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Monitoring the status of jobs that load data into the agreements internal knowledge base is possible using the ERM Agreement Jobs widget. While some jobs can be long running, when a job is running for many hours it can be a indication that there is some problem that may need investigation and resolution. Even if there is no problem it is worth being aware of long running jobs as jobs run in serial, not parallel, so the next job for the tenant will not start until the current one has completed.

Checking for running or queued GOKb sync or other data loading jobs 

Currently it isn't possible to filter directly on the job start time, so instead the approach taken in this example is to simply display jobs that are still running

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard app, and click the Actions button (top right) and select "New"
  2. In the "Widget name" enter "Running and waiting jobs"
  3. In the "Widget definition" dropdown select "ERM Agreement Jobs"
  4. Click "Add filter" and from the "Filter by" dropdown select "Job status"
  5. In Filter 1, Rule 1:
    1. change the "Comparator" to "is not"
    2. change the "Value" to "ended"
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the widget configuration form and click the "Add column" button twice. This will add two additional columns to the display, all initially set to "Job name"
    1. Leave the first as "Job name", change the second one to "Status" and third to "Start time" by selecting the values from the dropdown menu
    2. You could decide to add other or different columns to your display depending on your requirements. You can also change the label used for each column if you do not want to use the default value which is added when you select the Column from the dropdown
  7. Set the "Sort by" option to "Start time" and set the "Sort direction" to "asc" (ascending)
  8. Click "Save and close" to save the widget configuration and display the widget on the dashboard
  9. Much of the time this widget is likely to have no results
  10. However, when there is a long running job, you will see details of the running job and when it started, as well as any queued jobs  that are waiting for the job to run

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