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Note: A recording of this meeting will be available for two weeks. Click here to access the meeting.

ItemWhoNotesAction Items
General notes and updates
  • Meetings will be records. Recordings will be available for two week. Next week's agenda is forming
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Update from Product CouncilDracine Hodges
  • Approved the Privacy and Reporting SIGS were approved today. There should be a notice asking for participants.
  • One of the Product Council members got an inquiry from an ALCTS member asking for a possible presentation about BibFrame and FOLIO, specifically concerning data modelling. Once there is more information, Dracine will follow up with Doreen to see what is being asked for.
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Update from FOLIO FacilitatorsJoseph D. Olivarez
  • Next week the Folio Forum will be on Resource Management. Joseph will announce this on AutoCat.
  • Doreen reminded the group that members can always view past FOLIO forums on the Open Library Environment website.
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Review of item statuses and sign offsAll
  • Doreen organized the Item Statuses by the number of "sign-offs" on each.
  • Members are encouraged to record Ideas and current workflows and systems on this SIG's Workspace.
  • Filip asked if there are any disagreements on the item status page.
  • Natasha expressed that some of the statuses have more to do with circulation than metadata. She is under the assumption that the Resource Access SIG would have this discussion in more depth.
  • Filip suggested that we
  • Jacquie said that the reason that Duke did not sign off on some of the statuses was that they do not use them. Filip needs to understand which rows the members do have an opinion on.
  • Lynn did the same thing - signed off on what was used and left blank those that were not.
  • Doreen mentioned workflow illustrations. She will touch base with some members offline to see if she can get some people to start creating illustrations of workflows. Lynn wondered how extensive the workflow mapping should be and if it should cross SIG lines.
  • Filip said if thoughts on workflows could be turned into a tangible document that would be helpful, especially if there are elements that will not be covered in the Resource Management SIG's workflow discussion.
  • Next week we will be looking at the Metadata Model with Vince Bareau (EBSCO) and Marc Johnson (Knowledge Integration). Resource Management Data Domains
  • Each institution should acknowledge that each status has been looked at, by filling in one of the last two columns of each row.  

  • Doreen Herold should touch base with Andrea to see if we can have some cross-communication concerning item statuses.
  • Doreen Herold will touch base with Kristin Martin to see where processes may overlap.

  • Look at Resource Management Data Domains in preparation for next week's meeting.