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UXPROD-3910 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Catalogers need a way to create a MARC authority record via the quickMARC UI to support original cataloging workflows. Currently, MARC authority records can only be created via Data Import. Local authorities may be created when national or external authority headings do not exist, or if they don't meet the needs/philosophy of the institution.

In Scope

  • Creation of new MARC authority record from quickMARC UI

Out of Scope

  • Derive / Templates
  • Creating authority record from MARC bib access point
  • Definition & management of local authority files?


RequirementUse CaseAnalysis StatusJira Ticket(s)
Create permission to allow users to create a local MARC Authority record- quickMARC: Create new MARC authority record
  • Libraries may have specific staff members that are responsible for authority creation


Add ability to create a new MARC Authority record in the MARC authority module; Actions>+New MARC Authority
  • Users already manage MARC authority records within the MARC authority app


Upon selecting option to create a New MARC authority record, generate new MARC authority record

  • Libraries may distribute original MARC authority records to participating

  • Libraries may want to create original, local authority records

  • Existing authority sources may not meet their needs

  • Existing authority sources may meet their needs, but the heading needs to be updated to fit local practices


Generate 001, 005, and 999 upon creation

  • So far, unable to identify a use case for not generating the 001
  • Is functionality needed to configure local authority vocabularies by establishing a prefix to use in the 001, like current state HRID handling for other records?
  • See below notes on assigning Authority sources
  • Provide HRID
  • Provide date/time stamp of creation
  • Provide UUID


Populate default values in the Leader:

  • LDR/05 = "n"
  • LDR/17 = "o"
  • LDR/18 = "\"
  • Increase efficiency by prepopulating Leader values that can be assigned by the system


Populate the record with an 008 containing blank positions

  • Concerns about the blank values with no dropdown help
  • Increase efficiency


Retain existing logic for assigning Authority source

  • Investigating approach for local authority definition
  • Ability to identify authorities within the MARC authority app
  • Configuration of a local authority vocabulary, for searching within filters
  • *if no 010 $a with a prefix, likely means that newly created records will be assigned "Not specified" as the source


Retain existing save/edit that exists for imported Authority records
  • UI/UX consistency



How do libraries identify an authority as local?
  • No set way, as long as the method is consistent (so the 001 conceptually seems fine)


What are the implications of using the 001 for local authority control numbers in Data Import?


What are the implications of two types of local authorities:

  • Authority records created, managed, and maintained by the institution
  • Authority records created by another source to which the institution has made local edits


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