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Briefly describe the purpose of the integration.

This integration can be done with any learning management system that supports LTI (an industry standard protocol). For the purpose of this wiki page, we'll discuss Sakai specifically, since that is what has been implemented in a production environment (at Duke.)

The purpose of the integration between FOLIO and Sakai is for FOLIO to provide information (hyperlinks to discovery) about items that are on reserve for a specific course to that course's site in Sakai. By using the LTI connection, FOLIO does not need to maintain information about what students are enrolled in a specific course; Sakai manages the enrollment information.

What standards are used in the integration (if applicable)The integration uses Learning Tools Interoperability (, or LTI. LTI is the industry standard for connecting external tools to a learning management system like Sakai, Canvas, or Blackboard.
What FOLIO modules are used (and apps, if applicable)

FOLIO: Courses is the primary app. In order for Courses to function as expected, you also want Inventory to be up and running, as well as Users and all the associated settings.


FOLIO settings dependencies

Installing ui-lti-courses adds a section in Settings called Courses LTI Tool - that is where you add in your settings for connecting to Sakai or other LMS platforms.

You must have an active course term assigned to the courses that you want the integration to function with - if the edge module detects that the current date is not included in the course term, no item information will be displayed in Sakai.

Points of integration (e.g., what data points need to match, if any)

The module can match the Sakai course ID to the FOLIO externalId, registrarId, or courseNumber.

The course title in the LMS needs to have a 1-1 match to  the course title in FOLIO. If it doesn't, the module will not fetch information as expected. 

Considerations for implementers
Links for additional information

The readme doc is fairly detailed and a good place for technical staff to start:

Course Reserves - LTI connectivity

Contact for more information

Duke University - Erin Nettifee or Karen Newbery 

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