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UXPROD-1796 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Title-Level Requests (Complete feature)


Approach & Design


Configuration for enablement of title requests should be created and seated to false by default:

    "module": "CIRCULATION",
   "configName": "title-requests",
   "enabled": true,
   "value": "{\"enableTitleRequests\":\"false\"}",

UI and BE clients operate with Configuration API to retrieve this setting for each tenant. This setting can be changed and should be used to determine if TitleLevel Request is enabled.


There are two approaches.

1) Implement new endpoint for get title requests 

New endpoint should be implemented:

MethodPathProvided permissionsRequestResponseDescriptionNotes


circulation.requests.title-queue.collection.getNA200 OKGet title level requests collection

{instanceId} - corresponding instance id, should support CQL, ordering, sorting

based on existing RequestQueue logic.

2) Re-use existing request queue endpoint

Both of approaches only required extension of existing request schema to support {instanceId} and querying by using CQL.

Existing RequestQueue logic should be updated to save and retrieve title requests.

RequestQueue logic should aggregate re-ordering component to set needed requests ordering.

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