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Attendees:  Khalilah Gambrell Julie Bickle Patty Wanninger Stephanie Buck Brooks Travis Lee Braginsky Ann-Marie Breaux Tiewei Liu Peter Murray Cheryl Malmborg Annika Schröer Dennis Bridges Anton Emelianov Charlotte Whitt Owen Stephens 

Announcements 10 minutes 


  1. Morning Glory
        1. Timeline change >
        2. Please consider what additional issues to include in MG Bugfix
          1. Bugfix Deadline  
          2. GO Live date: 26 Sep 2022
          3. Remaining issues for MG -
            1. UIIN-2155 - Getting issue details... STATUS (blocking GBV libraries for upgrading from Kiwi) 
            2. Existing - Match profiles with instances UUIDs > to create holdings  MODSOURMAN-874 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            3. CIRC-1610 - Getting issue details... STATUS -Alex V - Merged fix
            4. CIRC-1611 - Getting issue details... STATUS - capacity issue to get done this week. 
            5. MODFIN-274 - Getting issue details... STATUS may require a RMB update. Still figuring out a solution. 
        3. Clean up features status:  9 features are in progress
        4. Update Release Notes - Morning Glory (R2 2022) Release Notes
          1. To have an known issue added to the Bugfest and Release Notes table, please add the label known-issue-morningglory. An issue will be removed from the list once the issue is Closed.
            1. Action item - Ann-Marie to clean up query to make it easier to understand. 
        5. Retro Morning Glory R2 2022 retrospective Feel free to add your thoughts to board -
          1. Date: Wednesday, October 5 at 10am ET - 12:00pm ET Link:
  2. Nolana - no change in release date (December 12)
  3. Orchid scope finalized - OR ?
    1. Features defined and reviewed with team 
    2. Development Estimates complete 
Critical Path (e-2-e tests) prioritization15 minutes 
  • AQA team have begun to automated critical path test cases.
  • Action item for POs: Review your test cases in Test rails
    • Prioritize in Test rails
    • Confirm which test cases should be Critical path
    • Set Priority for those Critical path tests

Deadline: Review and priority by the end of Sprint 149

Have questions, please contact Anton Emelianov and/or Lee Braginsky 

 Release Readiness Checklist - Lets collaborate on this checklist to provide a guide to a successful release. Each team may customize to meet needs but we can use this checklist as a baseline.30 minutes All 
  • No team is required to use it
  • A guide for any team that wants to manage all activities of a release 
  • A team can customize this list to its team 
  • Appreciate feedback on the checklist 

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