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Elizabeth German

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Kevin W. Walker

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2 unranked items: 

UIIN-1562 - Getting issue details... STATUS P2

UID-88 - Getting issue details... STATUS P3

8 P1s

17 P2s
We have requested a "release" designation from any P2s that don't have a release date

7 P3s

Community Council Update
We have a new "Parking Lot" - a place to request topics at Community Council Meetings: Community Council Meeting Topic - Parking Lot

Hot Fix 4 question
Anton - will make a call later today/tomorrow on what to do with it; anything in Hot Fix 4 should be in Juniper release

Enhancements / new JIRAs
How does an institution figure out if a feature request already has a JIRA before submitting an enhancement request?

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  1. Benchmarking