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Meet the Team 

Aleh Litasau

aleh_litasau@epam.comSenior Systems Engineer

Oleksandr Haimanovoleksandr_haimanov@epam.comSenior Systems Engineer

Vasili Kapylouvasili_kapylou@epam.comJunior Systems Engineer

Aliaksei Luhavyaliaksei_luhavy@epam.comJunior Systems Engineer

Hleb Surnovich

hleb_surnovich@epam.comJunior Systems Engineer

Dilshod Khusanov

Scrum Master

Team Calendar


    Customize the different types of events you'd like to manage in this calendar.


    Optionally, restrict who can view or add events to the team calendar.


    Grab the calendar's URL and email it to your team, or paste it on a page to embed the calendar.


    The calendar is ready to go! Click any day on the calendar to add an event or use the Add event button.


    Subscribe to calendars using your favorite calendar client.



Vacation policy

Folio - Vacation Policy - EBSCO/EBS-CRDI - EPAM Knowledge Base: (broken link, fixing)

  1. Plan your vacation for three months ahead. Only exceptional vacation is acceptable without PO approve.  
    1. Your vacation should not exceed two weeks.  
    2. If you don't know exact dates – just highlight number of days to evaluate Team capacity. 
    3. If during the desired vacation period we have two previously approved vacations of other members of the same team, the vacation may be not approved. It is valid for the team of up to 8 developers, if you have more than 8, it is OK to have tree and more parallel vacations in proportion. The precedence for intersections is defined on FIFO (first in, first out) basis. 
    4. Small deviations are possible (health or family issues) but they should be clarified personally with your SM.
  2. Send Vacation Request to your SM. SMs should check if there are any concerns about the requested dates (overlapping with other vacations in the team, length of vacation, planned releases), clarify vacation dates with POs and if no objections (it does not affect delivery and limitations of the current policy), confirm vacation as approved. For any edge cased - consult with DM. 
  3. After Approval - fill the desirable dates period in corresponding team's calendar in Ebsco Confluence.
  4. Create Vacation Request on  and attach email with approval.
  5. Click Leave For Vacation when it will be the first vacation day.
  6. Click Mark Arrived when the vacation is ended. 

Vacations are stored in Kitfox Calendar.

Some other useful info

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