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Please put the new/open comments at the top, so that the closed/on hold ones will drop toward the bottom, as the list becomes longer.

DateTesterFunctionalityObservationStatusReviewed byResolution
2019-08-16Jenn ColtData importThe gui log shows all green as if the import works but the job execution log shows (correctly) that the import failed. This seems to happen when the problem is with posting the batch of instances rather than during the marc conversion. In server logs I see a 500 error indicating the instances were not saved.


There is a lot of information in the item record that does not appear on the three panel display. Is there a ticket for improving that display? Would be very hard to use in the current state.

Comment by Uschi Klute: This might also be a problem if a user has the permission to view the item record, but no permission to edit the item data.


Will be incorporated when working on feature: UXPROD-1807.

Charlotte Whitt

Patty Wanninger  - not sure where you are looking (leende)

The view item detail record is aligned with the item record in edit mode

Charlotte Whitt , Indeed the detail is in the record; it needs to display in the item accordion, since there is often a need to distinguish among serial volumes, for example, to know which one needs to be looked at in detail. 

Patty Wanninger  - then you are not talking about the item 'record' but the Item Table on the Instance Record, which is the list view of items associated with holdings records to a given Instance record.

The display of these Item tables are still work in progress. I guess we can expect more requirements when working on feature: 

  UXPROD-1807 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See also: 

UIIN-543 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2019-06-20InventoryYou can add multiple copy numbers to an item record. Isn't that contraindicated? Why would you have more than one copy number on a single item?ClosedCharlotte Whitt

Patty Wanninger  - I'll file a bug report about that

UIIN-610 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Overview: Modifying the search indexes results in broken search

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into as folio
  2. Go to Inventory
  3. In the Search and Filter pane, select "All (title, contributor, identifier)
  4. Search for "zhang" (without the quotation marks)
  5. See that 153 records have been found
  6. Change the search index to "contributor" (and hit enter)

Expected Results:

The system displays all records where "zhang" is found by a search on contributor.

Actual Results:

The system displays "No results found for "zhang". Please check your spelling and filters."

Additional Information:

After resetting by clicking on "Reset all" an re-typing "zhang" in the search box you'll get the expected result. I could not find a bug in Jira that has already been filed for this issue. Please ignore it, if this is already on your radar.

Interested Parties: 

Charlotte Whitt

Example 2

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into as folio
  2. Go to Inventory
  3. In the Search and Filter pane, select "All (title, contributor, identifier)"
  4. Search for "zhang yan" (without the quotation marks)
  5. See that 2 records have been found
  6. Change the search index to "contributor" (and hit enter)

Expected and actual result:

The system still displays the two records because they both contain "Zhang, Yan" as contributor.

Additional Information:

Because of bug UIIN-435 - Getting issue details... STATUS a contributor search only works if the complete contributor name is entered into the search form.


Verified with Lisa Sjögren It's a bug that Chalmers in the bugfest environment didn't include contributors. 

Felix Hemme - this problem you get, is probably not so much about search, but also that Chalmers apparently has not migrated contributor data (7xx).

I'll reach out to Lisa Sjögren and Theodor Tolstoj to get a better understanding on, why Chalmers only migrated the primary author (MARC tag field 100/110/111) 

See following examples: 


Felix Hemme identified some odd search behavior, which we'll get ask Julian Ladisch if he can shred some lights on, and give a behind the scene explanation of the search query behind the contributor search. 

Error examined during search & sort session, follow up on bug report in Jira.

Note that the contributor names have been copied into the title field on so that the All search may find the records via the title field.

2019-03-28Felix HemmeCross-app
  1. Log into as diku_admin
  2. Go to Orders
  3. Create a new order and save it.
  4. Click "Add PO Line"
  5. Select a random Acquisition Method and Order Format
  6. Switch to another app (e.g. Setting)
  7. In the popup modal, click "Close without saving"
  8. From the now showing Settings app, switch back to Orders

Expected Results: The system displays the orders screen and the search&filter pane, the search result (2nd pane) and the previous selected order in the detail view (3rd pane). => This is at least the behavior Martina Schildt and I would expect.

Actual Results: The systems displays an empty "Create POL" screen.

Additional Information: This bug? can also be reproduced in Users and Inventory. I'm not sure if we ever talked about the expected behavíor. But I would expect that we don't end up in an "Create xxx" screen, if we already dismissed it.

Interested Parties: Filip Jakobsen Khalilah Gambrell

2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöUsersStaff testing had a hard time understanding "Source" in the Loans details.Done"Source" is used as a label to indicate the source of an action/change within FOLIO.  Usually this is a specific user (e.g. Sally Jones) but it could be a system (external or FOLIO itself).  For this reason, "source" was deemed a better label than "user".
2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöUsersStaff wants a "Save" button in the bottom of the Create user-form.UX review Cate Boerema

This aligns with the feedback from Khalilah Gambrell's survey.  She has published results and recommendations here:

2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöUsersAll staff (12 in all) testing Folio had problems with understanding that the button "Create user" in the upper right corner means "Save".DoneKhalilah Gambrell

UIU-981 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöOverallThe last open record when previously using an app shouldn't be open after using another app, this is a privacy issue.

The current behavior was a very specific requirement from the UX team, but it may be time to rethink it.  Tagging Khalilah Gambrell to see if she has been hearing  more about this in her user research.

2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöOverallThe staff found the highlighting of the app they where currently using to vague

2019-03-27Siska HumlesjöUsersAfter having opened a User record and conducting a new search the previously opened user record is still open, making it confusing for the staff and easy to use the wrong user record.UX reviewKhalilah Gambrell

UIU-832 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Siska HumlesjöUsersOur staff finds it hard to find and understand "Open loans" as opposed to "Closed loans". They suggest that clicking "Loans" should display the open loans and closed loans should either be removed or less visible.UX review

This aligns with the feedback from Khalilah Gambrell's survey.  She has published results and recommendations here:

2019-03-15Inventory UIIn looking at the mapping for the Inventory UI, testers noted that the display would be much more readable if series notes (490/830) (currently an array) could display on separate lines, and if 5XX notes could display with a space between each note. Some general notes are many lines, and hard to parse. Can we write a ticket for this? Not actually a bug.ClosedCharlotte Whitt

Patty Wanninger - a bug report has already been filed on 1/20/2019 - see JIRA ticket - UIIN-452 - Getting issue details... STATUS The Notes features in Instance records, will get exactly the same implementation as for Holdings and Item records, with the use of Note types.

I totally agree, that this needs to be solved sooner than later, and is highly relevant for libraries who are in the mid of doing migration of their bibliographic data, or early implementers who are planning their migration.

  1. Log into as diku_admin
  2. Go to Inventory
  3. Search for "cantatas"
  4. Look at the record details and scroll down to create a holdings record
  5. "Holdings" accordion is missing. "Add holdings" is displayed in the "Instance relationships" accordion.
  6. The same applies for the Instance record "Anglo-Saxon"

Interested Parties: Charlotte Whitt

ClosedCharlotte Whitt

Felix Hemme, the loaded sample records is somehow corrupt, and not displaying correct after we enhanced the instance record more accordions. Are these records important, then we could try to produce them again. Create the json, and load the json records again.

Charlotte Whitt the records are not important to me. Just wanted to let you know about it. Then you could change the status of this "ticket" to closed (Lächeln)


Overview: Locations name: check on uniqueness fails WHEN NAME CONTAINS QUOTATION

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into as diku_admin
  2. Go to settings / Organizations / Locations
  3. Create a new location with these attributes:
    1. name = Publikationen im "Europäischen Dokumentationszentrum"
    2. code = edz
    3. discovery display name = test location
    4. service points = choose any
  4. Save the new location
  5. Now create a new location with identical name BUT different code. Note that no hint is given that a location with identical name already exists. Try to save. An error occurs as popup:

Expected Results: The system displays the following information: "Location name must be unique"

Actual Results: Location can't be saved (which is fine), but no message is generated by the system.

Additional Information: The quotation marks could cause the error. If a duplicate location Publikationen im Europäischen Dokumentationszentrum (without quotation marks) is created, the check will work.

Interested Parties: ?

OpenCharlotte Whitt

It's a general problem with the Settings component. Other Settings fail as well, see e.g. Settings > Inventory > Holdings > Holdings type. I'll file a JIRA ticket on this - STCOM-408 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The display pane still shows the field name ERP code

while in the edit screen the iled was renamed to Accounting Code.

Interested parties: Ann-Marie Breaux

Added as a bug to JIRA. Issue Key UIV-2.

Uschi Klute


In the accordion "Agreements" the Discount is not displayed, but the agreement name is repeated.

Interested parties: Ann-Marie Breaux

Added as a bug to JIRA. Issue Key UIV-3.
8/30/2018Felix HemmeSettings / Inventory

Overview: Unique resource type code

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into as diku_admin
  2. Go to settings / Inventory / Resource types
  3. Click +New to add a new resource type
  4. Enter "aaa" as resource type name and "crd" as resource type code. Please note, that the code already exists in the system.

Expected Results: It could be either:

  • I get an error message like "The code has to be unique. Please select a new one."
  • The record is being saved and the code could be a duplicate, because the source would be "local" instead of "rdacontent".

Actual Results: Nothing happens. The new type can not be saved.

Additional Information: See scenario 11: UIIN-150 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The scenario above could also apply to "contributor type" and "formats". I'm not able to test it, because as soon as I click on one of the two settings the systems slows down and is not responding anymore.

Interested Parties: Charlotte Whitt


Hi Felix Hemme - I have filed bug report: JIRA ticket on this - UIIN-285 - Getting issue details... STATUS and will do a similar for contributor types UIIN-149 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Format is still in progress UIIN-151 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Please note, that we have already planed to refine the work on these types of lists:

  • resource type
  • contributor type
  • formats
  • material type
  • etc.


  • look-up feature, which makes it easier to navigate, some of these long list, and easier to get an overview (UX-207, and UX-208), e.g. which codes already exists, and which to create - as in the scenario you just described.

8/22/2018Felix HemmeInventory

Overview: Type of boolean operator inside a filter

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into as diku_admin
  2. Go to inventory
  3. Select two-dimensional moving image as a resource type filter
  4. Select perfomed music as a resource type filter

Expected Results: I get 0 search results.

Actual Results: I get 3 search results ("journey through europe", "Cantatas", Transparent Water")

Additional Information: Looks like a design decision to me. At the moment multiple filters are chained with a boolean "OR". Let's say you have a record for a music video on YouTube in your database that has two RDA content types (= resource types in inventory): "performed music" and "two-dimensional moving image". You aren't able to filter for this specific records at the moment. I propose to change to boolean "AND" or implement some kind of function to choose between "AND/OR".

Interested Parties: Charlotte Whitt

OpenCharlotte Whitt

Charlotte will discuss this issue with Niels Erik Gilvad Nielsen.

TBD if the solution is

a) to change to the use of boolean "AND" or

b) implement JIRA UIIN-302 - Getting issue details... STATUS

- - -

Hi Felix Hemme - right now Resource type is implemented as a Non Repeatable element.

But that said we still need to reconsider the existing solution, while in the revised work for Beta we want e.g. Formats to be a repeatable element - see:

Thanks Charlotte Whitt for pointing this out. I had a look in our libraries records and we have 209 records where marc 336 is present > 1 (compared to a total of about 4 million data sets, this is small, but it occurs.) I goes during import the import script will only use the first occurrence?


Recently, the User search changed so rather than having two boxes, Active and Inactive, it has been restyled so there is only one box, "Include inactive users." Because the default display is a blank page, removing the "Active users" box means you have to choose "Show inactive users" to get a list of patrons in order. You could also select a patron group, either some or all. But it does seem counter-intuitive that there is no way to simply show active users. I get the reason for the blank first screen but it makes the app unfriendly.

Additionally, there is no possibility to see inactive users only. This is important as there will no possibility to delete users in the near future. (Comment from Uschi Klute)

Closed - completed

UIU-973 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Uschi Klute


If I want to edit the instance I want to see the complete content of a field.

The following fields are shortened if there is a common amount of characters in the field:

  • Title
  • Contributers: Name
  • Contributers: Free Text
  • Publications: Publisher
  • Publications: Place

In particular the title can have many hundred characters, so there is the need to enlarge the input fields in general.

Even if I have a rather short title and I want to add the subtitle I must see the complete content of the field during typing.

This is the complete title:

OpenCharlotte Whitt

Will address these observations in

4/18/2018Patty WanningeranyOccasionally when I working in the snapshot or testing environment, using Chrome on a Windows 10 machine, I will take an action and the screen will blank to repaint, but then it hangs there. I can make it paint by refreshing the page. It is intermittent, though, so would be very hard to make a ticket for. Does anyone else experience this blank screen?Open

3/26/2018Comment reported by Charlotte WhittContributor Search in Inventory and in Codex Search

At MM-SIG meeting on 3/22/2018 we talked about if we need Contributor Search in Inventory to be the name searched in direct order. Right now the name is indexed last name first, and it's only searchable that way. The MM-SIG was not clear here: Lynn W. thought it should be fixed, and Jacquie S. thinks as long as it is clear. Search on Organizational would be as browse search.

Jacquie mentioned that probably Codex Search should provide the search on contributors in direct order, while this search interface are used by all staff.


Charlotte Whitt suggests this to be evaluated in UAT.

3/22/2018ICs, reported by Ann-Marie BreauxPermissionsHaving to click permissions one at a time to add to a user is awful, especially as the number of permissions grow. Would it be possible to add control-click so that you could click a bunch of permissions at once and then add them? And/or shift-click to add a whole list of permissions at once?Open

UXPROD-240 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3/15/2018Charlotte WhittInventory Search

When an Unambiguous Match Search is followed by another Unambiguous Match, the Detailed Record does not update correctly if the reset button is not cleared between the two searches. The UX indicate reset the button to the right of the search box, but this may easily be ignored by the user. Two unambiguous searches in a row is an edge case!

See attached.


Charlotte have filed a draft bug-report UIIN-111 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Maybe this case is more a question for a User test.

3/8/2018FC reported by Patty WanningerUsers display

We noticed in testing STCOM-164 - Getting issue details... STATUS that when you first login to the site as diku_admin, the Users page opens with nothing checked so it is blank. However, once you check "active" and see the users, you can continue to see users even if you reset the filters ("x" them out so nothing is selected), on the users page and when you navigate to another tab and back again. Is this the expected behavior?

Closed - completed

Khalilah Gambrell

Mike Taylor - filed a bug UISE-48 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Done - Closed)

3/1/2018Ann-Marie BreauxInventory display

Identifier numbers in the FOLIO instance display do not have the correct labels. For example, some are being labeled as ISBNs when they are definitely not. See attached.


Verified in FOLIO-Stable, and I filed a bug-report UIIN-322 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2/22/2018Searching items by barcodeIt seems to me there should be a barcode search in inventory now that it is merged with item functionality. Right now, it seems the only barcode search of items is in checkout, checkin, and requests. A library will often have only a barcode and wants to be able to enter or scan it as a search key.Closed - known issueCate Boerema

Barcode searching in Inventory was working previously but it has been intentionally disabled while the team works through some performance issues. We can expect it to be re-enabled soon. Thanks!

2/21/2018TestingIt sure would be nice to get exactly the same set of Users and Item data that gets loaded everytime there is a rebuild so we can use the same data and record URLs ( item example ) when testing and when reporting an issue. Currently user names, user uuids, user barcodes and instance/holding/item uuids are different after rebuild (item barcode is the same but does not have a url).Closed - in backlogCate Boerema

Patty Wanninger created FOLIO-1085 and it's in the backlog.


FSE IC team

Patty Wanninger



It would be very nice to be able to facet a user search by:Open loans, Active Requests, Proxy/Sponsor/User permissions (if they have any)OpenWill follow up with Patty to confirm Use Cases.


Ann-Marie Breaux

UsersWhen viewing a list of users, all columns sort ascending/descending properly except the inactive/active column (the first column). Enter this as a bug?Closed - in backlogCate Boerema

Yes please file a bug.

Bug created - see FOLIO-1092 - Getting issue details... STATUS


FSE IC team

reported by Patty Wanninger

updated by Ann-Marie Breaux 



we proposed labeling the tab itself Sponsor/Proxy instead of just Proxy. Also, we would like the "Sponsors" tab to be labeled something like "User is Proxy for" and the "Proxy" tab labeled "User is Sponsor of."

Or some similar language that implies

Proxy = This people listed in this section are proxies for this User

Sponsor = The current User is a proxy for the people listed in this section

Add'l notes from Ann-Marie: these headers (Sponsor/Proxy) are very confusing, so if they can be relabeled or shown in a graphical way (who is the sponsor, who is the proxy/proxies)

At the least, in the individual user, it needs to be super-clear (on the subordinate) that I am sponsored by (important person) and (on the higher-level person) that I have this proxy or these proxies. "By" and "For" seem like important words to make the relationship between the 2 users more clear.

Closed - completed

Refined mock-ups based on input and reviewed with the RA SIG. The following new designs were approved and necessary changes will be put into the development backlog. Thanks much for your input and let us know if you have any remaining concerns!


FSE IC team

reported by Patty Wanninger



We note that currently, you can set up a Sponsor or a Proxy with a date in the past. Perhaps there are use cases to do so, but we think it would be nice to get a pop-up that tells you that date is in the past.On holdThanks for this feedback. This warning popup you suggest does seem like a nice-to-have. I'd like to wait for a little more user feedback on its importance before prioritizing it for development.
FSE IC Team, reported by Patty Wanninger

In testing, we discovered that currently you must fill in an item before you can look for a requestor. Often, a staff member will not have a known item when doing a request, or wants to place the request at the title level and any available copy will do. So it's our opinion that you should be able to start a request either by item, and attach the requestor to it, or by requestor, and attach an item to that person. Also, it might be necessary to be able to search items by something other than a barcode, because, as explained above, sometimes you don't know the number or you want a title-level hold.

Also, if you clear the field of an item that is currently displayed, it does not clear the details of that item, which is confusing. What happens is a red-letter note appears under the search box which says, "Please select an item," but the ghost text says "Please scan or enter an item." So the red text at least should say, "Please scan or enter an item."

On hold
  • Title-level requests : While it is important, title-level requesting is not in the plans for v1.
  • Requesting an item when it's not in-hand: We absolutely need the ability to request an item without having the barcode in hand. We have plans to implement an "item search and select popup" similar to the one we have for finding users when you don't have a barcode to enter/scan. Our hope is that we'll be able to leverage some of the design, if not also the code, being developed for Inventory or Codex search for this purpose. The Item search and select popup will be useful in many places beyond requests such as: check out, check in and acquisitions.
  • Clearing a field: This seems like an issue we should address. I guess we might need a way to clear a selected item without selecting something different. I've created UX-127 so that Kimie Kester can provide some guidance on how this should work.


Ann-Marie Breaux

Navigation between Requests and Users

UX Concern:

• When you move away from an app, and then come back to it, FOLIO seems to leave the app in the last display state it was.

• That means when you click a user name hotlink in the referring app (in this case, the requests app), you get inconsistent results. One time, the tri-pane with user info pane opened. The next time, the user list, with no user info pane.

• That seems like a problem.

Screenshots and more explanation in the attached PPT.

Closed - in backlog

Thanks, Ann-Marie Breaux. This seems like a bug. Can you please file one in UIU and label it "sprint32"? The summary should be something like "User detail record should alway open when accessing via link" and the steps to repro are as you outlined. Expected behavior is that the user detail record is open when accessed via link. Actual behavior is that the user detail record is closed when accessed via link.

Done: see UIU-384. Thanks, Cate Boerema!

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