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UXPROD-3456 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Not knowing what recent edit have been can made to organizations makes it difficult to troubleshoot issues
  2. Not having a complete history of Organization changes can mean sacrificing valuable information when a comment is changed etc.

Use Cases & Requirements:

RequirementStatusUse cases
User is shown what field was edited and when it was edited (Date and Time), in local timezone


When updating organizational contact information, the library needs to know the most current mailing address, phone number and account information. As this information changes, the library needs to be able to work with the most accurate information without losing historical information.

User is shown what the original value was and what new value was input


When fields change, the original information in that field is lost, for instance, the library negotiates new terms but needs to track the prior terms for historical auditing.
User can filter through list of changes. Filtering on original value, new value or field name


Over time, many changes can happen within an organization record, making it difficult to find specific historical information.
User is able to enter a note or reference a note such that it can be seen in the "change log"


In certain circumstances it can be important to note why certain changes happened or account for other organizational information that may otherwise not be documented. For instance, a library may have to change the details of an integration to comply with campus policy.

Changes tracking begins after Organization has been opened for the first time


Changes are only a concern after the organization has been opened for the first time.

User can reveal what fields have been edited, if needed.


In some systems, certain fields are highlighted when changed. This is sometimes used to highlight fields not normally subject to change.
Track changes made by system users. Track updates made by the Organization to related records. 


Proposed workflow:

Access change log


Requirements Board:






Are there circumstances where the system would automatically update an organization record?


Work Breakdown Structure:


UXPROD-204 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3457 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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