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Attendees:  Khalilah Gambrell Charlotte Whitt Anton Emelianov Sharon Wiles-Young Erin Nettifee Owen Stephens Dennis Bridges Ann-Marie Breaux Brooks Travis Kristin Martin Magda Zacharska Cheryl Malmborg Stephanie Buck Julie Bickle Jesse Koennecke Patty Wanninger Peter Murray Tiewei Liu 

Announcements 5  minutes



Roadmap Team update20 minutes

Wiki - FOLIO Roadmap  | FOLIO Roadmap Google Spreadsheet

  • Who keeps the roadmap current? JK: Roadmap team. 
  • KM: If you create a new feature that is tied to a Roadmap team, please contact a Roadmap team member.
  • JK: Roadmap team will outline a process for updating the roadmap  
  • JK: Do not need to tie just a UXPROD feature to the Roadmap. 
  • JK: Roadmap goal: Reflect reality consider community/SIG/PO priorities. Inform community when to expect functionality to be released. JK/KM: Provide a tool for the community to see the roadmap and may help to identify resources. 

POs' thoughts about the visuals. 

  • Who is the audience? Primary audience: Entry point for anyone to explore FOLIO functionality.
  • Who contributes to the roadmap?
  • How to define that a theme is complete? 

Action item: Next PO Meeting have Roadmap team join for follow-up questions

Bugfest discussion 15 minutes

  • Action: Anton will follow up with Dennis regarding ftp limit
  • Search re-index failed again. Devops: Researching root cause. 
  • In-transit reports - generating csv is failing ( a little less 16k is where the failure occurs)- BF-259 - Getting issue details... STATUS and  CIRC-1485 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Action item: Charlotte Whitt will unassign from Lotus and move to applicable project and development team 
    • Action item: Add a Lotus release note regarding issue [TBD]
  • JB: Reference data - > Sending batch notices not working BF-248 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Anonymization of Loans: Previous once an hour. Now with Lotus it is inconsistent. Is it module or environment? What is the standard?
    • Tests failed due to environment limitation - Action item: JB will follow up with testers. 
      • Bugfest is a full-scale environment. It is production ready.
  • CW: Bugfest data integrity (ex. loan types) - are we testing reality?  
    • Anton start with Day 1 of the previous bugfest
    • Action item: Anton: Request deployment of Lotus Day1 environment now to help with data clean up to prepare for Morning Glory bugfest. Give more time for POs to review and prepare data. 

Action item: Anton will make Release field required for tasks/story/bug/technical debt issue types. No change to the values. 

AMB: Need a Bugfest retro. Several POs agree. 

  • Action item: Anton Emelianov will schedule a Lotus Bugfest release will include Kitfox team. 

Is Lotus GA Ready? POs must document what workflows/functionality have not been properly tested.  Document here

  • Data import – (fix in progress)
  • Import holdings (MARC) - (fix in deployment)
  • Import holdings (FOLIO) - (environment issue) 
  • Export EDIFACT - FTP (environment issue - problem with mod-data-export-worker) 
  • Inventory search (re-index issue)
  • Call number browse (re-index issue)  
  • Subject browse (re-index issue)
  • Requests (regression P1s)
  • Loan Anonymization (environment issue)
  • Batched overnight notices not arriving in inbox as expected (environment issue)
  • Agreement line + eholdings 
POs - Tips & Tricks - delay 10 minutes
Ann-Marie Breaux 1) Folijet release dashboard, 2) Jira cleanup filters - Postponed

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