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Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux Leeda Adkins  Jennifer Eustis Christie Thomas Heather MacFarlane Jenn Colt Lynne Fors Mark Arnold Lloyd Chittenden Taylor Smith Bob Scheier 

Morning Glory

Agenda topics:

  • Morning Glory Bugfest
    • Starts Monday
    • Sign up for test cases
    • Any questions?
  • Lotus Hotfix 3 dashboard:
    • Key factors: regressions or not, risk level, data integrity, any workarounds
    • 035 Matching regression MODSOURCE-521 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Will be included in Lotus HF3
      • Related to MODSOURCE-509 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Review 001/003/025 examples - any other scenarios we should document?
        • Add one with the ocm/ocn prefix - DONE (record 8)
        • Is there a way to use a MARC modification to remove the ocm/ocn, but keep the rest of the OCLC 035? (e.g. change 035$a (OCoLC)ocm1234567 to 035$a (OCoLC)1234567) - STILL TBD
          • In Aleph, a little fix to remove the letters
          • In Sierra, a line in the load profile to remove the OCLC and RLIN prefixes
          • In OLE, default was not to build an 035 from the 001 and 003
        • Consider option to not build an 035 when importing to create or update (e.g. the Inventory Single Record Import Updates) - STILL TBD
          • Need to be careful if opting to NOT add 035, that the 035 already exists in the record, or else the data that was previously in the 001/003 will be lost when they are replaced with the HRID
  • Misc bugs
    • MODDATAIMP-690 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • MODDATAIMP-427 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Conflicting expected results in the 2 bugs - which is correct: fail the job or remove old 999 ff and create new one?
      • Different expected result for MARC Bibs vs MARC Authorities vs MARC Holdings? No
      • Expected result: better not to create a new Inventory record/SRS (which then will probably be a duplicate that has to be cleaned up); discard with error message that the incoming record contained 999ff/UUID
    • MODDATAIMP-604 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Based on the match, 2 or more incoming records in the file are going to update 1 existing FOLIO record
      • Only apply to MARC Bibs, or Authorities/Holdings also?
      • Use cases
        • Multiple copies or volumes on different invoice lines: May depend on what the match point is (if a VRN in 9xx data)
        • Electronic resources with different URLs but the same record number
      • Confirm expected behavior (OK to apply to all 3 MARC record types)
        • Probably OK to process the first copy of the record and then fail the second with a error message about it being a duplicate in the same file
          • Does it matter if record is 1 and 40 in the original file vs 40 and 41 in the original file?
        • Ideal have an option to define whether it does that or not (can we do this when we get to multi?) would be to process both sequentially, and not have an error at all
  • UI Changes in Nolana
    • Will review in more detail next week
    • Suppress Preview area
    • Replace "Undo" behavior with confirmation modal
    • Profile changes related to Importing orders

Next week:

  • Finalize requirements for Data Import creating Orders from MARC Bibs (to be delivered in Nolana)


From Christie Thomas (she/her) to Everyone 01:06 PM
I am on vacation this round. I will also miss the next two meetings.

From Lynne Fors to Everyone 01:26 PM
We would like to do that with our OCLC numbers
We haven't figured out how to get modifications to work

From Jenn Colt to Everyone 01:26 PM
we run clean up on them every day

From Lynne Fors to Everyone 01:27 PM
That would be great to add to the Connexion push into Folio

From Leeda Adkins to Everyone 01:28 PM
+1 Lynne

From Bob Scheier (Holy Cross) to Everyone 01:33 PM
I should clarify what I said. In Sierra there is a line where we added to remove oclc prefix from 001 not 035. We used the OCLC number for our 001.

From Leeda Adkins to Everyone 01:38 PM

From Heather MacFarlane to Everyone 01:52 PM

From Lynne Fors to Everyone 01:56 PM
Then you can extract the failed record to do in another file to import

From Christie Thomas (she/her) to Everyone 01:56 PM
+1 Lynne

From Lynne Fors to Everyone 01:58 PM
And if there is multiple 9xx fields for adding/updating multiple holdings/item

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