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Inventory search 

MSEARCH-466 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSEARCH-458 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSEARCH-457 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Review existing tests 
  • Add more tests 

Migration | MARC authority upgrades from Lotus to Morning Glory

Release Upgrades: MARC Authority app handling

UIMARCAUTH-205 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Mapping rules changes requires updating all records (same as most mod-search schema changes requires re-indexing). Possibly some minor changes may not require update, not sure.

Current solution (in a process of testing): MODDATAIMP-669: Script to refresh Authorities against an updated MARC-Authority map

Story for defining the best way to handle mapping rules update: ARCH-36 - Getting issue details... STATUS

For any mapping rules changes we need to have release notes to update old entities (same as for re-indexing on mod-search). Possibly some minor changes may not require updating old entities.

Bugfest: We need to keep a subset of records in prior environment to test migration/upgrade. Actions 1.) Upgrade script and 2.) Ensure functionality is working as expected  - Create a story in Bugfest and assign to Kitfox and VP will create after migration/upgrade test cases 

Migration | MARC authority upgrades from Morning Glory to Nolana (See above row)

There also was a small  rules change for MODSOURMAN-838.

So if we have old records with such values as in story above (slash in the end) - we need to update records as well.

Does MODDATAIMP-669: Script to refresh Authorities against an updated MARC-Authority map support updating records to be included in the Authority source file facet (see MODDICORE-291 - Getting issue details... STATUS )?

Same as above.

UIQM-321 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We have e2e automated test case. KG - Have asked to look into why the e2e test did not find this issue.  
Migration | Spitfire managed data import profiles 

Need to create a script to migrate profiles if we add new fields to the schema. Can be run automatically.

Kitfox may be involved with testing migrated profiles ????

MARC authority app 

UIMARCAUTH-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Nolana) 

UIMARCAUTH-204 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Nolana) 

UIMARCAUTH-199 - personally I didn't know that was the expected 

UIMARCAUTH-199 - when using stripes components pay close attention to documentation

UIMARCAUTH-204 - spend more time testing changes before merging.

eholdings - store holdings reliability 

Export manager - export eholdings

UIEH-1336 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MODEXPW-310 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MODEXPW-312 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MODEXPW-318 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MODEXPW-326 (assigned to Firebird) 

UIEH-1336 - requirements change for Nolana

MODEXPW-310 - holdingsIQ Bug

MODEXPW-312, MODEXPW-318 - to be fixed

MODEXPW-312, MODEXPW-318 - improve unit tests coverage

KG: Write better e2e requirements. Be quicker to respond to issues. 

Data export - authority records does not work 

MDEXP-572 - Getting issue details... STATUS (assigned to Firebird) 

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