To create an authority record (set user view on “Authority records”) select button “New record” (to the user account is associated a default template, previously created, that you can modify from the Template window). The entity associated to this record is “W” (Work). This value was set as default in the template, previously created.

To add/modify or delete tags in the Authority record you need to follow the same steps indicated in the document for the workflow of the bibliographic record.

So, select tag 040 to change the cataloguing language and to add $e for rda:




Add in tag 100 the Name/Title for the work (100 1# $aAusten, Jane,$d1775-1817$tPride and prejudice) and save tag:

Add tag 046 to specify in $k and $l “ the beginning  and ending date created”   and save:


And then add all other tags foreseen by RDA as attributes of a work (tag 370, 380, 386, 670 for this record):

The entity work is declared at the head of the record:














You can do the same steps to create an entity for PERSON, using always an authority record and entering all tags foreseen by RDA, as attributes of PERSON.