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~25 attendees


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on AWS from 2022 onwards:

Discussion items

Lisa McColl
  • Still looking for a temp co-convener from mid-May through mid-July.
  • Ann-Marie asked for more BugFest volunteers - there are still some unclaimed tests. Please check TestRails for open tests. 
PC update

2022-03-24 Product Council Meeting Notes

Charlotte attended. There was nothing specific for the MM-SIG. Talk about reorganizing the Capacity Planning Team. The community will review the scope of the team and suggest a liaison to attend every second Monday

Browse contributor requirements

Proposed approach to Browsing Contributors. Khalilah showed mock ups for feedback. Slides

Point: Allow contributors to be browsed in Inventory. Source is all contributors, regardless of type, in FOLIO storage. 
Ann-Marie pointed out that there may be various levels of completeness to what has been entered as a contributor. 

Mockup shows available Browse option under Instance, "Browse contributors". Type name in text field. Result will be browse list.  If there is not a match, placeholder will be shown. If there is a match, that result will be highlighted. Clicking on any item on Browse list, will lead to an Instance search - leading to all Instances that have the name clicked on as a contributor.

Column Headings: Contributor | Type | Number of titles

Question: Would group like a filter to limit to type of name? In chat - several responded, "Yes" to having a filter.

Question: Is there value to having "Author" or other relationship designator as column and filter? 

Behavior Question: If a person is a contributor of three different types, could they be still listed in the same record as opposed to three different times in the resulting list. Khalilah will talk to the team as to how to display a person who serves several roles as a contributor for one work (actor, writer, director)

Khalilah will work with her team and come back with updated mock-ups.

Release Notes/Changes

MM SIG Release Note & Other Highlights.

(These are release notes related to Lotus)

Jacquie asked if anyone has had problems with permissions. Has anyone done permissions testing? 

Ann-Marie - Data Import - In newer test rails Ann-Marie has tried to set up permissions aimed at data import. There has been some clean up of permissions metadata, but that did not change the scope of Permissions.

Discuss MSEARCH-317Magda Zacharska 

User looking get same search results for Eg: ‘Pangk’ok’ , ‘Pangkok’ or ‘Pangk'


Suggested workaround

Concerns that if a diacritic is the first letter of a word, would it change the results? Too many false matches? - Magda - yes it would. 

Expectations when adding multiple filter values in Inventory

Demo current situation

Possible solutions:

  • Option 1: Add previously applied filters to the search box with the option to remove them by pressing "x"
  • Option 2: Have previously applied filters fixed at the top of the list of options 

For option 1 the box would expand. Most people in chat expressed a preference for Option 1. 

Discuss - search option 'All' is to be enabled at tenant level (Lotus). Will require specific permission

Current implementation:

UIIN-1645 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSEARCH-182 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSEARCH-188 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

BF-250 - Getting issue details... STATUS



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