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This document is for FE developers only at this time. More details will be posted to JIRA.

Work or JIRAFE Dev lead (or Dev team) assignedNotesStatus
Clean your stripes consoleAll

Any developer can do this work regardless of FOLIO dev experience. 

Next steps

  • Zak will create a UXPROD feature
  • Each team will create JIRAs to feature
  • KG: Will create a wiki page related to stripes issue

Setup and Run large data load functional tests AND Performance (API) TestsAll 

Need to provide more details 

Can Manual QA or PO write test cases?

Remove the 10 records limit EVERYWHERE. All 
  • For those that remain 10, at least set to 50 and work with Kimie on potential UI update based on scenario. 
  • New default should be 50. 
  • Note that 10 is the default when no limit clause is present. Thus, unless a query retrieves single record by ID, every query should include a limit clause.

Next steps:

  • Option 1: ask RMB to change the default value OR spring? 
  • Option 2: ask to do on run. 

  • Lets Proceed: Option 3:
    • Zak will create a UXPROD 
    • Each team will create a story to audit 
    • Apply a limit clause to increase limit to 2000 ASK POs/QA to validate more than 10 
    • If stripes issue - create a story and assign to Stripes Force development 

RTL/JEST >  Prokopovych tests backlog 


Anton Emelianov will work with teams to break up work across the following teams: Volaris, Spitfire, Thunderjet, Folijet

* ui-inventory:
* ui-users:

Setup and execute e2e automated tests for your own apps  Any

Anton Emelianov and Oleksii Petrenko will work with teams. Ideally teams should execute automated tests for their apps.  AQA can then focus on Prokopovych and Vega smoke tests automation. 

Next steps: Talk with Anton after Thursday 4/28 if interested.

Setup and execute e2e automated tests for Vega teamAny

 Vega team needs assistance with smoke automated tests I believe.  Anton Emelianov and Oleksii Petrenko can you figure it out?

Next steps: Talk with Anton after Thursday 4/28 if interested.

Create <<ui-module>>Dashboard widget (Dashboard Use Cases)Not readyNeed requirements 
Print a detail recordNeeds PO analysis
  • Orders app supports print order lines and orders. There has been a request to support printing detail records across all apps. Can we the Orders app implementation become available at the stripes level and thus the standard for all apps? Thoughts Mikita Siadykh 
  • Are we confident ctrl-p/cmd-p is insufficient here, I mean, once we resolve STCOM-975 (below)? 

Print a detail record of MARC SRSNeeds PO analysis

Inventory supports print of MARC records as they are displayed in SRS. 

Implement Action menu: Print source, as the last Action menu item for Inventory actions.

Print a detail record of Instance, Holdings and Item Needs PO analysis

Inventory supports print of instance, holdings and item records.

Implement Action menu: Print Instance. At the second last Action menu item for Inventory actions. So after View requests, and before: Print source. 

STCOM-975 - Getting issue details... STATUS


We inadvertently broke detail-pane printing in STCOM-872 and need to restore it. Please fix in Morning Glory

Focus managementAny

Define a technical approach for improving focus management. Context: Customers state that FOLIO is "too clicky". To do anything requires multiple mouse clicks. This technical approach will apply/improve focus management to help minimize some of the "too clicky" complaints. 

Examples that we need to do 

  • Agreement on when to move the user from search pane to results list pane 
  • When a user clicks on a result then shift focus to the third pane
  • Focus when a user creates a new record 
  • Focus when a user edits a record 

Refactor infotip component

STCOM-681 - Getting issue details... STATUS

STCOM-722 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyInfotip must be updated to address accessibility issues. 

Refactor Timepicker component 

STCOM-326 - Getting issue details... STATUS

STCOM-694 - Getting issue details... STATUS

STCOM-568 - Getting issue details... STATUS

STCOM-569 - Getting issue details... STATUS


STCOM-326 - Getting issue details... STATUS - is this still needed? DB: I thought we were refactoring in favor of "stripes-final-form" 
JC: Our 'form field' wrapper maps the props provided by React-final-form/Redux-Form to the props of the component. This component should be set up to use the FormField HOC as the other form controls do. 

STCOM-647 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyExpose Ref to control in `<Selection>` and `<Select>`

STCOM-882 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyMetaSection should correctly display unknown user values as "Unknown", not "System user"

Create new Interactors 

STCOM-785 - Getting issue details... STATUS


John Coburn please provide the list of remaining interactors that need to be created. 
JC: Our immediate goal in this is to solely rely on new bigtest interactors (@interactors/html} versus the old "@bigtest/interactors' in stripes-components.

Create/ update Stripes <specific topic> documentation Any

Identify documentation 

  • That is helpful to a new developer
  • Is out-of-date
  • That is critical and needs an update badly

STSMACOM-453 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyCorrectly handle i18n in ControlledVocab. Note: this will be a breaking change and involve refactoring across every app that uses CV due to the need to pass in new translation strings. It's not so much "the code is wrong" as "the i18n is wrong".
Does the story have all details? It does, but they may not be clearly stated.

STCOM-979 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyExport missing Popper constants. We're at a crossroads here: either we just add a few missing exports (easy peasy) because existing apps already reach into private paths for them or we say, "Wait, hang on a minute, Popper needs a wholesale refactor so we should not let the interface grow now given we expect it to change soon."

STCOM-977 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anya11y for MultiSelect

  STCOR-603 - Getting issue details... STATUS and  FOLIO-1007 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Not readyNot ready for review

Access to Help documentation based on FOLIO tenant version

STCOR-591 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Not ready 

Refactor old components away from deprecated React lifecycle methods,

STSMACOM-624 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anyui-calendar issues are not applicable as a new calendar app is in development. 

un-pin axe-core from 4.3.3 after 4.3.5 is released STSMACOM-546 - Getting issue details... STATUS


replace stripes-logger with categorical-logger STRIPES-762 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Correctly label numbers in translation values as such FOLIO-3233 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Fix inconsistent peer-deps 

STRIPES-676 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Update any/all apps to current major version of eslint-config-stripes, and correspondingly migrate to @babel/eslint-parser and eslint 7.0.0.

STRIPES-742 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Kill redux-form. Kill it with fire. UXPROD-2266 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Remaining issues

stripes-cli and stripes-webpack should just use  stripes-dev-server to serve instead of pulling in additional deps STCLI-166 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Update apps' plugin and components dependencies:


Igor Godlevskyi 

Update apps' plugin and components dependencies:



Update apps' plugin and components dependencies:



Update your direct/in-development dependencies per repo


Use FOLIO-3477 - Getting issue details... STATUS as a template

Results List: Change pagination for consistency

Results List: Change to hyperlink one rowAny

Change has been implemented MARC authority app and Users app

Apply basic keyboard shortcuts to app Not readyNeed to provide a list
Spike: Investigate a way to generate interface for UAT. Not ready

Results list: Hierarchical layout POCNot ready 

Storybook updates Not ready

John Coburn what should be updated?

Allow user/customer to specify app display order Not ready

Accessibility testing (automated)To be discussed

Apply Agreement MCL display updates across all FOLIO apps?To be discussed

Change record log trackerTo be discussed

Q: Do we store all updates to a record including who made the update and what? If so, can this be a UI only project?  A: No, we do not. In most cases we store only the creator-id and create-datestame and the updater-id and update-datestamp. Loans are a counter example where we store a comprehensive changelog, but that wasn't handled with generic "audit-log" behavior; it is implementation specific.

Customize help link URL  STCOR-621 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AnyAllow override of help-icon URL via a value in stripes.config.js.
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  1. Also documenting the UI-only bugs/stories filter in Jira

    And the UI-only features in Jira

    The features likely need some review and refinement before they could be picked up by developers.

  2. Khalilah Gambrell Once a dev team claims something (and assuming they claim the whole row, do you prefer that 

    1) the row is deleted?

    2) the row is marked "claimed" someplace? (add a new column, or make that clear in the Assigned column perhaps?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Ann-Marie Breaux  - can you update the second column on this table with your team's name?

  3. Khalilah Gambrell - Re. "Print a detail record" then several users have asked for the print option of MARC records in SRS - latest discussion of the topic was in the #metadata-managment channel on 3/30. Can we add this requirement as well:

    What the users can print today looks like following:

    And the users want to be able to print:

    CC: Ann-Marie Breaux 

    1. Thanks Charlotte Whitt. Is there a feature(s) for print option of MARC records in SRS? Also has this always been an issue? Or is it a new issue due to this issue - STCOM-975 - Getting issue details... STATUS