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Goals for testing:

  • Navigation (within and across apps).  
  • Can people perform their tasks using the interface? 
  • Challenges and opportunities for improvement?

Note: For testing purposes, any numbers in brackets like [] equal the participant number. 



  • You have to create a purchase order for the book “ICARDA-Caravan [1]” provided by ICARDA.  The order should be billed and shipped to LTS Acquisitions.   We expect to pay $100 for the book and to charge it to fund “310 Sciences”.  Please use the template “Monograph Order (LTSMono)” for this purchase order.
  • You may now approve and open the purchase order you created in the previous step. 
  • Find and note the PO Number. 
  • You have approved the purchase order. Please input and process the provided invoice for “ICARDA-Caravan [1]” from ICARDA. - 
  • You have confirmed that what was ordered has been received in expected condition.  Complete receiving the order for “ICARDA-Caravan [1]” from ICARD.  
  • Ensure that you can find “ICARDA-Caravan [1]” now in the available resources in the library.


  • You are receiving the order for the new issue (issue [1] (2021)) for Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies from EBSCO.   Please check in this new issue.


  • Add the title “Crustaceana” to the package “Brill Journal Online Collection - Biology” from the provider “Brill”. 
  • Add the package “Engineering for Medicine and Biology Journals” from the provider “American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)” to holdings. 
  • Add coverage dates of 2020-01-01 to 2023-01-01 to this package. 
  • Remove the title “Collection of papers by William Thornton Parker” from the package “The American West” from the provider “Adam Matthew Digital Ltd.” 
  • Remove the package “Ebsco eBooks” from EBSCO from holdings. 
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