawn items


When libraries withdraw and delete resources from the library system, they will delete items/holdings/instances in Inventory. The order and receiving record will stay in the system, but needs a status "withdrawn" (or similar), so that the system user knows this has been part of the libraries holdings, but is no more.

Use case:

  1. Book was lost by patron, and a replacement can't be found.
  2. New edition came out and we wanted to withdraw the earlier edition and get the new ed. to replace it.
  3. Auditors may look up orders to track payment and status of items. Clear identification that they have been withdrawn would be helpful.
  4. We also report withdrawn item - it is usually just a count. It is part of a report where you have number physical items, items added, and items withdrawn.
  5. Copies at textbook collection are heavily used and damaged and have to be replaced (by copies of the same or a later edition).


Martina Schildt 

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for capturing item has been withdrawn in piece record. There is a status in inventory for item, this should potentially update the piece data point. Allow piece/order to be filterable.

UIREC-273 - Getting issue details... STATUS

review proposed solution 

64Receiving against closed POs.


Prior to the end of our fiscal year, we closed all paid POs, so that they wouldn't re-encumber on rollover. Now we are receiving the pieces. For our monographs, this is working fine. The POL Receiving workflow was set to "Synchronized order and receipt quantity" and when the item is received, the POL Receipt Status does get updated to "Fully Received" and the PO remains closed. But for some individual series volume orders (which are one-time orders), the orders staff coded them as "Independent order and receipt quantity." Now staff are creating the piece(s) to be received and receiving it (them). This is creating two problems: 1.--the Receipt Status becomes "Partially Received" but there is nothing else to be received. 2.--the PO reopens (ack, ack, ack)! We can go to the POL, edit and change the status to "Fully Received" and this will close the PO again, but we would prefer to have the PO remain in a closed state.

Dennis suggested on Slack: It’s the change in status that triggers the PO workflow status to change. Perhaps the receipt status should not be updated  when receiving pieces against a closed order. OR the only update made should be to “Fully received” which would close the order if it wasn’t already closed. We like the second. We are using the "Awaiting Receipt" Status to track items to be received, so we wouldn't want to leave the POL in an Awaiting Receipt status.

Requirement: The PO does not reopen when receipt continues against a closed PO. This was found in Lotus. We believe it is the Adding and receiving of a new piece after order was closed that confuses the system and changes the receipt status and opens the PO.


Dennis Bridges to retest in current release and create JIRA bug.

65Add "Created by" filter to Invoices 


We do not currently use Acquisitions Units, but we do have several departments creating invoices (one-time vs. ongoing). Normally these are all approved by one person, but when that individual is out of the office the invoices are approved within each department. We are looking for a way to filter the invoices so that departmental approvers only see those invoices that are relevant to them. As there are a limited number of users generating invoices, having a "Created by" filter (just like in the orders app) would be of benefit.

As an invoicing users it would be beneficial to be able to filter invoices based on the ones I created
As an invoice approver, I approve invoices created by users in my department. Being able to sort by "created by" would allow me to focus on invoices I need to approve.


Dennis Bridges to create a story for implementing filter by invoice "Created by".

Aaron Neslin   UINV-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS

66Order templates: View hidden fields while editing an order


Update 11/1/22:  We can now see the Action menu option "Show hidden fields" while in edit mode, so this topic is resolved.

Orders: In Lotus we can't view hidden fields while in Edit mode for an order that was created using a template that hides fields. We're concerned that if we hide a field and later need to adjust the value that was set in the template we won't have a way to edit the value on the order.


No discussion required - resolved.
67Order templates: Hide tags


We love the new hidden fields options in Settings > Orders > Order templates.  We'd like to hide tags and wondered why the PO Tags and POL Tags and aren't "hideable"? Could we add that functionality in the future?

Note: The tags functionality can be hidden completely across all of FOLIO if it is not needed in any application.

Desire the ability to disable tags in the order and order line such that users are not able to apply them to orders. Tags are currently difficult to manage and we would like to prevent users from making a mess now that could be difficult to clean up in the future.


Question: Are other libraries interested in hiding tags from the orders interface but not other applications?

Create a feature for allowing users to hide tags from orders and order lines. It would be logical to incorporate this into the hidden fields functionality of the order template.

68Receiving: Don't display "Receipt not required" orders


We're wondering why records display in the Receiving app for orders that are created with a Receipt status = "Receipt not required"?  We're not seeing anything in the receiving app record to indicate that the order is a "Receipt not required" order, so they wouldn't know from the Receiving app that this order was set to "Receipt not required."

Use cases for packages:

  • We also use packages for some print "packages," but in those cases we do link the inventory records to the package.
  • Regarding packages, Mich State has asked for the linked POLS to display within the package.  We don't create inventory records for most electronic resources.
  • Our Package POLs are what we use for Print Approval plans and others in the 5C are for Gifts …. so not just for electronic resources


When a POL has a receipt status of "Receipt not required" the Receiving title should be hidden from the result list.

Note: currently this is the only place you can see package POL titles. Not able to search POL by package title. 

Dennis Bridges need to create story for not displaying title with POL receipt status "Receipt not required" by default. Package POL titles can be marked as "Receipt not required" but users still want to find them.

69Orders: Configure whether material type is required


Orders:  We'd like to make material type required for electronic order types so that users don't accidentally skip that field and it's important for tracking/reporting.  Could that be configured by each institution in Settings > Orders so that institutions can decide whether to require material type based on order format (physical, electronic, P/E mix, other)?

Capturing things like annual access fee for reporting purposes only clutter the "Item material type" list.

We have discussed implementing a orders specific material type. If you see that as a more complete solution please comment on this Feature UXPROD-2455 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Will focus priority on implementing Please comment on this story regarding your institution's priority so it can move up the queue.
70Orders: API for third party vendors


We'd like to explore what other providers we could set up API's for - specifically, Kanopy and Amazon.

Lisa Smith 

Mich State

Dennis Bridges to create a page for desired integration in the acquisitions wiki. Reveiw this page as a group and add information about the type of integration, data exchange needed etc. I will make sure Kanopy and Amazon are on that list. (Done) SEE:

71Invoices: Display of fund not always available without scrolling to the right


When approving invoices if the description is long I need to scroll right to view funds.  Far better would be to move the fund next to the POL number or allow for customization of displays.

The description is not something we want to completely remove. However, it can be unnecessarily long and could be truncated or wrapped at 30-50 characters. (group seems to favor truncation)

Allowing users to adjust the order of the columns would be another desirable solution if it persists at least for a session. Ie. it is persisted as you move from one invoice to the next.

Other Fields users are often scrolling to see: Total price, PO status.

Scott Perry UChicago

Lisa Smith 

Mich State

Dennis Bridges to discuss with design team and create a JIRA issue for proposed solution.

72Orders: warning before opening POL with unassigned funds


It would be nice to have a warning coming up when you want to open a POL and there is still an amount remaining to be distributed in the fund distribution. The warning could be something like: “There is still a remaining amount to be distributed. Do you really want to open this order?”
There are (probably) a few use cases where opening a POL like that makes sense, but I would assume that in most cases you might just forget to assign a fund to the order. Therefore the warning would be great.

User can forget to add a Fund code even though they want to add one. Ultimately this is not identified until point of invoice and users need to go back and edit the POL (Which has cause issues with approvals in past).

  • Even when an order is created with a cost of 0 it can be important to include a Fund code.
  • For a gift order there is ultimately no cost at all and generally, it does not make sense to include a fund code for those orders.


Sven Thomsen 

Suggested approach is to present a confirmation modal when trying to open an order that has one or more POL with no Fund code.

There could be libraries that are not using the finance module and in these circumstances, every order would require extra confirmation. This function should be opt-in and adjustable in settings.

Dennis Bridges to create a JIRA.

writeup MODORDERS-917 - Getting issue details... STATUS

issue addresses pt1 

Discuss pt2, prompting for a fund for a gift

73Display currency on Fiscal Year and Budget


Could we consider displaying the currency associated with a Fiscal year record and also display currency on the budget?  Currently, we can only see the currency on the Fund detail pane. This came up because Molly Driscoll noticed some odd behavior when the snapshot environment tenant currency was changed from USD to PLN. 

  • When she created a new POL, the currency was PLN --> this was expected based on the tenant currency.
  • When she opened the order, the encumbrance was still reflected in USD with a converted value --> this was unexpected because the tenant currency was PLN and the currency value on the fund was PLN.

Dennis explained that "in some places on the order we show currency based on "currency setting" in tenant settings. However, transactions are converted based on the budget currency. Which is set based on the fiscal year currency. The fiscal year currency is set based on the currency setting when the fiscal year is created." When she looked at the JSON for the fiscal year, I could see that the fiscal year currency was, in fact, USD, which accounted for the converted encumbrance.

Molly brought this to my attention to request that documentation be updated to explain this expected behavior, but I think it would also help if users could view the currency value assigned to a Fiscal Year and to a budget to help troubleshoot in the event that they change their default currency in Tenant > Settings. Currently, the currency value is displayed only at the Fund level. 


Dennis Bridges to create JIRA to add currency setting to UI for all records that store a currency setting OR display currency values. 

Could be a bug in UI that allows Budget (FUND) to show currency based on tenant setting rather than fiscal year currency.

MODFIN-326 - Getting issue details... STATUS

74Renewals integration (EBSCONET)


Could Publisher Cancellation Policy received from the EBSCONET Renewal Integration flow into the e-resource agreement line(s)?

Here’s a typical cancellation policy: Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations not accepted after fifteen issues have been served


This was discussed on Apr 25, 2023 and the group did not express any concerns about populating this data. No one  in attendance seems to have use cases for adding data to agreements apps.

Group would be interested in a Demo of Integration.

Aaron please feel free to add more details regarding a use case here. This was mentioned to me by Anne Campbell and I'd like to discuss with the group.

75Add Accession number during receiving


An Accession number is not infrequently assigned during the Receiving process. It would be helpful if the accession number could be entered during receiving and this information could be transferred to the item, just like the call number. In this context, we would also like to discuss the implementation of the number generator currently under development, which would also be valuable in Receiving.

UXPROD-144 exists, however, this is linked to Inventory epic at the moment.

Please inform Martina Tumulla and Björn Muschall when topic will be discussed.

DB Notes:

  • Users are not searching in receiving based on accession number
  • When receiving an item the receiver may need to add a suffix or make other decisions about editing the generated number for the related item
  • The codes are generally built in a way that represents important pieces of information that can be reported on
  • The length of accession numbers will vary but often they are around 13-16 digits
  • Not just alphanumeric there can also be hyphens etc.


Dennis Bridges to add a story for allowing user to input accession number while receiving (receive all view) a record (pattern will follow barcode). User should also be able to use the number generator to input the accession number at point of receipt. 

Aaron Neslin and Martina Tumulla working on it


Aaron Neslinand Martina Tumulla  to collaborate on UIREC-285 - Getting issue details... STATUS

76Delete connected item when piece is deleted from Receiving app


When you delete a receiving record for a withdrawn periodical I would also like the option to delete the item record. As it is, I have to delete both separately and it is a lot of clicking. The receiving record says connected but it doesn't delete the connected item record and vice versa. 

When deleting a piece in the receiving app it is possible that the user wants to remove item as well. Even when item is in a status other than "On-order" or "Order closed".

For a certain journal the library might only keep issues from the current year. All have items for circulation and all would be deleted at the end of the appropriate year. In this case the item deletion must comply with inventory item deletion rules. The actual error message from inventory should be displayed to the user in receiving. Often times libraries will retain the existing holdings in this scenario but they might also remove the holdings.

  • However, If there is an open request on an item the action should be prevented.

I would like to have the choice of deleting a corresponding item, but I can see a time when we would want to delete pieces because of sheer quantity only, but would want to retain items.


Molly Driscoll on behalf of Lisa Hoskins

Lisa Paul Meek Library

Lisa Hoskins

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA that allows user to indicate that they want to remove the item even though the status is no longer "on order" or "order closed".

UIREC-287 - Getting issue details... STATUS

79Receiving and Invoices: clicking on "receive" from a POL can bring up more than one POL


At Chicago, many POs were migrated from earlier systems, so some have very long PO numbers. When clicking on "Receive" from the drop down menu from the POL, a search is initiated by the POL number to bring up the Receiving record. But the search is a keyword string, as opposed to an exact match. As a result, if the string of one POL number is contained in another POL number, this results in multiple results, which is confusing. It would be better to have an exact search to avoid confusion when trying to receive. Example video here: The number "54338" bring ups that POL for receiving but also the POL for "454338."   The search for a POL to add to an invoice line has the same issues.

  • MSU has also noticed this issue with voucher number.
  • Also impacts adding POL to invoice
  • User should be able to add a wildcard to number search if desired


Lisa Smith 

Mich State

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for updating ID number indexes to be exact match but allow wildcards. Story for updating indexes should be reviewed to make sure there are not certain indexes that users believe should not be exact match.

80Provide comparable Invoice line to invoice navigation as POL to PO navigation.


Recently, I went to look at an invoice in our Chicago FOLIO instance. Our Payments unit is scanning an uploading images directly in FOLIO (so awesome!) under Links & Documents on the Invoice.  On the POL, I clicked on the Invoice Line # under "Related Invoice lines. This took me to the invoice line, but not the invoice. When on this page, it's not immediately obvious how to actually view the full invoice (and for me, get to the attached scanned image). I went under the Actions menu, to see if there was a "View Invoice" as there is on the POL to "View PO," but there was nothing. I ended up searching for the invoice to bring it up. My colleague shared with me that if you click the X by invoice line, that will close the line and bring up the invoice, but this isn't at all obvious. Could this have a more intuitive way to navigation from invoice line to invoice (and preferably similar to how it works with PO/POL)?


Kristin Martin 


Dung-Lan Chen 

Dennis Bridges to add JIRA. Invoice should employ the same pattern for navigating between invoice and invoice line as the order app employs on orders tab for order and order line. Invoice should use back arrow. When clicking on invoice hyperlink the invoice should display in result list.

81Enabling the deactivation of obsolete parameter values


At SLUB Dresden, obsolete parameter values are currently deactivated for users to avoid their use. However, the values should still be available for evaluations or administrative tasks. It is proposed that obsolete values of parameters can be deactivated in FOLIO.
It could be implemented, for example, by offering an "inactive" checkbox for each parameter value. The checkbox must be activated manually, to deactivate a value. 

Please inform André Hohmann when the topic will be discussed. 

Use cases:

  • User creates a term for use with certain orders as a more appropriate term does not exist in the list of terms. After a few years the library decides to add additional terms to report more effectively with this data point. Moving forward all relevant records would be given this term and the previously used term would be deprecated.
  • User may search for records that contain a deprecated term in order to update them.
  • When users are creating new records they should not be able to apply deprecated terms via the UI.
    • Ideally it would be possible still to do this through the API as admin users may need to apply these terms when managing data. This may be for troubleshooting or correcting records for audit etc.
  • When users are looking at a list that includes deprecated terms it should be clear which ones are deprecated and which ones are not.
  • User may need to reverse the deprecation of a term and continue to use it. The term might have been deprecated prematurely or by mistake. Or the library may find down the road that the deprecate term should still be one of the options.

DB Notes:

  • Proposing the addition of a status to all controlled vocabularies to allow users to remove them from select lists when the are no longer being used.
  • User would still be able to filter by deprecated terms as their could be records that still reference that term
  • The term would be identified as deprecated in the view of records it is referenced on

Option 1 (This was a possibility but the case of prefix was not the best use case. In the end there actually was a more appropriate workaround using number generator)

  • Implement a default value for prefix and suffix
  • Default would be selected automatically when creating new order

Option 2 (After evaluating both options it seems this is still the preference)

  • Allow the deprecation of values in the prefix controlled vocabulary
  • User would still be able to filter by deprecated terms as their could be records that still reference that term
  • The term would be identified as deprecated in the view of records it is referenced on


André Hohmann, Silvana Kirschner
(SLUB Dresden)

Dennis Bridges to create story for the deprecation of vocabulary terms and review with Crossapp SIG.

82Picklists for country and language


Is it possible to use the DIN standard (ISO-639)?

For language selection in organizations app

The selection should only contain current (living) languages and country names as a selection option in the UI - e.g. Old English would not be used as default language for an organization


Dennis Bridges to create a JIRA for this. Refining the available languages such that only the living languages are shown in the list. Need to confirm with the development team whether this is a more broadly use component or only relevant to acquisitions.

83Export transaction list from Finance


Finance - Villanova University would like to be able to filter and export transaction details from budgets in the Finance app.

  • Use case: Funds are set up by selector and it is helpful for selectors to see exactly what has hit their budget
  • Use case: To identify miss spent money quickly and resolve/balance it

What would be some key use cases for extracting this information?

  • When it is unclear whether an issue may have corrupted budget values it is difficult to review all the transactions on the budget, add them up and verify the balances are correct. Being able to export and do this in excel would be really helpful.

Would you need transactions for only 1 budget at a time?

  • At the end of the fiscal year we need to review all the totals for all budgets and all the activity that happened between the budgets. Having all of these values in all separate screens makes it difficult to impossible to do an accurate comparison.
  • At certain intervals of the year we need to communicate with accounts payable and reconcile discrepancies. This could be hundreds funds and thousands of transactions

What detail from the transaction would you need (ie. Transaction date, Fund code, source, From and To, amount, budget ID, Expense class, Description, tags)?

  • Needing to select each transaction individually for more detail is debilitating and makes further investigation in this area incredibly time consuming. Ideally it would all show in the result list and we could export to excel or csv for further analysis.


Molly Driscoll on behalf of Villanova University 

Sara Colglazier (for 5C)

Dennis Bridges Create a feature to represent this work. Using pattern established in Orders, Receiving etc.

84Specify credential access at the interface level


Organizations - Currently, the ability to view interface credentials is all or nothing with permissions. Villanova University would like to be able specify at the interface level who has access to credentials. For example, for an organization, perhaps everyone can access the reports interface credentials, but only acquisitions managers should be able to access invoice/payment portal interface credentials for that same organization.

Use cases:

  • May want to restrict the credentials for specific interfaces (Payment portals or something with more restricted licensing) some of these portals contain more sensitive information than others. Generally those are stored other places.
  • For Multi-institution organizations this would also be true. That certain organizations would have only certain people that should be able to see the confidential information. Particularly because organization are not just vendor organization
    • Suggestion: Might be helpful to limit access by interface type
  • On an org that is not a vendor there could be a set of dropbox credentials etc. In some cases libraries might create an organization record for themselves and capture the creds for certain tools here.
    • Platforms are also created as organizations and creds associated with them can be more sensitive
  • Given that people can leave jobs etc. it is less desirable to hide the entire interface. Users may not need to know the interface but there is no reason to hide them either, so hiding only what needs to be hidden would be the preference.


Molly Driscoll on behalf of Villanova University

DB: Note: there are permissions for managing visibility of user name and password:

  • Organizations: Interface usernames and passwords: view
  • Organizations: Interface usernames and passwords: view, edit, create, delete

Seems we should discuss use cases that these permission do not cover.

Discussion revealed that Dennis Bridges could create a story for restrict access based on Interface (Possibly by type or with acq unit etc.) 

85Configuration to enforce entry of lock total


Invoices - Villanova University would like a configuration added to Invoice settings to force entry of a lock total amount on all invoice records.


Molly Driscoll on behalf of Villanova University

Discussed 2022-03-08 Acquisitions Meeting notes and a JIRA has been created for implementation
86Invoice Templates


Invoices – it would be very helpful to have Invoice Templates like for Orders. We key in far more Invoices than we EDI them in. Templates would save us time, clicking/entry, and help us not forget to toggle on or off certain things.


A feature has been created for this work UXPROD-2374 - Getting issue details... STATUS please add any additional use cases comments or questions to that feature so we can continue the discussion there.

87Display Vendor Name (Code) (as well as Vendor Invoice # – see above #56 – on Invoice Line


Invoices – It would be helpful to have the Header on an Invoice Line display not just "View invoice line - 1" etc but also who the Vendor is (Name with Code in paren following) & what the Vendor Invoice Number is. Otherwise one has to click back to the Invoice itself to orient oneself. Or, depending on how one got to the Invoice in the first place, drag the 3rd pane smaller again to maybe see if the info is in the middle/2nd pane, which it is not necessarily, or obviously, available depending. E.g., Not Obvious:

OR just not there (in the middle pane–so one has to X out of the invoice line):

and if I do that I had better remember what my invoice line or title was to be able then to get back to it again:


One: Dennis Bridges to update UINV-447 - Getting issue details... STATUS so it also covers Vendor code and the invoice line number in the subheading of the invoice line view pane.

Second story: Hyperlink from order to invoice line should behave like hyperlik from invoice to order line (When hyperlinked record is displayed the search results pane should show the parent record selected.

88Display Vendor (Name with Code) in Order Line Header along with POL # (akin to #87 above)


When I am in the Order Line, I do not know with what Vendor I have placed the/an Order. (The Material supplier in the Physical or Electronic resource detail accordion is not necessarily the same! and even when it is, the info is not where it is needed.) ... So if I do a Order Line Search by Title, I have to X out of my result to see with whom I have the title on order, and in some cases, if my search has multiple results, I have to click on one after the other and each time out from the POL view (not a perfect example, but mostly so):

>>> to the POL view >>> Material Supplier NOT our Vendor Name/Code 

and so to see that I need to now Click on Actions & then Click on View PO ... which will take me to the PO, but then I will have lost my initial search & results:

Preference:  Have the details appear in the header of the POL rather than in the body under a "Vendor information" accordion.


Dennis Bridges to create JIRA Third story: Add vendor code to Vendor information accordion on POL header as it currently does not display in result list OR view pane of POL.

  • User would like to display PO and POL number, Vendor Code and Title as this information is frequently referenced while working on the record.

89Export organization records to CSV


In light of other developments to the export of acquisitions information under UXPROD-2665 - Getting issue details... STATUS , I have had several libraries ask about the ability to export organization information to a CSV file to support periodic review of contacts, interfaces, and account information.

It's also been noted that in other apps supporting export to CSV, notes added via the Notes app are not included in export. This may be a larger discussion, but I wanted to at least raise it here to facilitate that conversation wherever it ultimately needs to happen.


Molly Driscoll 

Related feature is UXPROD-4164 - Getting issue details... STATUS which would probably satisfy these requirements but may not be the ideal workflow. I recommend we revisit this requirement when that feature is reviewed with the group.


Be able to Filter in Invoices on Batch File Status and with that re: the  Date (called Batch File Name) 


I need to be able to distinguish between what invoices have been marked for 'Export to accounting'–which is a filter–with our 'Batch Group'–also able to be filtered on–from those that have already been exported and which ones have not. Once they have been exported then the accordion 'Voucher export details' gets added to the Invoice and includes that it was Uploaded under Batch file status and when that occurred under Batch file name. If I could filter by those two fields then I could figure out what Invoices marked for Export to accounting in my Batch Group had NOT yet been actually exported.

Concerns summary:

  1. Identify what invoices that WILL be included in the next Batch voucher export run.
    1. Can be done today but because the date range is a "day" this filter could include invoices that were actually exported already.
      1. Ideally there is a filter to "Exported" so i can exclude anything that has already been included on a batch file.


Sara Colglazier

(MHC/5C) (see also #102 below) 

Julie Brannon Duke University (this is similar to issue #12 on the archive page - need a way to preview a voucher run)

Dennis Bridges to create a JIRA for adding a filter that clearly identifies invoices that have been exported or invoices that have not been exported. Eg. has batch file name or does not have batch file name.

91Invenvtory: adding additional acquisition data in the item record


To have a quick overview of frequently needed information and to avoid of "jumping" between multiple apps, it is desired to have additional acquisition data displayed in the "acquisition" accordion of the item record. Requested are:

  • Cost
  • Acquisition method
  • Organization code (extension by supplier name and linking to the respective data record)
  • Fund

Use case:

User looses item (Ie. a physical item) and needs to know how much they will need to pay for it. Ideally this cost data would be an accurate cost for the item from the invoice app
NDA's generally only apply to the cost of electronic packages so displaying this information would not be possible but for physical items it is not a problem
There are special funds that have restrictions that could complicate replacing the material. Helpful to show but not necessary to have it appear there.
Users in inventory may edit this cost field manually when an accurate cost is not available in acquisitions. (Talk to metadata)

  • Cost could be used to communicate a replacement fee to the patron for a lost item
  • In some cases there was a flat fee for replacing items. It was also possible to input a specific cost for replacement based on what was actually paid (invoice cost)
    • Not all things have related invoices. They might have been migrated in 100 years ago or they might be gifts and there is no invoice record.
    • Replacement fee does not necessarily directly related to the material type. There could be a large gap between saxophone and cowbell but they are both musical instruments.
    • When there is no cost and the item is Older staff will check value on amazon to verify the current price and determine the replacement fee.
  • Circulation staff is not always able to spend time verifying prices, so it is helpful to have SOME KIND OF PRICE in the system, even if it is not exactly current or based on the estimated cost not the invoice cost
  • When there are multiple items users in some systems will manually adjust the per item cost


Sven Thomsen 
UB Leipzig

André Hohmann SLUB Dresden

92Finance: Expended amount minus credits


We would like to see an amount in Finance that shows what has been expended without the inclusion of credits. For e.g.: We had a fund where we had a large credit of ($161,359.41). We processed a number of payments to spend down this amount. At the end of it, you cannot tell that this even happened from the Budget Summary screen. It only looks like we’ve spent $1,532.10. You must click into “View transactions” to see the individual transaction list. If you wanted to get the total amount of what has been spent (without credits) from there, you would then have to add up all those transactions manually.



We would like to see the "absolute expenditure" (not including credits). This is important when large credits are processed from previous years. 


Okay Okonkwo & Kimberly Pamplin, Texas A&M

Sara Colglazier 
(for 5C/MHC)

Dennis Bridges to create a story (DONE) to add credit summary to the financial activity part of the table. Expended can show ONLY payment transaction summary and Credit would show ONLY credit summary. Other values would be unchanged.

See UXPROD-4390 - Getting issue details... STATUS

93Order Format/Holdings Type


In the Holdings record, the format can be set. It can be electronic or physical. In the Order line, the Order Format can be set. Can this value be transferred to the Holdings record format (if one is creating a Holdings Record in Inventory using the Create Inventory Function? That way:

Note: Currently the holdings type field IS NOT populated with a value when the holding is created by the holdings app. This is problematic because it is difficult to identify these holdings and clean the up

Electronic Resource Order Format = Electronic Holdings Type

Physical Resource Order Format = Physical Holdings Type

What to do if the order format is mixed (P/E Mix) = Physical Holdings Type (User would need to manually adjust holdings as desired as they currently do)

What to do if the order format is other (Other) = Physical Holdings Type (These might be an edge case as generally format other is used with a create inventory setting that does not include holding or item.)

Note: Holdings type is a configurable field so in order for the application to set this field we likely need specific mappings

Allowing an area in settings where users could select a corresponding Holdings type for each available order format would provide the necessary flexibility for libraries that want to use this functionality in a particular way. 

Being able to map a default value could be a short term win to allow these holdings to be identified post order more easily and corrected.

Otherwise just allowing user to specify the holdings type per order line would account for more of the possible complexity.


Kristin Martin University of Chicago

Dennis Bridges to create a JIRA for setting specific holdings type per order line. Ideally this would allow control by Template as well.

Priority of this issue is not high. 

94Editable fields in the open PO/POL


Could we in general review and understand what fields are editable in a PO that is open and why? Thinking about this list of fields in the Order: Acquisitions Orders Module. Some fields can still be edited in open orders; others can't. Unopening/reopening POs can be problematic, as it impacts Receiving and the connection to Inventory, so we don't like to do that. While we understand that some fields drive workflows and really shouldn't/couldn't be edited on open POs, there are other specific fields in the POL we would like to be able to edit:

  • Donor
  • Selector
  • Check/uncheck Rush box
  • Vendor Account Number
  • Instructions to Vendor
  • Requestor
  • Subscription to
  • Subscription Interval

Are there other fields other libraries would like to be editable? Happy to make this a broad discussion.


Vendor account number

  • Often vendors will change your account number (Assign you a different account number) 
  • I had a gobi order this week I needed to change the account # on  to reflect it was now a UK order. Everything was the same, but who Gobi was getting it from meant the account # needed to be updated.
  • Processor may assign the wrong account number when creating the order
  • The account number is often review when the invoice is paid, to be sure the payment is attributed to the correct account. Being able to correct the number on the invoice is helpful but because users look at the order when paying they risk making the mistake if the order can not be updated.
    • We would not expect the order to re-export when the account number is changed. Users should need to actively trigger re-export (The same goes for Instructions to Vendor)
  • Added by Kimberly Pamplin, 7/3/2023 - Sometimes orders change vendors. While you can change the vendor without unopening an order, it looks like FOLIO defaults the order line to using the first account number associated with the vendor. This is true even if the first account listed is inactive. Would want to be able to select the appropriate number without having to unopen order.


Kristin Martin 

University of Chicago


Lafayette College (specifically the Selector field)

Sara Colglazier (MH\5C): at the PO level the Subscription Note & other Ongoing Order Information AND when it is not Linked to Inventory then I should be able to edit any and all Title related info

Kimberly Pamplin - (TAMU) Especially problematic for ongoing orders for us. (Specifically date fields and Vendor Account # for us.)

Julie Brannon Duke University

Kimberly Smith 

Subscription Dates, specifically dealing with streaming video leases

Dennis Bridges to create a feature for making these fields editable according to the use here.

95Update Org search plugin 


When creating a new PO or adding a new Invoice and doing an 'Organization look-up', the 'Search & filter' options not match those in the Organizations app.  Can we update the plugins to sync the too?
2023/01/31Corrie Hutchinson 
Story has been created and implementation is complete
96Add option to indicate fund on a preset, not pro-rated adjustment


When creating a pre-set adjustment in Settings > Invoices > Adjustments, it would be great to be able to specify a default fund for an adjustment that is not pro-rated. An example would be a shipping/postage adjustment that always needs to come out of a specific postage fund.

Currently there is no place to select the fund, so it must be manually applied on each invoice:


Molly Driscoll on behalf of Josh Roberts (University of the Arts)

There were not enough members of the group in attendance that could speak to this issue.

Some non-prorated preset adjustments at the invoice level are used for shipping and tax which are often paid out of specific funds. Ideally the 'pre-set' could include one or more fund ids and distribution details. Dennis Bridges to create JIRA issue.

97FOLIO invoice id vs. vendor invoice #


On Purchase Order screen, under "Related invoices" segment where invoices are listed, the first column is named "Invoice #" when the value displayed is actually FOLIO invoice id, not the actual vendor invoice # which does appear under the fourth column with a precise name "Vendor invoice number" (see attached screenshot).   It's a bit misleading the heading of the first column to be "invoice #" when it's not the actual invoice # from vendor that most acquisitions staff refer to and use on regular basis.   Wondering if it makes sense to re-label the heading of the first column to something else such as "FOLIO invoice id" or "FOLIO invoice reference #" to convey what the data really represents and to reduce confusion?!


  • The hyperlink to the invoice is necessary
  • The "FOLIO invoice number" is not valuable to users that are navigating related invoices. Ideally this would just be replaced by the Vendor invoice number and hold the hyperlink.

Dung-Lan Chen 

Skidmore College

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA issue for this update.

98Orders: Add "Receiving workflow" as filter and export to .csv


The POL "Receiving workflow" field isn't included as a POL filter or included in the Actions > Export results (CSV) file. 

  • Troubleshooting and reporting would be easier if this field were included in one or both places within the Orders app..
  • Use case: User is trying to resolve issues with orders that are of a certain workflow

Ideally also able to filter by order type when searching POLs. The limited ability to combine order and order line filters forces libraries to export order information and continue filtering in the spreadsheet.

  • When search is possible in the FOLIO UI it is easy to share the results with other users etc. and get their help resolving issues.

From Julie at Duke:  While we're looking at this, should we also consider adding the "Receiving workflow" as a filter in the Receiving app or is it sufficient to just include it on the POL as a filter?


Kristin Martin University of Chicago

Julie Brannon Duke University

Dung-Lan Chen Skidmore College

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA issues for adding filters. This issue should potentially be link to desired design exercise that seeks to combine the search capability of PO and POL into one search.

99Building invoices from smaller vendors: embedded MARC


UXPROD-663 - Getting issue details... STATUS is about building invoices from embedded MARC. This is functionality we've been waiting on, because we are using an external tool with Google scripts which is not a good long term solution and has limitations. EDI invoicing will be helpful, but we have many smaller vendors/approval plans where the vendor can't supply EDI, and we are not staffed to manually enter these invoices. Could we get an update on when this will be scheduled? And what are other libraries doing without this functionality?

Other libraries like GBV are also interested in other formats like XML (They are using PICA XML) for creating invoices as EDI is not always possible. Standardized common formats for electronic invoices in Germany are XRechnung and ZUGFeRD. They mainly affect financial systems but it is important for German libraries that FOLIO will support invoice import not only for EDI but also for different formats.


Kristin Martin 

University of Chicago

Julie Brannon Duke University

Group has decided to invite Ann-Marie Breaux to join discussion and work through use cases to make sure all necessary features are created. There will be a discussion on this at WOLFcon 2023



Viewing a PO in Orders app → looking at related invoice lines accordeon: Would be useful to show start and end of subscription as part of the table; should display the calculation period which is recorded in the Invoice Line

Goal: allocate piece and invoice line


After reviewing these details we decided to include subscription information as well to  the scope of UIOR-1131 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Martina Schildt please review the story created and confirm that it has addressed the concerns you raised here. thanks!

101Invoices: View associated budget


The Finance app has a way to navigate from the budget to an invoice (via the transaction log), but there is no reference in the opposite direction. It would be nice if it were possible to see (and even navigate to) what budget an invoice was paid on to determine what fiscal year the invoice belongs too. It would also be useful to be able to filter on this when searching in the Invoices app.

Note: This would be very similar to the way that Nolana invoice lines link out to encumbrance transactions in Finance.


Julie Brannon Duke University

Dennis Bridges  to review and create stories. Now that FY is shown on the Invoice as of Poppy we just need to review the export and PO invoice details. Add invoice Fiscal year to invoice csv export details. AND display the Fiscal year of the invoice and invoice, in the related invoice accordion. DONE UIOR-1131 - Getting issue details... STATUS and UINV-492 - Getting issue details... STATUS created to track implementation.

102Invoices: if Voucher Export is run withOUT a server to Upload to then download is possible but Batch file status displays as Error  


With UXPROD3600 (Morning Glory) one can now manage Voucher Export without needing access to Settings–which is great!! BUT since FOLIO is unable to upload to a secure ftp server (just yet?!) and our College will not provide us access to anything but a secure server, we run the Voucher Export and then download the file and "manually" handle the rest ... So far so good as far as being able to get Invoices/Vouchers to our College's AP department to be paid. HOWEVER, the Batch file status displays as Error, which is really confusing, because it makes it seem like we were not able to get the Invoices/Vouchers out to transfer to AP.


Could there be a third option, Error or Failed, for when it truly failed; Uploaded for when it successfully uploaded to a server; and then something (Batched ??) for when a Batch file was created that is available for download/export but not also uploaded anywhere.

Seeing Error in Voucher export details on Invoices is especially confusing.


Julie Brannon Duke University

103Invoices: No duplicate warning when set to Approve/Pay


When an invoice duplicates on vendor, invoice date, and invoice number, a duplicate modal will pop up. Currently (in Nolana) this occurs when an invoice is created, edited, or approved. When the setting "Approve and pay in one click" is active, however, it seems that this modal is bypassed. Since approve is part of this process, it seems like the behavior should be consistent with approving and cause the modal to appear.

When using "approve and pay" the duplicate check is not being executed


Sara Colglazier 

Dennis Bridges to create a bug for this issue. RCA might just be missing requirement but it's expected to be the same behavior.

104Invoices: Navigating invoice lines


When reviewing invoices and needing to see a more detailed view, it would be helpful if one could navigate back and forth between invoice lines without having to close back out to the main invoice page and reselect a new line. So while on line 2 clicking backward (or previous) would take me to line 1 and forward (or next) would take me to line 3. Visually this might resemble the "Previous" and "Next" buttons used to navigate order searches with more than 50 results. This would save clicks and make the review process more efficient. 

In addition, it might be useful to have a placeholder indicator to inform you of the line you just closed out of. (Perhaps the line stays highlighted in blue?). Even though closing out of an invoice line will bounce the line to the top (unless you hit back button in browser, in which case this does not work!), a visual clue might be helpful if possible to remind the user where they are at. This is particularly so on longer invoices.

Use case: The user is reviewing invoice that was generated via EDI and has multiple lines. The user may or may not need to edit the line. When editing some prefer to navigate back to the line on save and some circumstances you may want to navigate back to the invoice. When taking you back to the invoice it would be nice if it was clear which one you just updated.

Note: The pattern used for selecting invoice lines should be updated to the most recent pattern used in search result pane.


Sara Colglazier 
Jenna Lanterman (5C/Amherst)

Julie Brannon Duke University

Dennis Bridges to create JIRA for adding "Next previous" navigation to invoice line view pane AND another story for adding it to the POL view pane. Kimie and Gill may already have a pattern that will work for the issues of where to take the user after they click "Save & close", alternative to have multiple buttons.

105Orders → Search for POLs in search and filter pane via instance HRID?


Are there any plans to make the HRID of the linked inventory entity searchable? The POL should be able to easily access this via the UUID link. If the POL is linked to an instance, the search for the instance HRID would be possible automatically. If you also link the Holdings with the POL, you can also search for Holdings-HRID.

Use selects index and executes a search for the POL based on either Instance HIRD or Holdings HRID. In the case of a package POL there might be multiple HRIDs that would return the POL.


Dennis Bridges  to create JIRA for adding these two search indexes to the POL search area. These may only be possible by changing the search technology used by the orders app. If so this ticket should be linked to the feature for converting orders search to elastic search.

106Orders/Invoices: Automatic Slashes for Dates


Is there any way it would be possible to have the slashes in date fields automatically input when typing? This is a very minor thing, but between orders and invoices I find myself putting in a lot of dates. It would make things faster if the markings between were automatically added.

Some examples:

Orders - Renewal date, Subscription from, Subscription to, Using any of the date filters.

Invoices - Invoice date, Subscription start date, Subscription end date, Using any of the date filters.


Stripes issue created to address this FOLIO wide STCOM-1160 - Getting issue details... STATUS

107Add "Reporting Code" field to Invoice and Purchase Orders


Lehigh would be interested in a functionality that adds a Reporting Code (similar to Method of Acquisition) that helps track non-Acq. related data points

(eg. "DEIA Shelf Project")

This should be report-able via LDP. And uses vocabulary that we can edit.

There is an ask from the reporting group to identify things that are bough for specific projects. These projects span multiple projects. The amounts need to be as accurate as possible to satisfy auditing requirements.
It is the acquisitions staff that enter the code. Generally it is the ordering librarian that is responsible for attributing the reporting code.
For institutions that rely on this field, the field would ideally be a required field.


  1. Would these need to be applied to Orders AND Invoices? Any other acq records? Yes, this value should be added to the order and then carry over to the invoice(s)
  2. Would this need to be a multi-select. Ie. have the ability to apply more than one Reporting code to a given record. Yes, there could be varying levels of specificity for codes.
  3. Would codes potentially need to be deprecated over time? Should each code have a status and only allow users to apply active codes to records? Yes, there are one-time projects that last short periods of time. For auditing purposes we need to keep these values around but users would no longer be applying them to new orders/invoices.

Note: Even though this code is identified at point of order there could be reporting benefits to having it be inherited by invoice AND transactions (Encumbrance, payment, credit).

Ask Owen to provide review of supplementary properties and confirm whether any of that work could be reused to address this issue. Could be an alternative to using custom fields or enhancing tags.

Dennis Bridges to start wiki page that explores pros and cons of multiple approaches. 1 use custom fields, 2 enhance tags, 3 add specific controlled vocabulary to order and invoice.

108Reverse Actions order in Organizations Notes


The Actions menu for notes in the Organizations app has the actions listed in reverse order from other Actions menu lists.

Normally "Edit" comes before "Delete," but in the Notes "Delete" comes first.

This is very low priority, but, it seems like it should be consistent with other menus. (We are still in Lotus at present, but this also appears to be the case in the Orchid BugFest environment.) 


Julie Brannon Duke University

109Add Subscription start/end dates to the POL Related Invoice Lines


It would be very helpful and time saving if the Subscription start and end dates could be included in the "Related invoice lines" section of the POL.  When checking subscription payments attached to the POL, we need to see what period of time each individual invoice paid for.  I'm happy the comment field displays, because that is where we record what vols were paid for on standing order invoices.  We need the same display for our subscriptions.

If space/scrolling is an issue, could the vendor name be replaced with vendor code?  And maybe the vendor invoice number could be abbreviated a bit to Vendor Inv#,  Inv Line #, etc.

Note this is related to topic 101.


Lisa Smith 

Michigan State Univ

Beverly Geckle 

MTSU - Exactly!

Kimberly Pamplin TAMU

Done UIOR-1131 - Getting issue details... STATUS created to track updates UINV-492 - Getting issue details... STATUS

110Deleting acquisition units


As long as no user is assigned to an acquistion unit I can delete the unit. I created a unit called "test" and deleted it afterwards. I can't recreate this unit - or create a unit of the same name. If I try this message shows up:  Acquisition unit "test" already exists
Is this a bug?

Right now the only thing stopping me from deleting a unit is having at least one user assigned to it. I can even delete a unit that was used in creating an order. After deletion all data in relation to orders used with this acqusition unit becomes inaccessible.
I think it is way more important to not allow the deletion of an acqusition unit as long as a unit was used in creating an order.


Sven Thomsen 

111Widgets in Dashboard for Acq Apps


Are there plans to create widgets for acquisitions apps in the Dashboard? I could see this being really helpful with Orders or Invoice information. The specific case I can think of currently would be filtering based on the "Subscription To" date in Orders to let me know when our ongoing direct orders are due for renewal. Or maybe the ability to filter on dates in Invoices to approximate when ongoing orders should be paid by in the following year. 


Kimberly Smith 

Suzanne Mangrum Martina Schildt : the Bienenvolk development team is starting to extend the Dashboard functionality to add an ACQ related widget - would be good to have Owen Stephensas PO attend this discussion.

112Retro fit a POL as a Package and/or add POL to Open Ongoing Order to handle Name Change (other instances)


Coming out of the discussion re: #59, additional scenarios were surfaced esp. re: Ongoing Orders that were not initially set up as Packages, but later the functionality that a Package POL offers is found to be needed; OR, in the case, for example, of an Ongoing Subscription, the title changes, and so the PO or POL (depending) needs to be able to be attached to two (etc) Instances and their respective Holdings and Items etc.25 April 2023Dung-Lan Chen 

113Orders: Customizable Fields


MAY BE ALREADY COVERED SUFFICIENTLY BY TOPIC # 107 - The Agreements App has the ability to create customized Supplementary properties that are also filterable in search. Something comparative in the Orders App would be really useful in allowing us to track data points specific to our library that get crowded in our note fields and that are difficult to search on.




Organization interface types are currently hardcoded. Universita Degli Studi Di Modena E Reggio Emilia has suggested that we add a new type for "Holdings".

Are there other institutions that would like to see more values added to the list of interface types? Should this be enhanced such that users can added new types as controlled vocabularies in settings?


Universita Degli Studi Di Modena E Reggio Emilia

115Receiving: would like be able to control public display for pieces received in Receiving 


Right now, on the holdings record, there is an open to choose to have pieces display to the public or not, if the pieces are added directly on the holdings record. There is a check box for "Public Display." If a piece is received in receiving, it can be added to the holdings record with the option "Display on holdings," but there is no way to choose to display the piece to the public or not. And pieces connected to receiving can't be edited on the holdings record. We use the "Public Display" to display unbound issues, and then uncheck the box once the pieces are bound together, since access is now through an item record. Because of the lack of ability to control the public display from receiving, we can't receive serial issues in Receiving, but instead receive them directly on the holdings record. We would like to be able to indicate whether a piece should be "Public Display" or not when receiving in Receiving, and then the ability to edit this once those unbound issues are bound.


Kristin Martin , Chicago

Lisa Smith

Mich State

Dung-Lan Chen 

Skidmore College

116Show cancelled icon for cancelled titles in the "Linked Packages" list


The red circle with a slash symbol displays for cancelled titles by the PO number when searching PO, and also by the POL number in the POL accordion.

Could the icon also be displayed in the POL number column for Title or package names in the "Linked Packages" list?  This would be helpful!


Lisa Smith 

Mich State

117Filter by Vendor Account Number


It would be great if POLs could be filtered by Vendor Acct Number. We have multiple accounts with some vendors, eg. EBSCO & GOBI.

23 June 2023

118Orders:  Create PO Line: Physical Resource Details
Create Inventory drop down does not have "Item" as a choice.  This is problematic when ordering replacements or intentional duplicates.  There is no way to only add an item to an existing Holding & Instance.27 June 2023Kimberly Smith  MTSU

119Invoices: Disbursement amount

If a disbursement amount is added to a voucher it should be taken into account in the budget. Currently the disbursement amount has no effect on the budget.

Use Case: Invoice is paid in a different currency, the exact amount differs day by day because of the exchange rate. The disbursement amount is used for the actual payment by the final accounting department. The amount in "total" is the original amount of the POL in the original (foreign) currency.

7 July 2023

Marie Meyer 


120Finance: change presettings for search & filter

We would like the status filter to be set to "active" by default when opening the Finance app. We would like to do this in the ledger tab as well as the group and fund tabs.

19 July 2023

Marie Meyer 


121Orders, Order Lines, Invoices: Add a filter

Could we add Ledger Group as a filter to Orders, Order Lines and Invoices?  This would allow for a way to group transactions that are affecting a whole group rather than just one individual fund.  Alternatively, could the fund code filter function the same as the expense class feature in both order/order lines and invoices. (See differences in images below)


10 Aug 2023

122Method of Acquisitions 
Could we make it so we can delete default Method of Acquisitions in the PO line creation dropdown? It gets in the way of staff UX here at Lehigh. It is unclear if this is adequately handled by UIOR-1140. Reported by Daniel Huang and Maccabee Levine15 Aug 2023

123Receiving App: Fields from Holdings/Item level in piece Information

At the moment there are just some fields from Holdings and Item level in the piece information.

  1. It would be very useful to have more fields from Holdings and Item level in the piece information so that we do not have to go to the Inventory App to fill out the other fields during the receiving process. This would save us a lot of time.

  2. If the fields on Holdings and Item level in the Inventory App are populated afterwards, it should be also possible that these information are also shown in the fields in the piece information.

06 Sept 2023Sabrina Bayer 

124Order App: Changing the vendor does not change Material Supplier in POLs

When changing the vendor in an existing PO, the vendor is not updated in the POLs Material Supplier under Resource Details. 

This happens in all scenarios - open order, reopened order, unopened order. This means staff then have to go into every POL to change the vendor.  

We would always expect the vendor to be changed in the POLs if it is changed at the order level - I know this may not be the case for all libraries.

Perhaps it could be an option when changing the vendor whether or not to change the Material Supplier in all of the POLs.

7 Sept 2023

Susan Newbery 

National Library of Australia

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