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Discussion items

PC update


  • Review of apps that will be added with Lotus
  • Presentation of Bulk Edit (Madga), Translations (Peter Murray), and OA app (Owen, Björn)
Other updates/announcements

1-2 MM members needed for Documentation Working Group (Inventory, QuickMARC, Data Export)

Please reach out to Dracine Hodges if you have any questions

Should we document an older version of FOLIO, especially Inventory? There have been major changes due to Elastic Search and we should maybe focus on Kiwi?

The "Tips and Tricks" section in the FOLIO wiki can be used to document older versions and also link out to the current documentation


This is the last meeting with Laura as SIG convener. She will stay in the project and with MM SIG. Raegan and Felix will take over as Co-convener.

Topics for WolfCon?
Data Import – Kiwi functionalityAnn-Marie Breaux 

 Data Import Kiwi Update

  • The work around Data Import for Kiwi was mainly about stability, reliability and performance (non functional requirements)
  • Use cases for optimistic locking: Optimistic Locking - Detecting and Resolving Conflicts Requirements
  • Invoice import:
    • Number of records = number of invoices, not invoice lines
    • Click on "Created" will open the invoice line that has been created by the import job
    • Unlinked invoice lines can be linked to their POL manually
  • Inventory import:
    • Click on "Created" will open the record in Inventory
Property names in SRSJennifer Eustis 

MODDATAIMP-504 - Getting issue details... STATUS

There was a recent change to the name of instance HRID and UUID in source record storage. The first is to rename instance_id to external_id and then instance_hrid to external_hrid. It looks like the API for source record storage has externalID, externalHrid, instanceID, instanceHrid. It is difficult to follow changes to MARC SRS which can sometimes be buried in code commits. Changes to MARC SRS and even how MARC SRS manages marc records is important not just for FOLIO Apps but also reporting tools such as the LDP. What type of information do we expect and need in terms of MARC SRS?

  • Reason for label change: Introduction of MARC holdings in SRS
  • Renaming a property is a so called "breaking change" and therefore very costly (developer time)
  • Folijet or Spitfire made the changes
  • It was neccessary due to the implementation of MARC holdings
  • The change was not reviewed by TC
  • There is information about such changes in the FOLIO release notes (besides the code commits) → N.B. nothing in the RN yet. This change will be in Kiwi.
  • The change affects other apps and they need to be updated now
  • We need to make sure that in the future such changes are communicated in advance so that libraries and other apps can prepare.
  • Laura will bring this topic to PC next week and get feedback how we can handle this in the future
  • LDP is fetching the data from the DB directly and not via the API. This is important to note, because then the API abstraction does not grip.


17:38:02 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    Is data import covered already? (Sorry, was late)
17:38:10 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    Starting from Kiwi with ES and going forward makes sense!
17:38:21 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    Not yet Jenn!
17:38:58 Von  Lynne Fors  an  Alle:
    More current documentation for implementers would be very useful, as a library in the implementation process
17:39:28 Von  Alissa Hafele  an  Alle:
    +1 from a future implementor ߙ
17:40:22 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    I favor "Tips and Tricks" as well!
17:40:36 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    +1. We can also have videos
17:40:58 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    I think there is data import documentation - I thought Jenn was asking about something else.
17:41:10 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    I think the tips and tricks are not helpful for getting oriented to the apps when you are new
17:42:31 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Sorry I am late.
17:43:34 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    Wow! FANTASTIC work Laura!
17:43:41 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Thank you for leading us this far!
17:44:05 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    And you forgot to say with a different last name
17:44:08 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Thanks for everything!
17:44:12 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Big thank you to you Laura
17:47:04 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    We hope to see as many of you here as possible.
18:09:27 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
18:17:57 Von  Raegan Wiechert  an  Alle:
    Can't wait for the links to the records!!!
18:17:57 Von  Jessica Janecki  an  Alle:
    this is an amazing feature!
18:19:05 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    What is the MARC source for Inventory item status?
18:21:59 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    Ok thanks. I was wondering about the changes to the item status logic you were presenting.
18:23:24 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    Felix - this is something that can happen currently?
18:23:50 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    Lisa, yes, if you PUT to the item API
18:23:59 Von  Lisa McColl  an  Alle:
    Oh ok -thank you
18:24:16 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    very happy about that mapping changing for the resource type --  we have lots of records that have 33x $a without $b
18:24:23 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    No in Settings it is called Resource type, Ann-Marie
18:25:23 Von  Colin V. (he/him)  an  Alle:
    +1 appreciation for the resource type mapping change.  This takes a big chunk of cleanup off my plate!
18:26:44 Von  Alissa Hafele  an  Alle:
    I have to leave early, but wanted to say thank you. This has been very helpful!
18:30:38 Von  Ryan Tamares (he/him)  an  Alle:
    I also have to leave early. thank you very much!
18:31:22 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Thanks Ann-Marie
18:33:37 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Can someone share the link in Chat, please?  The one Ann-Marie just showed, I mean.
18:33:57 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
18:34:31 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
18:40:57 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Yes, I don’t know who made those changes, neither
18:48:22 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Wait months or years for this kind of change to be made!
18:51:46 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    This might be a topic for Wolfcon?
18:51:56 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    It just covers such a huge percentage of the data for those of us in MARC and is also a complicated system so we look at it a lot more.
18:53:01 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Good idea, Jenn!
18:53:07 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    + 1 Jenn
18:55:00 Von  Magda Zacharska  an  Alle:
    Awesome idea, Jenn!
18:55:26 Von  Magda Zacharska  an  Alle:
    Yes, Jennifer
18:55:28 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Jenn has awesome ideas too
18:55:51 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Jennifer :-)
19:00:11 Von  Raegan Wiechert  an  Alle:
    Thank you!

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