Discussion items

1 hrReview development site to discuss ways to conduct quick accessibility and usability testsKhalilah
  • The meeting kicked off with a review of the development website (, and the ways in which members, and their labs, can run quick accessibility tests. 


    SIG members should record their results by 3/14/18 in the test results template by copying the first tab and filling in results – or by creating a new tab and using your own format:



    Members not familiar with using screen readers or keyboard testing should review all areas of the site for content accuracy and usability.  The template also provides a space for recording this type of feedback. 


    Please keep in mind color blindness and other cognitive disabilities when reviewing the site for accessibility and usability.


    All feedback will be reviewed by John Colburn and Khalilah.


    Testing questions can be posted to the #accessibility slack channel.


Action items