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Discussion items

5-10 minSpring RCE vulnerabilityAll



  • Discussed with Mark V. Harry K, and Oleksii P. - Aiming for Lotus (HF) and Morning Glory.
  • Still confusion about how many releases need to be supported, LTS, etc. 
  • Note that this is a P3, if it were a P1/P2 the decision might have been different.

Official security support policy on releases

Security team needs

  • How many releases from now has to be supported? (3-4 releases or less?)
  • Priority/Risk will likely factor into this as well.
  • Also a matter of capacity
  • Should be raised to the PC → Axel can bring this with a paper/proposal to the PC - not yet.
  • Probably want to bring this to the TC as well at some point, even if only for awareness.
  • WOLFcon session?
  • Axel will produce a paper that outlines that problem by next weeks meeting.
  • Chris to ask his stakeholders about TAMU needs - not specifically, but has started to have some conversations

5 min

Update on FOLIO-3317 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

  • Axel Dörrer Should be removed from week to week agenda and Axel will monitor for progress and report back
  • MODEUS-139 has been moved to the next sprint


  • Axel Dörrer  will discuss the data-import ticket with Ann-Marie B. ... maybe Nolana?
5-10 min

RMB-902 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OKAPI-1081 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Notes from previous weeks:

Discussions are ongoing, currently blocked on a decision being made.

  • Document the options on the wiki to facilitate these discussions and the decision making process.
  • By this group?  By the TC?
  • How do we constrain the module names?  If so, where/how?
    • Various restrictions:  Postgres, Hosting infrastructure (Kubernetes/ECS/etc.)
  • What about the tenantId restrictions?
    • Also part of the above discussion/decision.


5-10 min

STCLI-190 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Notes from previous weeks:

There's a PR that hasn't' moved in a while... What's the status?  How do we move this forward?

Was there another PR against stripes-testing?

  • ui-test:94 Was merged, a problem was reported, leading to this being reverted.
  • Appears to be an environmental problem.  
  • The JIRA is now unassigned... it isn't clear who has the ball here.
  • Added a comment to STCLI-190 tagging Khalilah, Ryan, and Zak
  • This PR has been reverted because of issues with the included changes of kopy version. The idea is to exclude the kopy changes by now to move forward with this.


  • No movement, but a PR should be coming soon.
10 min

MODAT-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS



The ask is to review this story, and more specifically the comment thread.  We can discuss more next week.  The goal is twofold:

  1. Awareness of what's being proposed
  2. Possibly make recommendations to the CP team if we have strong feelings about the direction the project goes with this.


  • No strong feelings, left a message in the JIRA letting Steven know.
5 min

RMB-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The level of exposure is not clear at this point.  Julian Ladisch  will look into it and get back to us.  This information will feed back into conversations with capacity planning group wrt backporting to kiwi/lotus/etc.  Indications are that there will not be a Kiwi HF3, so it may be that this only gets into Lotus HF1 and Morning Glory.

  • Is fixed. We can leave it by now as dev teams will use them by the next module build


  • NOTE:  RMB 33.2.* has been used for several flower versions, so no need to backport 


Review the Kanban boardTeam

Action items

  • Julian Ladisch to document the options for restricting tenantId and module names on the wiki (Context: RMB-902 - Getting issue details... STATUS / OKAPI-1081 - Getting issue details... STATUS )