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Product Council UpdateFOLIO will support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE. There are plans to support mobile interfaces as well. Most of the work on the UI is done with React. Support for smaller devices has been built in from the beginning. Christopher Spalding visited the University of Alabama. They are interested in FOLIO. They have two senior developers interested in contributing. As a library they are looking at a strategic initiative to use React.
  UX update

Workshop prep

Inventory App - Workshops

  • December 18 workshop. Importing Files - Review "Importing MARC options" - Any kind of importing in the system for the purpose of maintaining bibliographic, holdings, or items data. View this video: Filip would like to take a step back and learn how we import info into our system. What are different approaches. Processes that involve WorldCat, GOBI, manual processes, ... What are all of the considerations? Purpose of the workshop is to try to find a consensus as to what needs to be supported by FOLIO. Filip would like to look at some workflows. What are the steps we go through? What are the problems we face as we go through the process? The RM SIG did a similar process.

    • To prepare - Attendees need to document their own workflows prior to the meeting. This could be delivered in a list of bullet points, videos, workflow map...any way to demo
    • " All participants prepare before the workshop and upload a document in the new subfolder on the MM-SIG google drive, 'Workshop no 1 - Batch import' (" – from Charlotte
      • Outline what you do, which sources you use, what problems you have
      • Do workflow examples and then outline the different needs
      • Document how your workflows tie in / overlap / interact with other workflows, e.g. acquisition
  • Ann-Marie offered that we consider a variety of cases: Example: GovDocs "What are the primary reasons we are moving bibliographic records around in batches?"
  • List use cases - Please list all kinds of examples - don't hold back. Even if we do not cover it in the workshop, it will serve as a checklist for later. — Charlotte.
  • Ann-Marie - Schedulers, FTP?, match points, overlay, templates - Filip confirmed that these are in scope for the workshop. All logistics surrounding import will be discussed.

Action items