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As of Orchid, searching for instance records by searching on MARC values must be done through an API query, using a tool like Postman (Getting started with Postman) or writing your own search scripts.

To use the MARC Search Query API, POST your request to the source-storage/stream/marc-record-identifiers endpoint.

For example: You must include the usual Okapi headers including your tenant and token.

Queries submitted to this endpoint will return the UUIDs for the instances related to the SRS MARC records that matched your search criteria.

Developer documentation:

Boolean limitation - while you can use and/or within the fields search or with the leader search, you cannot combine leader and field search.

Search data fields

To search data fields with a left anchored search, identify the tag, follow it with a dot, followed by the subfield. For instance to search the 260$a for 'Paris', use the expression:

"fieldsSearchExpression": "260.a ^= 'Paris'"

To search the 600$2 for 'fast' use:

"fieldsSearchExpression": "600.2 ^= 'fast'"

Search indicators

  "fieldsSearchExpression": "856.ind2 =  '0'"

You would probably want to search indicators along with a field like:
  "fieldsSearchExpression": "856.ind2 =  '0' and 856.u ^= 'https://www.ebsco'"

Search control fields by position

To search by position, identify the tag then follow a dot with the position number, then an underscore, followed by the number of positions you are searching.

To search the 005 for '2021' at beginning at position 0 use this expression:

"fieldsSearchExpression": "005.00_04 = '2021'"

To search the 008 field at position 06 for 's' use this expression:

"fieldsSearchExpression": "008.06_01 = 's'"

Search the leader

To search the leader, specify the position you wish to search. For example to search for 'a' in position 06 and 'm' in position 07, use the expression:

"leaderSearchExpression": "p_06 = 'a' and p_07 = 'm'"

Check for the presence of a MARC tag


"fieldsSearchExpression": "346.value is 'present'"



"fieldsSearchExpression": "245.value is 'absent'"    


Search dates

* = '20141107' - only single date equality
* not= '20141107' - not equals
* from '20141106' - from the given date to now
* to '20141108' - to the beginning of time to the given date
* in '20141106-20141108' - the given date is in the date range











Additional Examples


{"fieldsSearchExpression": "856.u = ''"}

We use this search to look for records where someone added the proxy but not the rest of the url


"fieldsSearchExpression": "008.35_03 = 'bur' and 880.value is 'absent'"


Burmese materials that do not have 880s

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