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Please note that this document is no longer being maintained - for current check out documentation, see


The Check Out app allows staff to check out physical items to patrons in their libraries. You can checkout multiple items at once, and change the due date of the item.

Items being checked out must have an associated record in Inventory with a barcode assigned to the item. 

Staff members using the app must have a service point assigned to their user record in the Users app. The checkout is recorded as having happened at the service point that the staff member has associated to their record during the Check Out session.


There are two permissions you can assign to users for this app (info current as of Honeysuckle):

  • Check out: All Permissions - includes permissions in Check Out: Check Out Circulating Items plus the ability to override a checkout.
  • Check out: Check Out Circulating Items - should include all permissions needed to check out items
  • Check out: View fees/fines
  • Check out: View loans
  • Check out: View requests


Describe out of the box fields, including designed purpose, data requirements and validation, dependencies between fields. 
Describe out of the box accordion menus, including purpose of the menus, customization options, and associated permission controls (if any)
Describe any workflows available through navigation menus, including purpose of the workflow, customization options, and associated permission controls.

The app will display in two panes - the left hand pane (Scan Patron Card) is for looking up / displaying the patron record, and the right hand pane (Scan Items) is for displaying the item(s) as they are checked out.

When a patron record is successfully found, the following fields display in the left hand pane:

  • Borrower (highlighted in gray box)
    • Name
    • Barcode
  • Patron Group
  • Status
  • User Expiration
    • Displays as '-' if no expiration date is found
  • Open Loans
    • Click the number to open a pop-up with open loan information
  • Fee/Fines Owed
    • Amount owed in total - click the amount to open the user record to view more fine information
  • Open Requests
    • Click the number to go to the Requests app to view the patron's open requests
  • Patron Blocks
    • Displays as '-' if no blocks are on the patron record
    • If there are blocks, a pop-up window with the block information will display

On the right hand pane, when an item is checked out, the following fields display:

  • Number
    • just indicates the number of the loan in the session - increments by one.
  • Barcode
    • Item barcode
  • Title
    • Item title (pulled from Instance record)
  • Loan Policy
    • Name of the loan policy that was applied
  • Due Date
  • Due Time
  • More Details icon (...)
    • Item Details 
      • Opens item record in the Inventory App
    • Loan Details
      • Opens Loan Details on the user's record in the User App
    • Loan Policy
      • Opens Loan Policy in Settings → note that you have to have appropriate permissions to see the loan policy
    • Change Due Date
      • Opens a pop-up window to allow you to change the due date on one or more of the loans that have been checked out in that session


Describe pathways for searching in the app/feature through the UI.
Describe fields that are indexed in the back end specifically for searching
Describe any advanced searching features and how they would work.

Functional workflows

Describe available tasks that can be conducted in the app. To document those tasks, create a new page and link it to this page.
Describe action-based permissions that are connected to these functional workflows, if any.


Describe available in-app reports, including parameters for the reports, and associated permissions.
If there are developed LDP reports/queries for this app / area of FOLIO, describe those reports as well.
List any fields that may not be available in the LDP (e.g., for privacy reasons.)

There are no reports directly available in the Check Out App.

If you'd like to items checked out to a specific patron, you can look up there 


Github modules:


Considerations for Implementation

  • You must set up the Settings - Calendar for the service point you are using to check items out from, even if you are just beginning and wanting to do basic testing. If your calendar is empty, FOLIO will tell you that the loan policy says the item isn't loanable but won't give you any other information. (This was tested in Q12020).
  • There is a setting in Settings → Circulation → Other Settings to control the identifiers that can be used for Checkout. By default, these boxes are unchecked, and if you leave them unchecked, users will have to have barcodes on their records in order to be able to check out an item in the Check Out app. If you check one of the boxes, than the box(es) that you check becomes the required identifier(s). So if you don't want to require barcodes on user records, make sure you check an option for another identifier to be used.
  • User barcodes and usernames are enforced for uniqueness, but as of Honeysuckle, the externalSystemId field is not required to be unique. ( MODUSERS-247 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). Also, the Check Out app does not verify uniqueness across identifiers. For example, if patron X has barcode 123456, and patron Y has external system Id 123456, and you allow barcode and external system Id as checkout identifiers, than when you use 123456 in the checkout app to look up a patron, it will fetch the first patron it finds, and it doesn't give you a message to tell you there are other patron records. This is likely to only come up in edge cases or cases of staff error, but it is important to know.
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