Acquisitions Small Group Meeting Notes:  Tuesday, December 10, 2019




  • Dennis (EBSCO, Product Owner)
  • Ann-Marie (EBSCO, Co-Product Owner)
  • Susan (Chicago, Convener)
  • Scott (Chicago)
  • Steve (Colorado)
  • Julie (Chicago)
  • Martina (GBV)
  • Ann (Cornell)
  • George (Auburn)
  • John (TAMU)
  • Heather (TAMU)
  • Michael (Alabama)


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  • Note take needed for Thursday, December 12 th – Susan cannot attend that meeting
  • Voucher Export Settings and Workflow
  • Batch loader – invoice line numbers




Note take needed for Thursday, December 12 th – Susan cannot attend that meeting

  • Ann-Marie will try to take some notes.



Voucher Export Settings and Workflow discussion


Chicago exports on demand. Could be daily or weekly. Important to be able to do on demand daily.  Everything that is approved gets picked up automatically.


Cornell approves twice a week.


A-M:  If you approve then everything you approve goes. If you do not approve, nothing will go. Would that work?   YES


What time should happen? Midnight? Other time?


File name may just be the date and include all of the vouchers. May be able to generate a status if there is a connection to an outside system.


Include check number and disbursement date - information that would be in-coming.


Export may simply be a csv file and it is up to the institution to process it on their end for their accounting system.  Reason: because each institution will most likely doing the processing differently based on university accounting systems and needs. 


Is this on the line folks are doing now?

Chicago: helper app goes into OLE to the tables and extracts the data.

Cornell: file format is XML.


Can Chicago review the exports?

Chicago: not exports. System is scraped. We can see all the vouchers. I can see whatever vouchers I want to see.





Do you set the time? How is that set? In the ILS?

Chicago: separate system from the ILS. Done into the Helper App

Cornell: it’s just the time the batch process is run. Formatted in XML.

Do you (Voyager) have other options in terms of formatting?  Cornell is looking into this.


Can you say that this particular day needs to go again?

Cornell: When that happened, IT resent the file from the archive.


Batch loader – invoice line numbers


Being able to match against various numbers during import.

Logs will tell what types of records and the number of incoming records or updates.

Instance: HRID

Order: POL

Invoice: Invoice line number (Folio assigns the Folio assigned invoice number plus the line number and not the vendor invoice number)


Should it be the vendor assigned invoice number?

Revisit: We should stop adding the Folio invoice number to the invoice lines and just number them.


For the batch logs: the vendor invoice number plus line #.