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@Recordings are posted Here (2022+) and Here (pre-2022)                   Slack channel for Q&A, discussion between meetings

Requirements details Here                                                                    Additional discussion topics in Subgroup parking lot

Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux Tim Watters Jennifer Eustis Autumn Faulkner Jeanette Kalchik Jenn Colt Lynne Fors Mark Arnold Taylor Smith 

Morning Glory

Agenda topics:

  • WOLFcon
    • Should we have a breakout session for Data Import? at least a couple folks online (see if the concurrent sessions will be streamed)
    • What can we do in person that we can't do in an extra online session (same question for MM SIG)
    • Topic ideas?
    • What's the coolest profile you've built?
    • Questions that you have?
    • Maybe an in-person lab?

  • Morning Glory Bugfest
    • How is it going so far?
      • Some imports getting stuck - A-M working on confirming the configuration
      • DI being up and down yesterday, not so much today
      • Figure out if we can preserve some profiles through the update (A-M add a label to some of the ones created on MG BF and see if they migrate into Nolana properly; )
      • If you want to test something that someone else has claimed, that's totally fine. Add a comment to the test with your results. Do not reassign the test to yourself, or change its status
      • If you want to do exploratory testing, with profiles that mimic real user cases for your library, that's also very helpful. If bugs found or questions, contact Ann-Marie on Slack
    • Would it be helpful to have a checklist for confirming DI is ready for Bugfest testing before it starts? 
      Check on BF
      Import a large MARC Bib file to create instances, holdings, items; make sure log links work

      Check Holdings source field for Holdings created from MARC Bib

      Check Holdings source field for Holdings created from Opened PO
      Import an EDIFACT invoice; make sure log links work
      Check Inventory Single Record Import: OCLC settings
      Check Inventory Single Record Import - all 3 types (create/update source = FOLIO/update source = MARC)
      Look at TestRail smoke tests? (some have been changed to automated)

  • UI Changes in Nolana
    • Review PPT linked above and confirm if all OK, or if any edits
      • Slide 7: review next week
      • Slide 30: what happens with the job if you don't select either option in the modal? Does it continue to chug and eventually finishes? A-M to check with devs
    • Still working on the Field mapping profile for Orders/Order lines: review next week
    • Also reviewed the matching by POL or VRN to update Instance, Holdings, and/or Item, which is available as of Morning Glory

  • Misc bugs (Save for next week)

Next week:

  • Finalize requirements for Data Import Field mapping profile for Orders/Order lines from MARC Bibs (to be delivered in Nolana)


From Jenn Colt to Everyone 01:05 PM

From Lynne Fors to Everyone 01:05 PM
online for me as well

From Lloyd Chittenden to Everyone 01:06 PM
I'm signed up for virtual, but the time difference means I'll only attend the last session each day.

From Autumn Faulkner (she/her) to Everyone 01:17 PM
by the time I got around to claiming tests, only basic tasks were left. no issues aside from the offset error, and refresh is working for me.

From jeanette kalchik to Everyone 01:22 PM
how do you report non-testrail bugs you come across? 

From Taylor Smith to Everyone 01:37 PM
seems fine to me off the top of my head

From Autumn Faulkner (she/her) to Everyone 01:56 PM
I like it!
more streamlined

From jeanette kalchik to Everyone 01:57 PM
What will happen if you just do not click on yes or no? will it just stay paused?

From Taylor Smith to Everyone 02:02 PM
thanks, have a good one!

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