Attendees:  Khalilah Gambrell   Julie Bickle Magda Zacharska Erin Nettifee John Coburn Ann-Marie Breaux Owen Stephens Dennis Bridges Peter Murray Tiewei Liu Patty Wanninger Tim Auger Stephanie Buck Kimie Kester 

Announcements 10 minutes 


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the program for NISO Plus 2023 is shaping up nicely, as you can see from this draft schedule. As always, in addition to the invited sessions, we are looking to you — the information community — to share your ideas for the program too! We’ve already received some great proposals and we know that more are underway so, in response to a number of requests, we are extending the deadline through the end of this week. So, if you have ideas that you want to share with the information community, please submit your proposal before midnight (Eastern Time) on November 11.

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Nolana Release details

10 minutes


Key Stats to review:

Release notes 

NOTE: Some test cases are missing from the Nolana test run due to a change in test run filter requirements. Now you must have a value in the following fields: a.) Test group, b.) Execution type = Manual, c.) Release. Please review your test cases. 

Who to contact regarding bugfest: Contact all three - Oleksii Petrenko Oleksandr Bashtynskyi Lee Braginsky 

What are the deployment times for


UXPROD-3215 - Getting issue details... STATUS

30 minutes 
  • Planned for the Orchid release 
  • Need by Acq to track changes — to help with troubleshooting

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