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Discussion items

5-10 minReview the Kanban boardTeam
  • Reviewed one new issue ( OKAPI-1037 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) and assigned it to Jakub to prioritize for the CP team.
Remaining timeRevisit P2 items previously reviewed but not yet resolved.Team

We looked at several JIRAs which haven't been updated in some time and left comments at-mentioning the responsible parties.  Hopefully this results in some movement on these.

Action items

  •  Ryan Berger to raise the issue of using .all permissions in UI permission sets with the Stripes architecture group.  It appears some work was done in this area, but we want to both raise awareness (again) and determine if there's still work remaining here, or if we can close the JIRA. See  FOLIO-3198 - Getting issue details... STATUS