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Discussion items

5-10 minReview the Kanban boardTeam
5-10 minMIke's replacementTeam

Mike Gorrell is stepping down... We should try to find a replacement and get approval from the TC.  

  • We need more time to come up with nominees
  • Probably should be someone from outside of EBSCO (we already have Ryan, Craig, John)
  • SysOps?  DevOps?  
    • Preferably someone with a security background or at least some experience in security
  • Scrum master? 
    • If we go this route, they would act as convener, set agendas, work with JIRA queries, run the meetings, etc.
5-10 minReview Core Platform Security IssuesJakub, Hanna, Dilshod

Jakub Skoczenwas unable to make it today, so we pushed this out.

Targeting next Thursday 10/14 , 11:00 EDT.

Craig McNallywill confirm this works for everyone and send an updated meeting invite.

Action items

  •  Ryan Berger to raise the issue of using .all permissions in UI permission sets with the Stripes architecture group.  It appears some work was done in this area, but we want to both raise awareness (again) and determine if there's still work remaining here, or if we can close the JIRA. See  FOLIO-3198 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Craig McNally to reach out to Jakub and Hanna, inviting them to a future meeting to discuss the core-platform P1/P2s which haven't moved in 20+ days.
  • Team to think about candidates to replace Mike