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Discussion items





New Tech Council Chair needed 

The TC should elect a new Chair.

No volunteers... (sad)

Mark V nominates Tod - Tod can't take it on right now due to many capacity factors.

Jeremy nominated Mark V - but Mark can't take that on either - workload. Jeremy can't take it on either.

Mike suggests an alternating Chair: Each member assumes running the meeting once every 9 weeks. No opposition! This will be our plan. Jeremy will run next week's meeting.

Who will attend ExecPC and/or attend PC or Present to PC once per month?

  • Tod volunteers to be the liaison to the PC 

April 7 - Jeremy

April 14 - 

April 21 - 

April 28 - 

May 5 - 

May 12 - 

May 19 - 

May 26 - Mark V

Define technical approach to keeping data across apps in syncTC

This is an introduction to the problem outlined in FOLIO-1331 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The community seems to be in need of a standard solution to this problem. Thoughts? Suggest this be added to the list of future topics.

Unified list of expectations relative to testing items that should be part of Definition of DoneAntonDue to scheduling mess up by Mike, Anton's note ready to deliver his recommendation. Will plan for next Wednesday April 7.

Agenda items for future meetingsTC

The following items are agenda topics for future meetings - how to prioritize

Top 3:

  1. Status of Spring Way (can leverage this discussion to determine process for approving new technology
  2. Create a unified list of expectations relative to testing items that should be part of Definition of Done (note Anton Emelianovis preparing a recommendation to be reviewed on 2021-03-31)
  3. Process/details on what is expected and required in order for code to be contributed by a team to FOLIO


  • OK to upgrade our AWS support from "Basic" to "Developer", which would add about $300/month to the FOLIO AWS bill (3% of monthly spend) to address the Confluence problem (painful details are in a comment on FOLIO-2867).  
  • Technical approach to keeping data across apps in sync
  • Guidelines for which modules re part of official releases
  • Tech Debt review (periodic)
  • Definition of Reference/Default Data Types 
  • How to approve new technology that has been asked to be added as "approved" for FOLIO 
  • Technical review of code/system quality 
  • Review of Architectural design process
  • Review of architectural blueprint / potential items
  • Establish and manage a policy around changes that might impact our budget
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