To create record ( bibliographic and authority ) OliSuite uses templates. You can set different templates from the Templates window. The Bibliographic (or Authority) item worksheet is displayed using the default template:

The system will show the Cataloguing Item worksheet.

Tags highlighted in gray are mandatory tags (000, 001, 005, 008 and 040). Tags highlighted in orange are not mandatory (if you save the record, they won’t be confirmed).

You can modify, delete (except for mandatory tags)  tags and add new one.

In the Editing section you can add/modify or delete tag and subfields:



OliSuite scans the name index for entry Austen, Jane. If the entry is not listed you can add it (selecting “New heading” link). If the entry is listed, click on it and the heading will add to the cataloguing worksheet, in subfield $a for tag 100. On the worksheet level, you can add subfield $e to specify the relator term.



The system will automatically show a list of terms. These terms come from a controlled vocabulary on Open Metadata Registry. Select the desired relator term and save the tag.

You can continue to catalogue, selecting other rows, i.e. tag 245. Do the same previous steps to enter the title, scan it on the index and save in the record (of course adding  $c for the author)


To add another tag (if you don’t want to use tags of the template), input directly the number of the  tag  and related indicators in the empty subfields (if you are familiar with Marc coding) near “New tag” button:

Otherwise select “New tag” button and OliSuite will show as default value, tag that belong to the Header (control fields and fields for language and cataloguing source). Select “Note” (where are gathered all tags for the edition, imprint, collation and descriptive notes) to choose tags 336/337/338:


Complete the description of the record and before saving, check the entity selected for it. In this case it has the radio button set on “M”, Manifestation, because the bibliographic template record associated to my account has the default entity set to “M” .









The entity is declared at the head of the record:

In this way I catalogued and described the manifestation for “Pride and prejudice” (AN 127451).