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2021-04-06 Meeting recording (meeting starts at 10:10) 


Marie Widigson

Elizabeth German

Karen Newbery

Andrew Clark

Ann-Marie Breaux

Anya Arnold

@Bennett Ponsford

Christie Thomas

Chulin Meng

Darsi Rueda

Dwayne Swigert

Ian Walls

Jack Mulvaney

Jackie Gottlieb

Jacquie Samples

Janet Ewing

Jay Campbell

Jean M. Pajerek

Kristin Olofsson

Mark Arnold

Mary B Morgan

Michelle Suranofsky

Molly Driscoll

Natascha Owens

Patty Wanninger

Peter Murray

Bob Scheier

Steven Bischof


Discussion items


Discovery demos


  • EDS main discovery
  • RTAC 
  • EDS for my account 
  • Guests are able to login and restricts access to electronic material and can create accounts online. Custom script from EBSCO.   
  • Data flow
  • Slide Deck 


  • VuFind (using since Sirsi and OLE) 
  • Connector piece between FOLIO and VuFind is well built out and configurable such as using human readable ID versus UUID 
  • Weekly - Custom python script ( - temporary while FOLIO builds full export 
  • Daily - OAI-PMH  (without items and holdings data) 
  • Account - Vufind with LDAP and connects with FOLIO 
  • Archivespace connection, adds a finding aid tab 
  • Bounds with still being pulled out of an OLE database 
    • Here's Bound with part 2, currently marked as R2 2021, which would be Jupiter (the last release before the points kick in): UXPROD-1241 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    •  Work on bound with was over and over not being prioritized, and now GBV has stepped up and is funding the back end work (UXPROD-1241). That work is happening for R2 2021. Charlotte Whitt:lemon:  6:05 AM When the back end work is ready, then the work on the UI part is next (UXPROD-2855) - which I hope :crossed_fingers:the libraries will rank really high during the process of casting the 100 point votes 6:05 That will all help this work to move forward.
  • Browzine in link results and details view 
  • Customization will change place request form based upon 
  • Article tab is connected to EDS and will show number of article found (if not logged in or not in IP, the details of the results are not shown) 


  • EDS as discovery with VuFind catalog 
  • Kept two option as 2020 was disruptive enough (smile) 
  • Take request from VuFind and will convert to ILL request (manual process but hasn't created a workload issue, most users like ebooks) 
  • Alphabrowse allows for index searches 
  • Browse by call number drill downs
  • Records loaded every hour using script (locally developed) 
  • Course reserves search module within vufind, integrated with course reserve. 
    • How does this related to e-reserves? Yes, create an item record for e-reserves within FOLIO. Need a barcode and use the HRID as a workaround. 
    • Articles and chapter level 
  • VuFind does give durable links 
  • Authority records? FOLIO not currently supporting authority control and considering building this outside of FOLIO and load into VuFind (which does support authority). 
    • Dev work is starting in FOLIO for authority control (at least MARC Authority records), but it'll be a couple releases before it's useable
  • Patron empowerment via VuFind 


  • Bib level or instance level holds, can only do holds at the item level 
    • There are backlog items in Jira 
    • 1st implementation for title level holds was to do some basic analysis and then assign the hold to the copy most likely to become available first.
    • most discovery systems only do bib or title level and it was a fight to get requests for particular items … and now we can only have requests on particular items with FOLIO … and what we really want is both item and title
    • UXPROD-1796 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Record export also will make things a lot easier 
  • Improvement and stabilization for data import 
  • Tag feature? - Lehigh - Enabled but were thinking about not for public users but could use for collection projects - Simmons - not enabled 
  • Mapping from FOLIO? - want to display deeper into the fields. Fields that you index are configurable  and might take some getting into the templates to display feels that you'd like to see. 506 Access note to the top.  
  • Statistical search code from Chicago 

Future topics

Receiving workflow demos deferred

Holly will attend on Apr 13, 20 & 27 to address questions related to pointing exercise with a retrospective early May

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April 13

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