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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

PC updateLaura Daniels



Iris release on time (despite Data Import instabilities)

    • Because of Data Import issues, there will probably be an enhancement/hotfix post-Iris

Shanghai Library live with check-out in 1 branch (they have 400 branches)

Discussion of role of PC as it relates to various other groups, including SIGs, following formation of Community Council

    • Liaison model will continue, at least for "core" SIGs (such as MM)

WolfCon planning


  • highlights: above
  • MM SIG will continue to report to Product council
  • What will Wolfcon be this year 2021 (all OLF projects, not just FOLIO)
  • no MM SIG meeting the week of Wolfcon
    • maybe a working meeting week before or after on focused decision making
    • we can schedule practical working meetings for the future (suggestion my AM)
    • 8 deep dive sessions at WolfCON across all the projects, FOLIO will get three of them
    • This meeting will take a higher level approach, so specific and practical meetings will be fewer at this meeting
    • Propose taking a serious look at ElasticSEARCH (Laura will reach out to Jesse K about that)
Other updates, announcements

Cancel May 6 meeting? (conflict with PCC OpCo) - cancelled

User permissions management document (from App Interaction) 

More routine (monthly?) scheduled PO updates for MM?


  • We do get updates, but are hoping for something more routine for these
  • How might we get SMEs and POs into getting scheduled updates (just at least to officially touch base)
    • even if nothing is new
    • deemed a good idea (CW)
    • there may be some update issues from information sharing about which version of the platform (due to release differences) [honeysuckle, iris, juniper, etc]
    • even if repetitive, good to keep the ideas continually shared in the pipeline publicly shared
    • from chat, AM (Sounds fine to me. And I think it's good to have end of dev cycle/beginning of dev cycle updates, e,g, what is available in Iris and what is planned for Juniper )

Single MARC record import (from OCLC)



  • ON the flip side, one might need to push from OCLC to FOLIO (using OCLC export gateway, or whatever), instead of pulling the whole record from FOLIO)
  • Created Edge connection, that listens to OCLC to see if anything is new or updated, that needs to get into FOLIO
  • OCLC Worldcat as a Z39.50 target, but this allowed the creation of multiple Z39.50 targets
  • from chat, AM (edge-connexion is similar to edge-orders, which listens for new orders that may be transmitted from a vendor to FOLIO )
  • single permission controls single FOLIO pull
  • from chat (I want to be able to edit those profiles. )
  • data import is the support for this work, not the owner
  • updates if there is SRS, or creates SRS if not, and updates Instance
  • This will come out of the box with one profile
  • from chat, CW (You can duplicate the profile. That will then be editable, Lloyd )
  • In data-import, one can build as many profiles as an institution may wnt
  • this is about controlling scope
  • the UI needed to be able to support the import
  • Anything else wanted was deemed too large at this point, due to scoping
  • from chat (Editing the default profile is more important to me that selecting different ones. ) - also important to UChicago
  • from chat (We really need PUSH to overlay, so I had hoped that if we could edit the profile, or create a new profile just for OCLC PUSH would allow us to have matching logic where if there was a match it would overlay and if no match it would create a new record. ) - also important to UChicago
  • push just got added in the last few weeks or so
  • CT: asking about the future of this development and local needs
  • FROM CHAT (Agreed—we are having trouble conveying the importance of this functionality because there is nothing we can rank or now repoint )
  • from chat (But we need this functionality! )
  • ref UXPROD2912  UXPROD-2912 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • from chat (Exactly CHristie, lacking that functionality you really need PUSH to overlay. )
  • demo of overlay functionality when needing to bring in a new record, but the overlay did not work
  • from chat (Is this a disconnect between inventory and SRS? )
  • What about a bug fix for this issue, having troubles replicating
  • from chat (If it is a bug, I think this is "hotfix-worthy" - just need to figure out which dev team needs to work on it. Sounds like Mike has it covered )
  • from chat (Would the Overlay work if you had a record with Instance status FOLIO and then you overlay with the OCLC record?  / / That use case we have tested and verified in FOLIO Bugfest environment )
  • from chat. AM (Yes - there's 2 branches to the overlay. If Instance source = FOLIO, the overlay will create an SRS, change the instance source to MARC, and create an SRS record (not exactly in that order) )
  • from chat. AM (If Instance source = MARC, the overlay will update the SRS MARC, and update the Instance, with no change to the Source field )
  • export demo from OCLC connexion
  • Question about unicode in export, because of messy language displays
  • Link to Mike G's slides, here.
  • from chat (RE: Christie, yes, no issue with Chinese characters using the PULL method )

ElasticsearchMagda Zacharska

Related JIRA: UXPROD-3046 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • elasticSearch works in parallel with current search funcationality
  • from chat (What does "on the back end" mean for searching?  / /  I believe it means the functionality exists but there is no UI for it (someone correct me if I'm wrong) )
  • there were 8 participants in testing
  • searches in latin characters worked, but special characters caused an issue
  • added 'exact match'
  • from chat (New feature: UXPROD-3046
    Inventory. Swap from search tool PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch )
  • link to UXPROD3046 mentioned by Charlotte :

  • demo of UI and then from the backend
  • can handle up to 5 language analyzers 
  • from chat (Would it be relevant with a workshop (hands on session) testing/trying search of the back end functionality using Postman )
  • next steps?
  • from chat (I would expect "water in Africa" to search for that phrase, including the word "in")
  • from chat (Laura, just to clarify, did you say that you cannot do an exact match for a contributor in the query search? // Or was it in the defined contributor search? ) Answer

    @christie, cannot do an exact match for contributor in query search

  • Testing feedback?
    • basically positive
    • move in the right direction (lots of +1s from the chat)
  • the ASCII analyzer will be improved very shortly
  • comments on search page designs
  • Link to Magda's slides




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