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Date and time

10-11 EST





FOLIO documentation working group is looking for volunteers to help write the documentation for settings/developer.

A number of sub-points, but not everythings needs to be documented.

Who knows someone who could help out with this ?

Jeremy: We can group the sub-points and assigns each group to some other person.

Ingolf could do the part which comprises permissions: Configuration & Current permissions.

OPAC and discovery servicesCarol

There is a new  OPAC solution for FOLIO, called Locate. Locate - Quick Start Guide (

Our IT department is currently investigating it. We want to use Locate and EDS. There is a list of answers to frequent questions:

Our Security office is reviewing it. An accessability person has been investigating it.

Jeremy: We are using Blacklight.

Ingolf: hbz aims to offer FOLIO with its own discovery software, digibib. But for smaller libraries and/or for a transition period we plan to offer VuFind.

Operational issuesIngolf

Ingolf mentions an operational issue that he encountered, when his servers have been moved automatically by the VMWare manager from one node to another. Observation is that containers went down, and were spin up again twice on the new node. For each module, the old container was spun up and a new container. The old container was now unknown to Okapi's discovery. (Containers had all been deployed with Okapi on the old VMWare node). Ingolf had to remove the old containers manually in order to free ports for Okapi. He assumes that the new containers had been spun up by Okapi, but what started the old containers ? He suspects some system (VMWare) related mechanism. Since this was on a production system, it should be avoided in the future.

Ingolf reported another operational issue in #sys-ops, namely that he can not upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 because Okapi (from focal/ okapi 4.14.10-1) can not be upgraded.

Data migration
Ingolf encountered an error when using fse_folio_migration_tools. His question has already been answered in the chat (Thank you!). 

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