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What did we do well?

  • QA eng was really helpful for development process +++++++++
  • Team is changed and extended
  • All features commitments has been completed in time
  • Data import diagram provide some clarity
  • Release is over
  • Cornel went live
  • Cooperation between different teams give possibility to brake tower of knowledge
  • Work related to Lotus and Morning Glory is under review state

What should we have done better?

  • Schema upgrade testing was not smooth at Juniper. Need to extend schema upgrade testing process(use multiple and single tenants, execute smoke test after upgrade, etc).
  • Need to verify schemas (by FSE) during or week after release integration week
  • Logs from bugfest are updated only hourly. Testing is time consuming
  • Need to have DB read-only access to bugfest
  • Include Automation QA in to the team
  • Automate smoke test and include it to CI/CD pipeline for each deployment to reference envs
  • Complete development of the tool for comparison interface versions
  • Data import diagram need to be updated to cover some inconsistency
  • Much focus to Cornel support
  • Bunch of QM issues has been identified after Iris release
  • Add deadline in to release plan related to finalizing next release scope