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Recordings are posted Here (2022+) and Here (pre-2022)                   Slack channel for Q&A, discussion between meetings

Requirements details Here                                                                    Additional discussion topics in Subgroup parking lot

Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux Leeda Adkins Heather MacFarlane Jenn Colt Kateryna Senchenko Leeda Adkins Lloyd Chittenden Lynne Fors 

Morning Glory

Agenda topics:

  • Lotus Potential Hotfixes:
    • Key factors: regressions or not, risk level, data integrity, any workarounds
    • Quota Exceeded error UIDATIMP-1205 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Originally identified by Cornell and thought to be associated with very large job profiles, so no hotfix was planned
      • Experienced by other libraries migrating to Lotus also
      • Low-risk fix
      • Received permission for hotfix
      • Should be included in Lotus HF2
    • 035 Matching regression MODSOURCE-521 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Also have to be competing 035s to happen, so if clean all of them out, it's OK
      • Also can pre-construct the new 035, and that helps
      • Affects MARC-to-Instance, which we were not trying to change
      • A-M to talk with devs tomorrow, plus add some manual test cases so that the fixes can be tested heavily before hotfix and after
    • Holdings source problem, when Holdings created by opening an order is updated by Data Import MODORDERS-717 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Confirm whether this is really locking down fields when Source changes from FOLIO to MARC
      • A-M to finish testing a holdings update with Holdings HRID ho00000000014 and see if it changes source and locks down fields
      • Then confer with devs to assess risk and regression testing
    • Protected fields being removed from the record on import MODDATAIMP-698 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • For Cornell, since they cannot copy from Sandbox to Production, will have to stop importing until all the profiles are edited
      • Maybe consider a feature to mark profiles as Inactive.
        • Then they could be built/edited without allowing them to be used yet.
        • Could be problematic though, since one use case is copying an existing profile and making changes to it. The new profiles would have to have different names.
        • A-M not adding a draft feature for now

Next week:

  • Finalize requirements for Data Import creating Orders from MARC Bibs (to be delivered in Nolana)
    • Maybe skip next week if attendance will be small
    • A-M to ask on Slack channel
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