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Under construction

Please do not attempt to use the shared environment until this page is finalized

Environment details

  • URL:
  • Logon and Users:
  • How to set up your own logon:


  • Available to Data Import, Data Export, and quickMARC SMEs and POs for testing the above modules, plus Inventory Single Record Import and OAI-PMH
  • Users can set up individual logons and passwords, so that it's easier to tell who is doing what
  • No SRS or Inventory data to begin with, except default settings
  • Includes all of the apps and modules required for Data Import (importing SRS, Inventory, and Invoice records), Export, and quickMARC
  • Relevant apps and modules are updated on a regular basis
  • Import/Export profiles created by users persist over time
  • Records imported by users persist over time
  • Settings created/updated by users persist over time
  • Environment can be purged
  • Only required edge module support is for OAI-PMH

Out of Scope

  • Performance testing of large files of records (separate temporary, environments can be created for performance testing) 

Outstanding To Do's

  • Items in red need to be addressed before environment is rolled out to SMEs
  • Post URL Info (A-M)
  • Configure password reset e-mails (per Khalilah, FOLIO has a default value, plus URL needs to be updated to include the Rancher URL; review folio-snapshot and see what additional configs are needed)
  • Test user password reset e-mails (A-M)
  • Update the env to Kiwi apps (FOLIO DevOps) (A-M, Khalilah, Magda test)
  • Once updated to Kiwi, Elasticsearch needs to be re-indexed (Magda)
  • API key for setting up OAI-PMH (Done by DevOps, with Magda testing)
  • Setting up S3 for Export (Done by DevOps, with Magda testing)
  • How often are the apps updated? Will the relevant dev teams (Folijet, Spitfire, Firebird) be able to update the apps? - NEEDS FURTHER DISCUSSION; plan quick PO/MOD-UI Lead Mtg, cc: the SMs
  • When will the environment start showing Lotus work? (folio-snapshot will diverge from Kiwi bugfest pretty soon)
    • If using for Lotus UAT, how much lead time to upgrade the modules (Dennis/Victoria may be able to advise)
  • We think the main users will be SMEs and POs for Data Import, quickMARC, and Data Export. When can we let them begin using it? TBD, but probably mainly after Kiwi Bugfest
  • Any additional guidelines we need to provide to them?
  • If a user builds a profile, how long can we expect that it will be kept? Until manually purged
  • Is there a maximum number of records we'd like set as a limit for SRS and Inventory?  Strive to keep Inventory under 50K Instances; aim for small imports; this is NOT the performance testing environment; this is functionality testing.
  • If the environment is wiped, is it possible to keep the Settings, Reference data, and Users? Can the dev teams do the wipe, or do we need FOLIO DevOps?
  • If issues with this environment, who do SMEs contact and how?
    • The relevant POs (A-M, Khalilah, Magda)
    • Then POs escalate to the relevant dev team or DevOps
  • Above all, this is a learning environment for all of us, so patience required
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