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Nominations for FOLIO Community Support Volunteers

WolfCon registration is open. And MM will not meet June 3. 

If you are a member of this group, please add your name to Metadata Management SIG , but you do not need to be a member  to attend these meetings and to add your name to the attendance list at the meetings.

PC update

Minutes from May 6 meeting (no PC meeting this week)

Laura mentioned in particular, that Kelly Drake had to leave the project. Khalilah Gambrell will be the lead PO in her place. 

WolfCon will not include working meetings like we've had in the past.

Iris has been released. Hotfixes for Iris are being worked on as well as updates for R2. 

Other updates, announcements

Bibframe stakeholders interchange needs: FOLIO rep neededLaura Daniels

From Kristin Martin (PC Slack channel):
"Hi folks, my colleague on the PCC Policy Committee shared this: they are planning a meeting with various stakeholders who will be using Bibframe as the next metadata standard model – LC, PCC institutions, LD4 community, OCLC, Sinopia, Share-VDE, Library and Archives Canada, IndexData, European Bibframe group. The meeting will be used to start a conversation among different groups to develop use cases and a plan for sharing data between systems and come to agreement on core needs for Bibframe interchange. Major ILS vendors, like FOLIO, are invited. Kelly Drake, as lead PO, was originally going to represent FOLIO. Do we have suggestions for a replacement for her? Should we take this to the Metadata Management SIG?"

Laura would like to recommend to PC that Christie Thomas represent the FOLIO community at this meeting.

MARC in LDPJennifer Eustis


  • Tool: DBeaver - to connect, get password from Nassib Nassar
  • In public schema now (screenshots from slides)
    • srs_marc - table that has UUID for MARC SRS and parsed JSON data
    • srs_records - same, but also contains the administrative metadata that includes the generation, created by, updated by (see slides for link to administrative data.
    •  folio_source_record / __marc
      • This table is still in development and there will be changes. This is test data.
    • Connection to live snapshot is not there yet. That will be announced when ready. 
  • Ann-Marie suggested reconsidering the naming of "tag" to fields to avoid confusion with FOLIO tags. Jesse (via chat) suggested marc_tag
  • Location of  _ _ marc table:
  • Sample query:
  • Jacquie via chat: "So, could you search for just one value in sf_content, and get back the same data you have in the example?" - Yes - you can filter on content in addition to tag
  • FOLIO needs a 33x $b for the formats mapping to work.
  • Sample Query 2:
  • Sample Query 3:
  • Sample Query 4 - joining MARC table with FOLIO Inventory tables:
  • MM Reporting examples, see folder "Test Reports...":
  • MARC id LDP documentation
  • MARC LDP Test Feedback
  • FAQ is informing this work: Data Import FAQ
  • Is the LDP only going to be available to Index Data customers? It is open and available on GitHub. (Jenn via chat) -  "Filling it requires direct access to your DB so your host has to let you do that" 
  • LDP:
  • Jenn Eustis made the point that the LDP works with ReShare and open source products.
Productivity stats "alternative" (aka workaround) (if time)Laura Daniels

Demo of Cornell's planned approach until UXPROD-2867 - Getting issue details... STATUS is implemented

(see Alternatives for Features Still in Development)

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