IMPORTANT NOTE: The project decided to focus on critical bugs and technical debt (namely tests) for the Kiwi (R3 2021) release.  The pointed features will be considered for the Lotus (R1 2022) release.

Person making changeDate of change/decisionFeature(s) impactedModification/deviationComments
Holly Mistlebauer5/21/2021

Implement actual cost for lost items

UXPROD-2391 (71 points)

UXPROD-2554 (20 points)

UXPROD-2572 (71 points)

UXPROD-2573 (20 points)

UXPROD-2595 (20 points)

The various "actual cost" features have been combine into UXPROD-3079, an Umbrella JIRA.  This was done because we will not be working on the features individually, like we did for "set cost" but will actually combine the work for multiple features into one user story.  It also isn't fair that in pointing the "actual cost" work the pointers had to spread their points across 5 separate features.
Holly Mistlebauer5/4/2021 

Optimistic Locking

UXPROD-2994 (65 points)

UXPROD-2798 (28 points)

UXPROD-2797 (18 points)

UXPROD-2796 (38 points)

Per FOLIO Implementation Group request, Umbrella JIRA UXPROD-3058 created to cover all optimistic locking features.  Points for other features added together to set the points for UXPROD-3058 at 149.
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